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245 00 Comparative methodology in an era of big data and global 
       networks /|cedited by Radhika Gorur, Sam Sellar and Gita 
264  1 London ;|aNew York :|bRoutledge,|c2019. 
264  4 |c©2019. 
300    xiii, 230 pages :|billustrations (black and white) ;|c25 
336    text|2rdacontent 
336    still image|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
490 1  World yearbook of education ;|v2019. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tBig data and even bigger consequences /|rRadhika Gorur ;
       Sam Sellar ; Gita Steiner-Khamsi --|gPart 1. Impacts : 
       randomized controlled trials : league leader in the 
       hierarchy of evidence?|tGita Steiner-Khamsi --|tThe 
       strengths and shortcomings of Randomized Controlled Trials
       (RCTs) : reflections from REAP's experiences in China /
       |rPrashant Loyalka --|tRandomized Controlled Trials : 
       limitations for explaining and improving learning outcomes
       /|rMoses Oketch --|gPart 2. Patterns : in search of 
       patterns : with enough data, do the numbers speak for 
       themselves? /|rRadhika Gorur --|tIntimate data 
       infrastructure : emerging comparative methods of 
       predictive analytics and psycho-informatics /|rBen 
       Williamson --|tPoliticized data and spatial methods : 
       generating understanding of contemporary educational 
       policy environments and interventions /|rChristopher A. 
       Lubienski ; Priya G. La Londe --|tRethinking cause and 
       effect : analyzing economic growth and PISA scores over a 
       period of 15 years /|rYariv Feniger ; Michael Atia --
       |gPart 3. Relations : global education policy in evolving 
       network societies /|rSam Sellar --|tThe value of network 
       analysis for the study of global education policy : key 
       concepts and methods /|rFrancine Menashy ; Antoni Verger -
       -|tCartographies of the digital governance of education /
       |rPaolo Landri --|tBig data and new social relations in 
       higher education :, Google Scholar, and 
       ResearchGate /|rJanja Komljenovic --|gPart 4. Context : 
       contextualizing "context" /|rGita Steiner-Khamsi ; Radhika
       Gorur --|tComparing platforms and the new value economy in
       the academy /|rSusan L. Robertson --|tRethinking the 
       concept of "context" in comparative research /|rLesley 
       Bartlett ; Frances Vavrus --|tMaking and mobilizing 
       contexts in policy and research /|rNelli Piattoeva ; Anni 
       Klutas ; Olli Suominen. 
520    Digital methodologies, new forms of data visualization and
       computer-based learning and assessment are creating new 
       challenges as well as opportunities for scholars in 
       educational research. The World Yearbook of Education 2019
       explores this highly relevant topic, opening a new 
       discussion about the various conceptual and methodological
       challenges and opportunities in contemporary educational 
       research.This volume explores contemporary methods of 
       inquiry, with chapters organized around four topics of 
       enduring interest in this field: impacts, patterns, 
       relations and contexts.The World Yearbook of Education 
       2019 comprises contributions from internationally renowned
       scholars exploring novel concepts and methodologies in 
       grappling with contemporary empirical phenomena in 
       educational research. Vital questions such as how we 
       understand the technological developments that are 
       creating new possibilities for and demands on education, 
       and how we make sense of complex cases that cut across 
       multiple nations, are discussed.This newest addition to 
       the prestigious World Yearbook of Education series 
       provides a fascinating read for scholars in the fields of 
       education policy and comparative education. It is not only
       a useful resource for educational researchers and policy 
       makers examining new trends and emerging issues, but would
       be of interest to graduate students exploring innovative 
       methodologies, particularly in the study of education and 
       education policy. 
650  0 Education|xPhilosophy|vPeriodicals. 
650  0 Education and globalization|vPeriodicals. 
655  7 Periodicals.|2fast 
700 1  Gorur, Radhika,|eeditor,|econtributor. 
700 1  Sellar, Sam,|eeditor,|econtributor. 
700 1  Steiner-Khamsi, Gita,|eeditor,|econtributor. 
830  0 World year book of education ;|v2019. 
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