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Author United States. Congress. House.

Title Grass, the Yearbook of Agriculture 1948. [electronic resource]

Published Washington, DC, 1947


Location Call No. Status
Physical description 906 p. : illustrations, tables.
Series United States congressional serial set; serial set no. 11174
House document / 80th Congress, 1st session. House ; no. 480
House document (United States. Congress. House) ; 80th Congress, no. 480
Notes Table of contents, p. ix.
Our aim -- an introduction, by P.V. Cardon, p. 1.
In praise of blue grass, by John James Ingalls, p. 6.
The meek that inherit the Earth, by Agnes Chase, p. 8.
The settlement of grasslands, by Everett E. Edwards, p. 16.
A billion acres of grasslands, by H.H. Wooten, C.P. Barnes, p. 25.
The help the government offers, by Neil W. Johnson and Charles W. Loomer, p. 34.
Environment of natural grassland, by C. P. Barnes, p. 45.
Grass and soil, by Charles E. Kellogg, p. 49.
How soils develop under grass, by James Thorp, p. 55.
The tools of flood control, by Hugh H. Bennett, p. 66.
Grasses that fix sand dunes, by Charles J. Whitfield and Robert L. Brown, p. 70.
Plus and minus: An overall view, by N.R. Ellis, L.A. Moore, and M.A. Hein, p. 75.
Soils, crops, minerals, animals, by C.F. Huffman, N.R. Ellis, and L.A. Moore, p. 81.
Grassland crops as feed for horses, by I.P. Earle, p. 86.
The vital 10 percent for poultry, by H.R. Bird, p. 90.
Sheep, goats, and grasslands, by C.E. Holscher and D.A. Spencer, p. 94.
The use of forage in feed hogs, by John H. Zeller, p. 99.
Grass for the production of beef, by W.H. Black and D.A. Savage, p. 103.
Dairy cattle must have good forage, by L.A. Moore, p. 120.
Pastures on the dairy farm, by R.E. Wagner and J.B. Shepard, p. 127.
The management of grazing, by E. Marion Brown, p. 135.
Management of irrigated pastures, by D.W. Thorne, p. 141.
Grass in natural forested areas, by Richard Bradfield, p. 144.
Soil management on farm pastures, by Horace J. Harper, p. 149.
Pasture in a conservation farm plan, by Harry H. Gardner and John P. Jones, p. 152.
Principles of making hay, by R.E. Hodgson, R.E. Davis, W.H. Hosterman, and T.E. Hienton, p. 161.
Equipment for making hay, by R.B. Gray, p. 168.
The costs and ways of making hay, by Albert P. Brodell and Martin R. Cooper, p. 173.
Ensiling hay and pasture crops, J.B. Shepherd, R.E. Hodgson, N.R. Ellis, and J.R. McCalmont, p. 178.
Grass and the yields of cash crops, by R.E. Uhland, p. 191.
Rotations for problem fields, by R.Y. Bailey and W.M. Nixon, p. 195.
Fertilizers for grass in rotations, by W.V. Bartholomew, p. 199.
How range forage grows, by William G. McGinnies and John L. Retzer, p. 203.
The major range types, by E.J. Woolfolk, D.F. Costello, and B.W. Allred, p. 205.
Grazing on range lands, by W.R. Chapline, p. 212.
Planning range conservation, by W. T. White, W.R. Frandsen, and C.V. Jensen, p. 217.
Management that restores the range, by R.S. Campbell, Lincoln Ellison, and F.G. Renner, p. 221.
Restoring the range by reseeding, by C. Kenneth Pearse, A. Perry Plummer, and D.A. Savage, p. 227.
Guard first the bottom land, by R.V. Boyle and J.S. McCorkle, p. 233.
Spacing water holes to save grass, by B.W. Allred and Howard Matson, p. 236.
Grass and water and trees, by Charles A. Connaughton, p. 239.
Wildlife, a resource of the range, by R.J. Costley, P.F. Allan, Odell Julander, and D.I. Ramussen, p. 243.
Rodents, rabbits, and grasslands, by E.R. Kalmbach, p. 248.
How to control noxious plants, by Joseph F. Pechanec, Charles E. Fisher, and Kenneth W. Parker, p. 256.
Some diseases of forage grasses, by J. Lewis Allison, p. 261.
Some diseases of forage legumes, by Howard W. Johnson, p. 267.
Some of the insects, by C.M. Packard, p. 273.
What makes a nutritious forage, by J.T. Sullivan and H.L. Wilkins, p. 285.
Manure and grass-farming, by Firman E. Bear and Carl B. Bender, p. 289.
Sod is ideal for playing fields, by Fanny-Fern Davis and George E. Harrington, p. 297.
Pointers on making good lawns, by Fred V. Grau and Marvin H. Ferguson, p. 302.
Greenswards in the cooler regions, by H.B. Musser and J.A. de France, p. 307.
Greenswards in the warmer regions, by G.W. Burton and D.G. Sturkie, p. 311.
Safety and beauty for highways, by Frank H. Brant and Marvin H. Ferguson, p. 315.
Airfields and flight strips, by Ralph H. Morrish, Alton E. Rabbitt, and Edward B. Cale, p. 319.
Golf is played on grass, by Fred V. Grau and O.J. Noer, p. 324.
The breeder's ways and means, by D.C. Smith, p. 331.
The need for seed is urgent, by E.A. Hollowell and H.M. Tysdal, p. 341.
Wanted: A paragon for the range, by Wesley Keller, p. 347.
