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9783642634406paperback : Interactive learning technology for the deaf / Ben A.G. Elsendoorn, Frans Coninx ; with the assistance of Annelies Brekelmans.  c1993 1
9783642639128pbk : Forest decline and ozone : a comparison of controlled chamber and field experiments / H. Sandermann, A.R. Wellburn, R.L. Heath, eds.  2012 1
9783642641596 : SKIBO-diseases [electronic resource] : disorders affecting the skin and bones: a clinical, dermatologic, and radiologic synopsis / J. Freyschmidt, G. Freyschmidt.    1
9783642646997pbk : Forest ecosystems, forest management and the global carbon cycle / edited by Michael J. Apps, David T. Price.  c1996 1
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9783642649509electronicbk : The physiology of synapses [electronic resource].  1964 1
9783642649554electronicbk : Modern methods of plant analysis. Volume II = Moderne Methoden der Pflanzenanalyse. Zweiter Band / edited by K. Paech, M.V. Tracey.  1955 1
9783642649585electronicbk : Moderne Methoden der Pflanzenanalyse/Modern Methods of Plant Analysis [electronic resource] / edited by K. Paech, M.V. Tracey.  1955 1
9783642649615electronicbk : Modern methods of plant analysis. Volume IV = Moderne Methoden der Pflanzenanalyse. Vierter Band / edited by K. Paech, M.V. Tracey.  1955 1
9783642649714electronicbk : Inequalities [electronic resource] by Edwin F. Beckenbach and Richard Bellman.  1961 1
9783642649769electronicbk : The Elements of Continuum Mechanics [electronic resource] / by C. Truesdell.  1984 1
9783642649851electronicbk : Integral operators in the theory of linear partial differential equations [electronic resource].  1961 1
9783642649882electronicbk : Topological Vector Spaces I [electronic resource] / by Gottfried K说he.  1969 1
9783642649936electronicbk : Mammalian Reproduction [electronic resource] / edited by Heinz Gibian, Ernst J赲gen Plotz.  1970 1
9783642650048electronicbk : The Anatomy of "Paleocortex" [electronic resource] : A Critical Review / by Robert M. Pigache.  1970 1
9783642650062electronicbk : Some Properties of Differentiable Varieties and Transformations [electronic resource] : With Special Reference to the Analytic and Algebraic Cases / by Beniamino Segre.  1971 1
9783642650093electronicbk : Compact Convex Sets and Boundary Integrals [electronic resource] / by Erik M. Alfsen.  1971 1
9783642650123electronicbk : Involutions on Manifolds [electronic resource] / by Santiago L⯰ez de Medrano.  1971 1
9783642650215electronicbk : Theory of incomplete cylindrical functions and their applications [electronic resource] [by] M.M. Agrest [and] M.S. Maksimov. Translated from the Russian by H.E. Fettis, J.W. Goresh [and] D.A. Lee.  1971 1
9783642650307electronicbk : An Introduction to the Theory of Multipliers [electronic resource] / by Ronald Larsen.  1971 1
9783642650529electronicbk : Concepts in biochemical pharmacology [electronic resource] Contributors: W.P. Argy [and others] Editors: B.B. Brodie and J.R. Gillette. Assistant editor: Helen S. Ackerman.  1971- 1
9783642650550electronicbk : Modern Inhalation Anesthetics [electronic resource] / edited by Maynard B. Chenoweth.  1972 1
9783642650604electronicbk : Operative Urology II [electronic resource] / by Theodor Burghele, R. F. Gittes, Vasile Ichim, Joseph J. Kaufman, Andrei N. Lupu, Donald C. Martin.  1970 1
9783642650635electronicbk : Principles of Receptor Physiology [electronic resource] / by Richard A. Cone, George M. Curry, Mary Ella Feinleib, ꁫe Flock, M. G. F. Fuortes, David E. Goldman, Harry Grundfest, Marcus Jacobson, Aharon Katchalsky, Charles K. Knox, Leo E. Lipetz, Werner R. Loewenstein, Bryce L. Munger, David Nachmansohn, Avraham Oplatka, David G. R. Ottoson, William L. Pak, Gordon M. Shepherd, S. S. Stevens, Ladislav Tauc, Torsten Teorell, Carlo A. Terzuolo ; edited by W. R. Loewenstein.  1971 1
9783642650666electronicbk : Photochemistry of Vision [electronic resource] / by E. W. Abrahamson, Ch. Baumann, C. D. B. Bridges, F. Crescitelli, H. J. A. Dartnall, R. M. Eakin, G. Falk, P. Fatt, T. H. Goldsmith, R. Hara, T. Hara, S. M. Japar, P. A. Liebman, J. N. Lythgoe, R. A. Morton, W. R. A. Muntz, W. A. H. Rushton, T. I. Shaw, J. R. Wiesenfeld, T. Yoshizawa ; edited by Herbert J. A. Dartnall.  1972 1
9783642650734electronicbk : Instability of Continuous Systems [electronic resource] : Symposium Herrenalb (Germany) September 8-12, 1969 / edited by Horst Leipholz.  1971 1
9783642650802electronicbk : Strain Facies [electronic resource] / by Edward Hansen.  1971 1
9783642650833electronicbk : Salt Deposits Their Origin and Composition [electronic resource] / by O. Braitsch.  1971 1
