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245 00 Classical Chinese literature :|ban anthology of 
       translations.|nVol. 1,|pFrom antiquity to the Tang Dynasty
       /|cedited by John Minford and Joseph S. M. Lau. 
263    0002. 
264  1 New York ;|aChichester :|bColumbia University Press,
300    lix, 1176 pages ;|c23 cm 
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338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |tEditors' Introduction: "Music from Two Rooms"|gxliii --
       |gPart 1|tBefore the Han Dynasty (to 206 B.C.) --|gChapter
       1.|tPattern and Sign: The Chinese Language|g3 --|gChapter 
       2.|tHeavenly Questions: Early Myths and Legends|g37 --
       |gChapter 3.|tBook of Songs: The Earliest Anthology of 
       Chinese Poetry|g69 --|gChapter 4.|tSource: Prose of the 
       Ancients: Early Narrative and Philosophy|g155 --|gChapter 
       5.|tSongs of the South: Shamanism and Poetry|g237 --|gPart
       2|tHan Dynasty and the Period of Disunion (206 B.C.-A.D. 
       589) --|gChapter 6.|tRed and Purple Threads: Rhapsodies 
       from the Han and Six Dynasties|g267 --|gChapter 7.
       |tMortals and Immortals: Historical and Pseudo-Historical 
       Writings from the Han and Six Dynasties|g329 --|gChapter 
       8.|tWe Fought South of the City Wall: Ballads and 
       Folksongs of the Han and Six Dynasties|g383 --|gChapter 9.
       |tTigers Setting the Wind Astir: Poets of the Han, Wei and
       Jin Dynasties|g413 --|gChapter 10.|tBamboo Grove, Golden 
       Valley, Orchid Pavilion: Coteries of the Third and Fourth 
       Centuries|g443 --|gChapter 11.|tTao Yuanming (365-427): 
       The Gentleman of the Five Willow Trees|g491 --|gChapter 
       12.|tMurmuring Stream and the Weary Road: Xie Lingyun and 
       Bao Zhao|g523 --|gChapter 13.|tNew Songs from a Jade 
       Terrace: Court Poetry of the Southern Dynasties|g541 --
       |gChapter 14.|tGreen Bag and Yellow Covers: A Miscellany 
       of Prose from the Han and Six Dynasties|g563 --|gChapter 
       15.|tCarving of Dragons: Early Literary Criticism|g625 --
       |gChapter 16.|tSpirits and Humors: Strange Tales from the 
       Six Dynasties|g651 --|gPart 3|tSui, Tang and Five 
       Dynasties (589-960) --|gChapter 17.|tGreat River: Poets of
       the Early Tang|g677 --|gChapter 18.|tWang Wei (701-761): 
       Poet and Painter|g699 --|gChapter 19.|tLi Bo (701-762): 
       The Banished Immortal|g721 --|gChapter 20.|tDu Fu (712-
       770): The Sage of Poetry|g765 --|gChapter 21.|tSpring, 
       River, Flowers, Moon, Night: Poets of the High Tang|g817 -
       -|gChapter 22.|tStones Where the Haft Rotted: Poets of the
       Mid Tang|g847 --|gChapter 23.|tBo Juyi (772-846): Madly 
       Singing in the Mountains|g871 --|gChapter 24.|tPatterned 
       Lute: Poets of the Late Tang|g903 --|gChapter 25.|tRed 
       Leaf: Women Poets from the First Century B.C. to the Tenth
       Century A.D.|g955 --|gChapter 26.|tCold Mountain: Poetry 
       of Zen and the Tao|g975 --|gChapter 27.|tReturn to the 
       Source: Essays of the Tang Dynasty|g989 --|gChapter 28.
       |tWorld in a Pillow: Classical Tales of the Tang Dynasty
       |g1019 --|gChapter 29.|tTurning the Scrolls: Ballads and 
       Stories from Dunhuang|g1077 --|gChapter 30.|tAmong the 
       Flowers: Lyrics of the Tang and Five Dynasties|g1111 --
       |tMajor Chinese Dynasties and Periods|g1155. 
520    The summation of more than two thousand years of one of 
       the world's most august literary traditions, this volume 
       also represents the achievements of four hundred years of 
       Western scholarship on China. The anthology includes over 
       a thousand selections from the most renowned translators -
       - including Ezra Pound, Cyril Birch, and Burton Watson. 
650  0 Chinese literature|vTranslations into English.|0http:// 
650  0 Chinese literature|xHistory and criticism.|0http:// 
700 1  Lau, Joseph S. M.,|d1934-|0
700 1  Minford, John.|0
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