Immigrants to our grasslands, by C.O. Erlanson, p. 351.
Domesticated grasses in conservation, by A.L. Hafenrichter and A.D. Stoesz, p. 354.
Improved varieties of alfalfa, by H.M. Tysdal, p. 357.
Clovers that make a crop, by E.A. Hollowell, p. 360.
The other pasture legumes, by Roland McKee, p. 363.
Developing grasses for special uses, by H.B. Musser, G.W. Burton, and H.A. Schoth, p. 367.
The long time outlook, by Reed A. Phillips, p. 371.
Marketing and transportation, by Knute Bjorka and W.F. Finner, p. 376.
Adjustments that seem necessary, by C.W. Crickman, p. 383.
Grassland is well suited, by Vance G. Sprague and Merton S. Parson, p. 391.
Permanent pastures, by Vance G. Sprague, p. 395.
Semipermanent pastures, by Vance G. Sprague, p. 397.
Annual or temporary pastures, by Vance G. Sprague, p. 403.
For beef cattle and other stock, by Vance G. Sprague, p. 404.
Hay lands in the northeast, by Vance G. Sprague, p. 405.
Grass for conservation, by E.B. Coffman, p. 410.
Forage as a part of farming, by Merton S. Parsons and Irving F. Fellows, p. 412.
Principles and problems, by Vance G. Sprague and Merton S. Parsons, p. 419.
Corn belt and lake states, by Henry L. Ahlgren, p. 423.
A wide and versatile empire, by Roy L. Lovvorn, p. 455.
Starting and maintaining good pastures, by Hugh W. Bennett and Roy L. Lovvorn, p. 458.
Hay and supplemental grazing, by T.H. Rogers and George E. Ritchey, p. 463.
Use and importance of pastures, by J.C. Lowery and E.N. Fergus, p. 465.
Grazing on forested lands, John T. Cassady and W.O. Shepherd, p. 468.
This is our unfinished business, by W.W. Woodhouse, Jr. and R.E. Blaser, p. 472.
Where elbowroom is ample, by George A. Rogler and Leon C. Hurtt, p. 477.
The place of grassland farming, by M.M. Kelso, p. 479.
The types of plains vegetation, by Leon C. Hurtt, p. 484.
For a better range management, by Leon C. Hurtt, p. 486.
Cultivated grasses for pastures, by George A. Rogler, p. 491.
Management of seeded pastures, by George A. Rogler, p. 495.
Hay, fodder, and silage crops, by L.C. Newell, p. 497.
The region and its needs, by D.A. Savage and D.F. Costello, p. 503.
Dry-land pastures on the plains, by D.A. Savage, James E. Smith, and D.F. Costello, p. 506.
Range management, by D.A. Savage and D.F. Costello, p. 522.
The production of seed, by D.A. Savage and James E. Smith, p. 537.
Grass and water keep the keys, by George Stewart, p. 541.
Pastures and natural meadows, by George Stewart, p. 543. Cultivated forage crops, by Wesley Keller and H.R. Hochmuth, p. 548. The foundation of the range, by Raymond Price, Kenneth W. Parker, and A.C. Hull, Jr., p. 553.
Range practices and problems, by Raymond Price, Kenneth W. Parker, and A.C. Hull, Jr., p. 557.
Grass as a savings account, by Raymond Price, Kenneth W. Parker, and A.C. Hull, Jr., p. 560.
Improvement through reseeding, by George Stewart and Wesley Keller, p. 564.
Conservation problems and practices, by Raymond Price, p. 569.
The range in California, by M.W. Talbot and A.W. Sampson, p. 575. Forage crops in California, by B.A. Madsen and R. Merton Love, p. 582.
Trees, grass, and water, by Joseph F. Pechanec, p. 586.
Grassland in western Washington, by E.J. Kreizinger and Alvin G. Law, p. 589.
The use of logged-off land, by H.B. Howell, p. 594.
Our newest farming country, by H.A. Schoth, p. 600.
Grasslands in Alaska, by O.S. Aamodt and G.W. Gasser, p. 607. Grasslands in Hawaii, by J.C. Ripperton, p. 617.
Grasslands in Puerto Rico, by Ray C. Roberts, p. 629.
The family tree of Gramineae, by William A. Dayton, p. 637.
The main grasses for farm and home, by Max M. Hoover, M.A. Hein, William A. Dayton, and C.O. Erlanson, p. 639.
The legumes of many uses, by Roland McKee, p. 701.
Weeds are planted out of place, by William A. Dayton, p. 727.
Poisonous plants, by William A. Dayton, p. 729.
Grasses can be ornamental, by Roland McKee, p. 734.
Bamboos for farm and home, by F.A. McClure, p. 735.
Index, p. 879.
Reproduction Electronic reproduction. Chester, Vt.: NewsBank, inc., 2008. Available via the World Wide Web. Access restricted to Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set subscribers.
Usage Terms Copyright 2008 by NewsBank, Inc. All rights reserved.
Other author Aamodt, Olaf Sverre.
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Woolfolk, E.J.
Wooten, H.H., (Hugh Hill)
Zeller, J.H., (John Henry)
United States. Department of Agriculture.
Subject Agricultural machinery.
Conservation of natural resources.
Crop rotation.
Dairy farming.
Federal aid to agriculture.
Flood control.
Golf courses.
Pest control.
Sand dunes.
Annual Reports.
Executive Department Publications.