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Author Tintinalli, Judith E, author.

Title Tintinalli's emergency medicine : a comprehensive study guide / Judith E. Tintinalli [and others].

Published New York : McGraw-Hill, [2011]


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Edition 7th edition.
Physical description 1 electronic text : illustrations
Series McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine. Clinical library
McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine. Clinical library.
Contents Section 1. Prehospital care -- section 2. Disaster preparedness -- section 3. Resuscitation -- section 4. Resuscitative procedures -- section 5. Analgesia, anesthesia, and procedural sedation -- section 6. Emergency wound management -- section 7. Cardiovascular disease -- section 8. Pulmonary emergencies -- section 9. Gastrointestinal emergencies -- section 10. Renal and genitourinary disorders -- section 11. Obstetrics and gynecology -- section 12. Pediatrics -- section 13. Infectious diseases -- section 14. Neurology -- section 15. Toxicology -- section 16. Environmental injuries -- section 17. Endocrine emergencies -- section 18. Hematologic and oncologic emergencies -- section 19. Eyes, ears, nose, throat, and oral surgery -- section 20. Skin disorders -- section 21. Trauma -- section 22. Injuries to bones and joints -- section 23. Musculoskeletal disorders -- section 24. Psychosocial disorders -- section 25. Abuse and assault -- section 26. Special situations -- section 27. Principles of imaging.
Emergency medical services ; Prehospital equipment and adjuncts ; Air medical transport ; Neonatal and pediatric transport ; Mass gatherings ; Disaster preparedness and response ; Natural disasters ; Bomb, blast, and crush injuries ; Chemical agents and mass casualties ; Bioterrorism response: implications for the emergency clinician ; Radiation injuries ; Noninvasive airway management ; Pediatric airway management ; Tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation ; Surgical airway management ; Neonatal and pediatric intraosseous and central venous access ; Venous and intraosseous access in adults ; Hemodynamic monitoring ; Cardiac pacing ; Defibrillation and cardioversion ; Pericardiocentesis ; Acute pain management in adults ; Pain management in infants and children ; Local and regional anesthesia ; Procedural sedation and analgesia ; Adults with chronic pain ; Evaluation of wounds ; Wound preparation ; Methods for wound closure ; Lacerations to the face and scalp ; Injuries to the arm, hand, fingertip, and nail ; Lacerations of the leg and foot ; Soft tissue foreign bodies ; Puncture wounds and bites ; Postrepair wound care ; Chest pain: cardiac or not ; Acute coronary syndromes: acute myocardial infarction and unstable angina ; Cardiogenic shock ; Low probability acute coronary syndrome ; Syncope ; Congestive heart failure and acute pulmonary edema ; Valvular emergencies ; Cardiomyopathies, myocarditis, and pericardial disease ; Thromboembolism ; Systemic and pulmonary hypertension ; Aortic dissection and related aortic syndromes ; Aneurysms of the aorta and major arteries ; Occlusive arterial disease ; Respiratory distress ; Hemoptysis ; Acute bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infections ; Community-acquired pneumonia, aspiration pneumonia, and noninfectious pulmonary infiltrates ; Empyema and lung abscess ; Tuberculosis ; Spontaneous and iatrogenic pneumothorax ; Acute asthma in adults ; Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ; Acute abdominal pain ; Nausea and vomiting ; Disorders presenting primarily with diarrhea ; Acute and chronic constipation ; Upper gastrointestinal bleeding ; Lower gastrointestinal bleeding ; Esophageal emergencies, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and swallowed foreign bodies ; Peptic ulcer disease and gastritis ; Pancreatitis and cholecystitis ; Hepatic disorders, jaundice, and hepatic failure ; Acute appendicitis ; Diverticulitis ; Bowel obstruction and volvulus ; Hernias in adults ; Anorectal disorders ; Gastrointestinal procedures and devices ; Complications of general surgical procedures ; Acute renal failure ; Rhabdomyolysis ; Emergencies in renal failure and dialysis patients ; Urinary tract infections and hematuria ; Acute urinary retention ; Male genital problems ; Urologic stone disease ; Complications of urologic procedures and devices ; Renal transplant patient ; Sexually transmitted diseases ; Toxic shock syndrome and streptococcal toxic shock syndrome ; Septic shock ; Soft tissue infections ; Disseminated viral infections ; Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ; Infective endocarditis ; Emergency delivery ; Tetanus ; Rabies ; Malaria ; Foodborne and waterborne diseases ; Zoonotic infections ; World travelers ; Occupational exposures, infection control, and standard precautions ; Pharmacology of antimicrobics, antifungals, and antivirals ; General management of poisoned patients ; Principles of drug interactions ; Cyclic antidepressants ; Atypical antidepressants, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and serotonin syndrome ; Monoamine oxidase inhibitors ; Antipsychotics ; Lithium ; Barbiturates ; Benzodiazepines ; Nonbenzodiazepine sedatives ; Alcohols ; Opioids ; Cocaine, methamphetamine, and other amphetamines ; Hallucinogens ; Aspirin and salicylates ; Acetaminophen ; Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ; Methylxanthines and nicotine ; Digitalis glycosides ; Beta-blockers ; Calcium channel blockers ; Antihypertensive agents ; Anticonvulsants ; Iron ; Hydrocarbons and volatile substances ; Caustics ; Pesticides ; Anticholinergics ; Metals and metalloids ; Industrial toxins ; Vitamins and herbals ; Antimicrobials ; Dyshemoglobinemias ; Anemia ; Tests of hemostasis ; Acquired bleeding disorders ; Clotting disorders ; Hemophilias and von willebrand disease ; Sickle cell disease and other hereditary hemolytic anemias ; Acquired hemolytic anemia ; Transfusion therapy ; Anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents, and fibrinolytics ; Emergency complications of malignancy ; Common chemotherapeutic agents ; Trauma in adults ; Trauma in children ; Geriatric trauma ; Trauma in pregnancy ; Head trauma in adults and children ; Spine and spinal cord trauma ; Trauma to the face ; Trauma to the neck ; Pulmonary trauma ; Cardiac trauma ; Abdominal trauma ; Penetrating trauma to the flank and buttocks ; Genitourinary trauma ; Penetrating trauma to the extremities ; Wound ballistics ; Forensics ; Initial evaluation and management of orthopedic injuries ; Injuries to the hand and digits ; Wrist injuries ; Injuries to the elbow and forearm ; Shoulder and humerus injuries ; Pelvis injuries ; Hip and femur injuries ; Knee injuries ; Leg injuries ; Ankle injuries ; Foot injuries ; Compartment syndrome ; Orthopedic devices and reconstruction ; Child abuse and neglect ; Female and male sexual assault ; Intimate partner violence and abuse ; Abuse of the elderly and impaired ; Violent patient ; Injection drug users ; Transplant patient ; Mentally retarded adult ; Morbidly obese patient ; Grief, death and dying, dnr/dni orders: delivering effective death notifications in the emergency department ; Legal issues in emergency medicine ; Management of prisoners attending the emergency department ; Military medicine ; Noninvasive myocardial imaging ; Computed tomography ; Magnetic resonance imaging ; Emergency ultrasonography.
Notes Print version c2011.
These chapters are available online only: e18.1, e108.1, e109.1, e158.1, e170.1, e235.1, e263.1, e263.2, e275.1, e293.1, e2951, e298,1, e298.2, e299.1, e299.2, e299.3, e299.4.
Other formats Also issued in print.
Notes Description based on cover image and table of contents, viewed on December 17, 2010.
Other author Stapczynski, J. Stephan.
Cline, David M.
Ma, O. John.
Cydulka, Rita K.
Meckler, Garth D.
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Subject Emergency medicine.
Electronic books.
Internet resources.
ISBN 9780071484800 (set: print & DVD)
9780071744676 (print)
9780071744669 (DVD)