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245 00 Subsurface contamination remediation :|baccomplishments of
       the Environmental Management Science Program /|cEdgar 
       Berkey, editor and Tiffany Zachry, editor. 
264  1 Washington, D.C. :|bAmerican Chemical Society ;|aOxford :
       |bOxford University Press [distributor],|c2005. 
300    xii, 396 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  ACS symposium series ;|v904. 
500    Developed from a symposium sponsored by the Divisions of 
       Environmental Chemistry, Inc., Geochemistry, Inc., and 
       Analytical Chemistry at the 225th National Meeting of the 
       American Chemical Society in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mar. 
       23-27, 2003. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |g1|tSubsurface Contamination Remediation: Accomplishments
       of the Environmental Management Science Program / |rRoland
       F. Hirsch|g2 --|tRemedial Science and Technology for 
       Subsurface Contamination --|g2|tUse of Sonication for In-
       Well Softening of Semivolatile Organic Compounds / 
       |rRobert W. Peters, John L. Manning, Onder Ayyildiz, 
       Michael L. Wilkey|g12 --|g3|tPeroxidase-Catalyzed 
       Oxidative Coupling of Phenols in the Presence of 
       Geosorbents / |rQingguo Huang, Walter J. Weber, Jr.|g64 --
       |g4|tUsing Phosphate to Control the Mn Oxide Precipitation
       During In Situ Chemical Oxidation of Chlorinated Ethylenes
       by Permanganate / |rX. David Li, Franklin W. Schwartz|g82 
       --|g5|tStrategies for the Engineered Phytoremediation of 
       Mercury and Arsenic Pollution / |rOm Parkash Dhankher, 
       Andrew C. P. Heaton, Yujing Li, Richard B. Meagher|g96 --
       |g6|tMicrobially Mediated Subsurface Calcite Precipitation
       for Removal of Hazardous Divalent Cations: Microbial 
       Activity, Molecular Biology, and Modeling / |rFrederick S.
       Colwell, Robert W. Smith, F. Grant Ferris, Anna-Louise 
       Reysenbach, Yoshiko Fujita, Tina L. Tyler, Joanna L. 
       Taylor, A. Banta, Mark E. Delwiche, Travis L. McLing, Mary
       E. Watwood|g117 --|g7|t[superscript 13]C-Tracer Studies of
       Soil Humic Substructures That Reduce Heavy Metal Leaching 
       / |rRichard M. Higashi, Teresa Cassel, Peter G. Green, 
       Teresa W.-M. Fan|g138 --|tCharacterization, Fate, and 
       Transport of Subsurface Contamination --|g8|tCompositional
       Effects on Interfacial Properties in Contaminated Systems:
       Implications for Organic Liquid Migration and Recovery / 
       |rLinda M. Abriola, Avery H. Demond, Denis M. O'Carroll, 
       Hsin-lan Hsu, Thomas J. Phelan, Catherine A. Polityka, 
       Jodi L. Ryder|g160 --|g9|tChaotic Processes in Flow 
       through Fractured Rock: Field and Laboratory Experiments 
       Revisited / |rBoris Faybishenko|g183 --|g10|tCoupled 
       Hydrological and Geochemical Processes Governing the Fate 
       and Transport of Sr and U in the Hanford Vadose Zone / 
       |rMelanie A. Mayes, Molly N. Pace, Philip M. Jardine, 
       Scott E. Fendorf, Norman D. Farrow, Xiangping L. Yin, John
       M. Zachara|g229 --|g11|tDevelopment of Accurate Chemical 
       Equilibrium Models for the Hanford Waste Tanks: The System
       Na-Ca-Sr-OH-CO[subscript 3]-NO[subscript 3]-EDTA-HEDTA-
       H[subscript 2]O from 25 to 75 [degree]C / |rAndrew R. 
       Felmy, Marvin Mason, Odeta Qafoku, David A. Dixon|g251 --
       |tEnvironmental Sensing and Monitoring --|g12
       |tEnvironmental Monitoring Using Microcantilever Sensors /
       |rThomas G. Thundat, Hai-Feng Ji, Gilbert M. Brown|g284 --
       |g13|tSpectroelectrochemical Sensor for Technetium: 
       Preconcentration and Quantification of Pertechnetate in 
       Polymer-Modified Electrodes / |rDavid J. Monk, Michael L. 
       Stegemiller, Sean Conklin, Jean R. Paddock, William R. 
       Heineman, Carl J. Seliskar, Thomas H. Ridgway, Samuel A. 
       Bryan, Timothy L. Hubler|g306 --|g14|tSensors and 
       Automated Analyzers for Radionuclides / |rJay W. Grate, 
       Oleg B. Egorov, Matthew J. O'Hara|g322 --|g15|tAirborne 
       Particle Size Distribution Measurements at DOE Fernald / 
       |rN. H. Harley, P. Chittaporn, M. S. A. Heikkinen, R. 
       Medora, R. Merrill|g342 --|g16|tVisualization of DNA 
       Double-Strand Break Repair at the Single-Molecule Level / 
       |rWilliam S. Dynan, Shuyi Li, Raymond Mernaugh, Stephanie 
       Wragg, John Barrett, Yoshihiko Takeda|g351. 
610 10 United States.|bDepartment of Energy.|bEnvironmental 
       Management Science Program|0
650  0 Hazardous waste site remediation|zUnited States|0http://|vCongresses.
650  0 Radioactive waste sites|xCleanup|zUnited States|0http://|vCongresses.
700 1  Berkey, Edgar.|0
700 1  Zachry, Tiffany.|0
710 2  American Chemical Society.|bDivision of Environmental 
710 2  American Chemical Society.|bDivision of Analytical 
710 2  American Chemical Society.|bDivision of Geochemistry.
710 2  American Chemical Society.|bMeeting|0
       authorities/names/n82068252|n(225th :, :|d2003 :|cNew 
       Orleans, La.) 
830  0 ACS symposium series ;|0
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990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
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