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100 1  Beck, Thorsten 
245 10 Who Gets the Credit? and Does It Matter?|h[electronic 
       resource] : |bHousehold Vs. Firm Lending Across Countries 
       /|cBeck, Thorsten 
260    Washington, D.C.,|bThe World Bank,|c2008 
300    1 online resource (41 p.) 
520 3  While the theoretical and empirical finance literature has
       focused almost exclusively on enterprise credit, about 
       half of credit extended by banks to the private sector in 
       a sample of 45 developing and developed countries is to 
       households. The share of household credit in total credit 
       increases as countries grow richer and financial systems 
       develop. Cross-country regressions, however, suggest a 
       positive and significant impact on gross domestic product 
       per capita growth only of enterprise but not household 
       credit. These two findings together partly explain why 
       previous studies have found a small or insignificant 
       effect of finance on growth in high-income countries. In 
       addition, countries with a lower share of manufacturing, a
       higher degree of urbanization, and more market-oriented 
       financial systems have a higher share of household credit.
       It is thus mostly socio-economic trends that determine 
       credit composition, while policies influencing banking 
       market structure and regulatory policies are not robustly 
       related to credit composition. 
700 1  Beck, Thorsten 
700 1  Buyukkarabacak, Berrak 
700 1  Rioja, Felix 
700 1  Valev, Neven 
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       Does It Matter?|dWashington, D.C., The World Bank, 2008 
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