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050 00 QA278.8|b.B78 2002 
082 00 519.5|221 
100 1  Brunner, Edgar,|d1943-|0
245 10 Nonparametric analysis of longitudinal data in factorial 
       experiments /|cEdgar Brunner, Sebastian Domhof, and Frank 
264  1 New York, NY :|bJ. Wiley,|c[2002] 
264  4 |c©2002 
300    xvii, 261 pages :|billustrations ;|c25 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Wiley series in probability and statistics. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 219-224) and 
505 00 |g1.1|tMotivation|g1 --|g2|tModels|g21 --|g2.1
       |tNonparametric Models|g21 --|g2.2|tCovariance Structures
       |g32 --|g3|tEffects and Hypotheses|g35 --|g3.1
       |tNonparametric Effects|g35 --|g3.2|tNonparametric 
       Hypotheses|g40 --|g4|tEstimators for Relative Effects|g45 
       --|g4.1|t(Normalized) Empirical Distribution Function|g45 
       --|g4.2|tRanks|g47 --|g4.3|tEstimation of Relative 
       Treatment Effects|g52 --|g4.4|tAsymptotic Distributions of
       the Estimators|g55 --|g4.5|tConfidence Intervals|g60 --
       |g4.6|tGraphical Representation of the Results|g62 --|g5
       |tTest Statistics|g67 --|g5.1|tStatistics for Normal 
       Distributions|g67 --|g5.2|tWald-Type Statistic (WTS)|g69 -
       -|g5.3|tHotelling's T[superscript 2] Statistic|g70 --|g5.4
       |tANOVA-Type Statistic (ATS)|g71 --|g5.5|tComparison of 
       the Statistics Q[subscript n], Z[subscript R] and 
       F[subscript n]|g73 --|g5.6|tStatistics for Patterned 
       Alternatives|g75 --|g5.7|tConsistency of Statistics|g75 --
       |g5.8|tComparison with the Rank Transform (RT) Method|g80 
       --|g6|tSoftware|g83 --|g6.1|tSpecial SAS Macros|g83 --
       |g6.2|tSAS Standard Procedures|g84 --|g7|tExperiments for 
       One Group of Subjects|g87 --|g7.1|tTwo Time Points|g87 --
       |g7.2|tMore than Two Time Points|g95 --|g7.3|tSoftware
       |g110 --|g8|tExperiments for Several Groups of Subjects
       |g119 --|g8.1|tTwo Groups and Two Time Points|g120 --|g8.2
       |tTwo-Period Cross-Over Design|g128 --|g8.3|tSeveral 
       Groups and Several Time Points|g130 --|g8.4|tMethods for 
       Summary Effects|g152 --|g8.5|tSoftware|g157 --|g9
       |tDependent Replications|g175 --|g9.1|tModels|g175 --|g9.3
       |tSoftware|g183 --|g10|tMultifactorial Experiments|g187 --
       |g10.3|tGeneral Techniques|g189 --|g10.4|tAnalysis of Some
       Examples|g190 --|g10.5|tMacros for Multifactorial 
       Experiments|g195 --|g10.6|tSAS Standard Procedures|g206 --
       |g11|tNumerous Time Points|g211 --|g11.2|tReduction of the
       Design|g212 --|gAppendix A|tOriginal Data|g225 --|gA.1
       |tPanic Disorder Study I|g225 --|gA.2|tPanic Disorder 
       Study II|g226 --|gA.3|tSO[subscript 4]-Concentration|g227 
       --|gA.4|tVitality of Treetops|g230 --|gA.5|tWater-Maze 
       Test|g231 --|gA.6|t[alpha]-Amylase Study|g232 --|gA.7
       |tCortisol Concentration in Plasma|g233 --|gA.8|tPlasma-
       Renin Activity in Serum|g236 --|gA.9|t[gamma]-GT Study
       |g238 --|gA.10|tStem-Cell Concentrate Study|g239 --|gA.11
       |tShoulder Tip Pain Study|g241 --|gA.12|tBody-Weight 
       Evolution of Wistar Rats|g242 --|gA.13|tPostoperative 
       Edema|g244 --|gA.14|tPCT-Concentration Study|g246 --|gA.15
       |tHTK Study|g248 --|gAppendix B|tResults from the SAS 
       Macros|g249 --|gB.1|tConfidence-Intervals for the [alpha]-
       Amylase Study|g249 --|gB.2|tConfidence-Intervals for the 
       Shoulder Tip Pain Study|g250 --|gB.3|tConfidence-Intervals
       for the Plasma-Renin Study|g251. 
650  0 Nonparametric statistics.|0
650  0 Factorial experiment designs.|0
650  0 Longitudinal method.|0
700 1  Domhof, Sebastian,|d1974-|0
700 1  Langer, Frank,|d1968-|0
830  0 Wiley series in probability and statistics.|0http:// 
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984    VU|b.b2885567X|cheld 
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