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Author United States. Congress. House.

Title Yearbook of Agriculture, 1943-1947. Science in farming. [electronic resource]

Published Washington, DC, 1946


Location Call No. Status
Physical description 958 p. : color maps, illustrations, tables.
Series United States congressional serial set; serial set no. 11077
House document / 79th Congress, 2nd session. House ; no. 708
House document (United States. Congress. House) ; 79th Congress, no. 708
Notes Table of contents, p. IX.
List of pictures, p. XIV.
Men who went before, by Ernest G. Moore, p. 1.
What is farm research? by Charles E. Kellogg, p. 17.
Breeding better livestock, by Ralph W. Phillips, p. 33.
Producing better beefsteaks, by Ralph W. Phillips, p. 61.
Drugs to control parasites, by Benjamin Schwartz, p. 71.
Animal diseases, by L.T. Giltner, p. 81.
New ideas in feeding, by N.R. Ellis, p. 95.
Thyroprotein for cows, by L.A. Moore and J.F. Sykes, p. 107.
Artificial breeding, by Ralph W. Phillips, p. 113.
Hormones in reproduction, by S.R. Hall and J.F. Sykes, p. 123.
Vitamin A for dairy cattle, by L.A. Moore, Henry T. Converse, and S.R. Hall, p. 133.
More vitamin A in milk, by R.E. Hodgson, H.G. Wiseman, and W.A. Turner, p. 143.
What to feed a cow, by R.E. Hodgson and W.J. Sweetman, p. 149.
Advances in feeding calves, by Henry T. Converse, p. 159.
Breeding better cows, by M.H. Fohrman, p. 169.
Cross-breeding dairy cows, by M.H. Fohrman, p. 177.
The inside of a dairy cow, by W.W. Swett and C.A. Matthews, p. 185.
A cow a calf will be, by W.W. Swett, p. 195.
Progress in hog production, by John H. Zeller, p. 201.
Developments in sheep, by Damon A. Spencer, p. 209.
News about goats, by Victor L. Simmons, p. 217.
Breeding better poultry, by Theodore C. Byerly, p. 225.
Keeping poultry healthy, by Theodore C. Byerly, p. 231.
Feeding poultry, by H.R. Bird, p. 235.
Horses and mules, by William Jackson, p. 239.
Genetics and farming, by E.R. Sears, p. 245.
Plant growth regulators, by John W. Mitchell, p. 256.
Short cuts for the gardener, by F.C. Bradford, p. 267.
Day length and flowering, by H.A. Borthwick, p. 273.
Flowers as you like them, by S.L. Emsweller, p. 284.
About hydroponics, by Neil W. Stuart, p. 289.
Finer strawberries ahead, by George M. Darrow, p. 293.
New varieties of blueberries, by George M. Darrow, p. 300.
Better peaches are coming, by Leon Harris, J.H. Weinberger, and C.O. Hesse, p. 304.
Healthier tomatoes, by William S. Porte and C.F. Andrus, p. 312.
Breeding healthy potatoes, by F.J. Stevenson and Robert V. Akeley, p. 327.
Control of bean diseases, by W.J. Zaumeyer, p. 333.
Soybeans for the South, by Paul R. Henson, p. 338.
Progress with sugar sorgo, by E.W. Brandes, p. 344.
New kinds of sugarcane, by George B. Sartoris, p. 353.
Saving our sugar beets, by Eubanks Carsner and F.V. Owen, p. 357.
New kinds of tobacco, by E.E. Clayton, p. 363.
What makes cotton good? by E.E. Berkley and H.D. Barker, p. 369.
New rices; new practices, by Jenkin W. Jones, p. 373.
New varieties of wheat, by B.B. Bayles, p. 379.
Flax moves west, by Arthur C. Dillman and L.G. Goar, p. 385.
Corn hybrids for the South, by Merle T. Jenkins, p. 389.
Disease-resistant oats, by T.R. Stanton, p. 395.
Improved varieties of barley, by G.A. Wiebe, p. 403.
Tailor-made sorghums, by John H. Martin, p. 413.
Grasses for hay and pasture, by M.A. Hein, p. 417.
More and better clover, by E.A. Hollowell, p. 427.
Breeding better alfalfa, by H.M. Tysdal, p. 433.
New legumes for the South, by Roland McKee, p. 439.
G-Men of plant diseases, by Paul R. Miller, p. 443.
Spot anthracnoses, by Anna E. Jenkins, p. 451.
Better timber from farms, by Benson H. Paul, p. 455.
Timber: A modern crop, by R.R. Reynolds, p. 461.
Hybrid forest trees, by Palmer Stockwell and F.I. Righter, p. 465.
Forests for old fields, by John T. Auten, p. 473.
Canker stain of planetrees, by James M. Walter, p. 481.
Better soils, better food, by Kenneth C. Beeson, p. 485.
Organic matter in soils, by A.G. Norman, p. 499.
Soil organisms and disease, by Selman A. Waksman, p. 511.
Ways to till the soil, by F.L. Duley and O.R. Mathews, p. 518.
Rotations in conservation, by R.E. Uhland, p. 527.
Managing surface runoff, by D.B. Krimgold, p. 537.
