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100 1  Arroyo, Juan Pablo,|eauthor. 
245 10 Back to basics in physiology :|bO2 and CO2 in the 
       respiratory and cardiovascular systems /|cJuan Pablo 
       Arroyo (Internal Medicine Resident, Tinsley R. Harrison 
       Society Scholar, Vanderbilt University - School of 
       Medicine), Adam J. Schweickert (Attending Physician, 
       Hospitalist Medicine -Pediatric ICU, St. Barnabas Medical 
264  1 Amsterdam :|bElsevier/Academic Press,|c[2015] 
264  4 |c©2015. 
300    viii, 164 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 163-164). 
505 00 |gChapter 1|tCellular Respiration and Diffusion|g1 --
       |tIntroduction|g1 --|tO₂ and CO₂ for One Cell: Mechanics 
       of Single Cell Gas Exchange|g3 --|tReview of the Physical 
       Properties of Gases|g7 --|tReview of Diffusion and 
       Gradients|g10 --|tDiffusion and the Cell|g14 --
       |tDevelopment of Multicellular Organisms from Single Cells,
       CO₂ and CO₂ for Trillions of Cells|g16 --|tClinical 
       Vignettes|g17 --|gChapter 2|tFunctional Anatomy of the 
       Lungs and Capillaries: Blueprints of Gas Exchange|g19 --
       |tFunctional Anatomy of Gas Exchange|g20 --|tFunctional 
       Histology of the Capillaries and the Alveolar-Capillaries 
       Unit|g27 --|tClinical Vignettes|g29 --|gChapter 3|tLung 
       Mechanics: Putting the Blueprints of Gas Exchange into 
       Action|g31 --|tIn and Out: How Gas Moves|g33 --|tPleural 
       Pressures: Negative versus Positive Pressure|g41 --|tLungs
       Outside the Body: Tissue Dynamics|g45 --|tClinical 
       Vignettes|g57 --|gChapter 4|tRespiratory Cycle|g61 --
       |tWhat are Lung Volumes and Capacities?|g61 --|tAlveolar 
       Ventilation and Dead Space Ventilation|g65 --|tComposition
       of Alveolar Air|g69 --|tClinical Vignettes|g77 --|gChapter
       5|tGases Inside the Body, Liquid Transport|g81 --|tGetting
       into Blood, Henry's Law, and Why We Need Red Blood Cells
       |g81 --|tWhy are RBCs So Special?|g83 --|tOh Marvelous 
       Hemoglobin!|g86 --|tCO₂ Content and CO₂ Delivery|g90 --
       |tDynamics of CO₂-Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve: How Does 
       it Know Where to Deliver Its Cargo?|g94 --|tTransport of 
       CO₂ in the Blood|g101 --|tClinical Vignettes|g103 --
       |gChapter 6|tAlveolar-Capillary Unit and V/Q Matching|g107
       --|tAlveolar-Arterial Difference: How Good is the Lung at 
       Exchanging CO₂ and CO₂|g107 --|tVentilation/Perfusion 
       Relationships: Matching the Movement of CO₂, CO₂, and 
       Blood|g110 --|tClinical Vignettes|g114 --|gChapter 7
       |tRegulation of CO₂ and CO₂ in the Body and Acid/Base|g115
       --|tWhat Actually Drives Ventilation?|g115 --|tCO₂, H₂O, 
       Carbonic Acid, HCO₃⁻, pH, and pKa-What?|g118 --|tHenderson
       -Hasselbalch Equation|g120 --|tChanges in CO₂ and pH: 
       Respiratory Acid/Base Disorders|g122 --|tClinical 
       Vignettes|g124 --|gChapter 8|tClinical Recognition: Signs 
       and Symptoms of Respiratory Distress and Their Physiologic
       Basis|g125 --|tCauses of Respiratory Failure|g126 --|tWays
       that Ventilation Can Be Improved|g131 --|tClinical Signs 
       of Respiratory Failure|g132 --|tPutting it All in Context
       |g137 --|gChapter 9|tClinical Integration|g139 --|tCase #1
       |g140 --|tCase #2|g144 --|tCase #3|g145 --|tCase #4|g149 -
       -|tCase #5|g151 --|tCase #6|g153. 
650  0 Human physiology|0
650  0 Human physiology|0
       sh85062884|xCardiovascular system.|0
700 1  Schweickert, Adam J.,|0
776 08 |iOnline version:|aArroyo, Juan Pablo.|tBack to basics in 
       physiology.|dLondon : San Diego, CA, USA : Elsevier/
       Academic Press, [2015]|z9780128018040|w(OCoLC)910662596. 
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