9783642650864electronicbk : Pediatric Sonoencephalography [electronic resource] : The Practical Use of Ultrasonic Echoes in the Diagnosis of Childhood Intracranial Disorders / by Abbas Mostafawy.  1971 1
9783642650895electronicbk : Natural and Synthetic High Polymers [electronic resource] : Lectures Presented at the Seventh Colloquium on NMR Spectroscopy / edited by P. Diehl, E. Fluck, R. Kosfeld.  1971 1
9783642650925electronicbk : Frontiers of Nuclear Medicine/Aktuelle Nuklearmedizin [electronic resource] / edited by Wolfgang Horst.  1971 1
9783642651014electronicbk : Uniqueness Theorems in Linear Elasticity [electronic resource] / by Robin John Knops, Lawrence Edward Payne.  1971 1
9783642651083electronicbk : The Method of Fractional Steps [electronic resource] : The Solution of Problems of Mathematical Physics in Several Variables / by N. N. Yanenko ; edited by Maurice Holt.  1971 1
9783642651113electronicbk : Introductory Petrography of Fossils [electronic resource] / by Alan Stanley Horowitz, Paul Edwin Potter.  1971 1
9783642651144electronicbk : Practical Quantum Mechanics II [electronic resource] / by Siegfried Fl赧ge.  1971 1
9783642651175electronicbk : Disturbances in Male Fertility [electronic resource] / by K. Bandhauer, G. Bartsch, D. M. Kretser, A. Eshkol, J. Frick, M. Glezerman, J. B. Kerr, B. Lunenfeld, W. P诬dinger, H. P. Rohr, F. Scharfetter, P. D. Temple-Smith ; edited by J. Bandhauer, K. Frick.  1982 1
9783642651236electronicbk : Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology / Ergebnisse der Mikrobiologie und Immunit衴sforschung [electronic resource] / edited by W. Arber, W. Braun, R. Haas, W. Henle, P.H. Hofschneider, N.K. Jerne, P. Koldovsk⹬ H. Koprowski, O. Maal嬠R. Rott, H.G. Schweiger, M. Sela, L. Svru飥k, P.K. Vogt, E. Wecker.  1971 1
9783642651267electronicbk : Olfaction [electronic resource] / by J. E. Amoore, M. G. J. Beets, J. T. Davies, T. Engen, J. Garcia, R. C. Gesteland, P. P. C. Graziadei, K.-E. Kaissling, R. A. Koelling, J. LeMagnen, P. MacLeod, D. G. Moulton, M. M. Mozell, D. Ottoson, T. S. Parsons, S. F. Takagi, D. Tucker, B. M. Wenzel ; edited by Lloyd M. Beidler.  1971 1
9783642651311electronicbk : Metabolic Changes Induced by Alcohol [electronic resource] / edited by G. A. Martini, Ch. Bode.  1971 1
9783642651335electronicbk : The Role of Lymphocytes and Macrophages in the Immunological Response [electronic resource] : XIII International Congress of Haematology, Munich, August 2-8, 1970 / edited by Dudley Cohen Dumonde.  1971 1
9783642651366electronicbk : Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry [electronic resource] : 1st International Congress Munich, 1970 / edited by H. Wagner, L. H诲hammer.  1971 1
9783642651380electronicbk : Handbook of Elliptic Integrals for Engineers and Scientists [electronic resource] / by Paul F. Byrd, Morris D. Friedman.  1971 1
9783642651410electronicbk : Proceedings of the Research Symposium on Complexes of Biologically Active Substances with Nucleic Acids and Their Modes of Action [electronic resource] : Held at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Washington, 16-19 March 1970 / edited by Fred E. Hahn.  1971 1
9783642651489electronicbk : The Coordinate-Free Approach to Gauss-Markov Estimation [electronic resource] / by Hilmar Drygas.  1970 1
9783642651502electronicbk : Volcanic Landforms and Surface Features [electronic resource] : A Photographic Atlas and Glossary / edited by Jack Green, Nicholas M. Short.  1971 1
9783642651564electronicbk : Theoretical and Clinical Hemorheology [electronic resource] : Proceedings of the Second International Conference The International Society of Hemorheology The University of Heidelberg, West Germany July 27-August 1, 1969 / edited by Hellmut H. Hartert, Alfred L. Copley.  1971 1
9783642651618electronicbk : Non-Homogeneous Boundary Value Problems and Applications [electronic resource] : Vol. 1 / by J. L. Lions, E. Magenes.  1972 1
9783642651656electronicbk : Antianginal Drugs [electronic resource] : Pathophysiological, Haemodynamic, Methodological, Pharmacological, Biochemical and Clinical Basis for Their Use in Human Therapeutics / by Robert Charlier.  1971 1
9783642651724electronicbk : Kuwait [electronic resource] : Urban and Medical Ecology. A Geomedical Study / by Geoffrey E. Ffrench, Allan G. Hill.  1971 1
9783642651779electronicbk : Concepts in biochemical pharmacology [electronic resource] Contributors: W.P. Argy [and others] Editors: B.B. Brodie and J.R. Gillette. Assistant editor: Helen S. Ackerman.  1971- 1
9783642651809electronicbk : NMR [electronic resource] : Basic Principles and Progress Grundlagen und Fortschritte / edited by P. Diehl, E. Fluck, R. Kosfeld.  1971 1
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