Grass in farm waterways, by C.E. Ramser, p. 541.
The control of salinity, by H.E. Hayward, p. 547.
Phosphate fertilizers, by W.H. Pierre, p. 554.
Use of nitrogen fertilizers, by F.W. Parker, p. 561.
The liming of soils, by Emil Truog, p. 566.
The use of minor elements, by Matthew Drosoff, p. 577.
Test of plants and soils, by Michael Peech and Hans Platenius, p. 583.
Nutrient-element balance, by C.B. Shear and H.L. Crane, p. 592.
Irrigation in the West, by George D. Clyde, p. 602.
Making more of irrigation, by B.T. Shaw and O.J. Kelley, p. 608.
The tax we pay to insects, by F.C. Bishopp, p. 613.
The chemistry of DDT, by H.L. Handler and Ruth L. Busbey, p. 616.
Aerosols for insects, by Randall Latta and L.D. Goodhue, p. 623.
New insect repellants, by Bernard V. Travis, p. 628.
Pests that attack man, by E.F. Knipling, p. 632.
DDT in the home, by L.S. Henderson, p. 643.
Crops that resists insects, by C.M. Packard, B.B. Bayles, and O.S. Aamodt, p. 648.
Control of forage pests, by W.A. Baker, p. 651.
Insecticides for cotton, by R.W. Harned, p. 655.
Orchard insecticides, by B.A. Porter, p. 659.
Insecticides for vegetables, by W.H. White, p. 663.
Controlling pests of stock, by E.W. Laake and W.G. Bruce, p. 670.
News about bee diseases, by A.P. Sturtevant, p. 674.
More honey from bees, by C.L. Farrar, p. 680.
A bonus from foulbrood, by E.C. Holst, p. 686.
New uses for farm crops, by H.T. Herrick, p. 689.
Penicillin, by Kenneth B. Raper, p. 699.
Rutin for the capillaries, by James F. Couch, p. 711.
Dairy byproducts, by Earle O. Whittier, p. 716.
New goods from wood, by Alfred J. Stamm and G.H. Chides, p. 725.
Corncobs enter industry, by Elbert C. Lathrop, p. 734.
Uses for vegetable wastes, by J.J. Willaman and R.K. Eskew, p. 739.
Starch from wheat, by Cecil T. Langford and Carl E. Rist, p. 744.
Paper from flax, by Arthur C. Dillman, p. 750.
What we eat, and why, by Esther F. Phipard, p. 753.
Protein is essential to life, by D. Breese Jones, p. 761.
Known nutrients in milk, by C.A. Cary and A.M. Hartman, p. 770.
Unidentified nutrients, by C.A. Cary and A.M. Hartman, p. 779.
Advances in home canning, by Edward W. Toepfer and Howard Reynolds, p. 787.
Dried foods in the home, by Elsie H. Dawson, p. 795.
Freezing food at home, by Esther L. Batchelder, p. 801.
Clothing that works, by Clarice L. Scott, p. 807.
Fabrics without mildew, by Margaret S. Furry, p. 811.
Some new farm machines, by R.B. Gray, p. 815.
Simplifying farm work, by E.C. Young and L.S. Hardin, p. 817.
Machines for sweet-potatoes, by O.A. Brown, p. 824.
New fertilizer machines, by Glenn A. Cumings, p. 827.
Cotton ginning, by Charles A. Bennett, p. 832.
Air war against pests, by H.H. Stage and Frank Irons, p. 835.
Blowers for insecticides, by W.L. Popham, p. 839.
Machine-made forests, by Paul O. Rudolf, p. 843.
Equipment for oil crops, by I.F. Reed, p. 847.
New sugar-beet machinery, by S.W. McBirney, p. 851.
Sugarcane culture, by George Arceneaux, p. 855.
Citrus at its best, by Paul L. Harding, p. 858.
Storing grain in small bins, by E.R. Gross and H.H. Walkden, p. 863.
The cold storage of apples, by W.V. Hukill and Edwin Smith, p. 867.
Shell-cooled potato storage, by Alfred D. Edgar, p. 871.
Pests in stored products, by R.T. Cotton, p. 874.
Prefabrication on the farm, by John A. Scholten, p. 879.
Fungi in forest products, by Carl Hartley, p. 883.
Advances in rodent control, by E.R. Kalmbach, p. 890.
Regrassing the range, by C. Kenneth Pearse, p. 897.
Planning farm returns, by Neil W. Johnson and C.P. Barnes, p. 905.
New trends in marketing, by R.W. Hoecker, p. 911.
Farm science and citizens, by Sherman E. Johnson, p. 920.
What next? by W.V. Lambert, p. 933.
Index, p. 935.
Reproduction Electronic reproduction. Chester, Vt.: NewsBank, inc., 2008. Available via the World Wide Web. Access restricted to Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set subscribers.
Usage Terms Copyright 2008 by NewsBank, Inc. All rights reserved.
Other author Aamodt, Olaf Sverre.
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Zeller, J.H., (John Henry)
United States. Department of Agriculture.
Subject Agricultural production.
Agricultural research.
Animal breeding.
Animal diseases.
Dairy farming.
Pest control.
Plant diseases.
Annual Reports.
Executive Department Publications.