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245 00 Lake Pavin :|bhistory, geology, biogeochemistry, and 
       sedimentology of a deep meromictic maar lake /|cTélesphore
       Sime-Ngando, Pierre Boivin, Emmanuel Chapron, Didier 
       Jézéqual, Michel Meybeck, editors. 
264  1 Switzerland :|bSpringer,|c2016. 
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500    Includes index. 
505 0  Preface; Contents; Contributors; Part I: Limnology, 
       History and Comparative Legends; 1: Pavin, the Birthplace 
       of French Limnology (1770-2012), and Its Degassing 
       Controversy (1986-2016); 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Analysis 
       of Pavin Actors, History and Perception 
       Through an Interdisciplinary and Intercomparative 
       Approach; 1.3 Pavin, a Typical Maar-Lake Above any 
       Contamination Source; 1.3.1 Pavin General Features; 1.3.2 
       Pavin Compared to Other Lakes of the Cézallier Lake 
       District; 1.3.3 Pavin Compared to Other European Maar-
       Lakes; Eifel Lakes; Italian Lakes 
505 8  1.4 Pavin Scientific Exploration (1770-1985)1.4.1 
       Chevalier's Expedition (1770); 1.4.2 Lecoq, the Great 
       Auvergne Naturalist, Normalizes Pavin… with Fishes (1847-
       1871); 1.4.3 The First Golden Age of Science at Pavin: 
       Berthoule, Delebecque, Martel, Bruyant (1880-1914); Clermont Botanists and Zoologists Establish 
       the Limnological Station at Besse; André 
       Delebecque at Pavin (1892); Edouard-Alfred Martel 
       at Creux de Soucy (1892); 1.4.4 Pavin Meromixis Discovery 
       by Olivier and Pelletier (1950-1960s) 
505 8  1.5 Pavin Acquires a Status of International Field 
       Laboratory (1965-2000)1.5.1 International Projects Select 
       Pavin as a Pristine Lake (1965-1975); 1.5.2 Pavin, 
       a Laboratory for Innovative Lake Research (1965-1986); 1.6
       Maar Lakes Degassing Evidence in Cameroun and Italy; 1.6.1
       Nyos (21 August 1986) and Monoun (15 August 1984) 
       Degassing Events and Their Effects on Populations; 1.6.2 
       Ancient Degassing Events in Italian Maar-Lakes, Albano 
       and Monticchio; The Albano Catastrophic Degassing 
       and Spillover Event in Latium (398 BC) 
505 8 Monticchio Lakes (Southern Italy) and Their 
       Pioneer Degassing Studies, 1777-18381.7 Sensory Grid 
       of Degassing in Maar-Lakes; 1.8 Pavin Degassing 
       Controversy (1986-2016); 1.9 Conclusions; References; 2: 
       Pavin, A Rich but Fragmented History (200 AD-2016); 2.1 
       Introduction; 2.2 Finding Pavin Puzzle Pieces; 2.3 Pavin's
       History Highlights; 2.3.1 Antiquity: A Pompeian Millstone 
       Retrieved from Pavin Waters in 1909; 2.3.2 Early Antique 
       and Medieval Worship Near Pavin, on the Vassivière 
       Mountain; 2.3.3 Lacus pavens Terrifies the Whole Region 
       Throughout the Sixteenth Century 
505 8 The Terrible Explosion Witnessed at Vassivière 
       by Besse People (28 August 1551 Pavin Event) A 
       Hazardous Abyss, Generating Storm, Thunder and Hail, 
       Presented to Charles IX (1566); Pavin Painted 
       on the First Realistic Landscape Picture in France (1571-
       1579); Pavin Marvelous Response to a Thrown Stone 
       in Belleforest's Cosmographia Universalis (1575); 
       Lacus pavens, the Terrifying Lake, Is the Original Pavin 
       Name (Banc 1605); 2.3.4 The Admirable and Terrifying 
       Pavens Gets Famous During the Seventeenth Century 
520    This book represents the first multidisciplinary 
       scientific work on a deep volcanic maar lake in comparison
       with other similar temperate lakes. The syntheses of the 
       main characteristics of Lake Pavin are, for the first time,
       set in a firmer footing comparative approach, encompassing
       regional, national, European and international aquatic 
       science contexts. It is a unique lake because of its 
       permanently anoxic monimolimnion, and furthermore, because
       of its small surface area, its substantially low human 
       influence, and by the fact that it does not have a river 
       inflow. The book reflects the scientific research done on 
       the general limnology, history, origin, volcanology and 
       geological environment as well as on the geochemistry and 
       biogeochemical cycles. Other chapters focus on the biology
       and microbial ecology whereas the sedimentology and 
       paleolimnology are also given attention. This volume will 
       be of special interest to researchers and advanced 
       students, primarily in the fields of limnology, 
       biogeochemistry, and aquatic ecology. 
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