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LEADER 00000cam a2200337 a 4500 
008    010123s2002    nyu           001 0 eng   
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020    0824209745 
035    .b27839886 
040    DLC|beng|cDLC|dDLC 
042    pcc 
050 00 GE105|b.F36 2002 
082 00 363.7|221 
245 00 Famous first facts about the environment /|cedited by 
       Ronald J. Formica ; contributors, Victoria S. Chase ... 
       [and others]. 
264  1 New York :|bH.W. Wilson,|c2002. 
300    xiv, 573 pages ;|c27 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Includes indexes. 
500    "A New England Publishing Associates book." 
505 00 |tActivist Movements--Animal Rights|g1 --|tActivist 
       Movements--Anti-Environmentalism|g2 --|tActivist Movements
       --Conservationism|g3 --|tActivist Movements--Ecofeminism
       |g4 --|tActivist Movements--Environmentalism|g4 --
       |tActivist Movements--Grassroots|g8 --|tActivist Movements
       --Green Politics|g9 --|tAgriculture and Horticulture|g10 -
       -|tAgriculture and Horticulture--Animal Husbandry and 
       Livestock|g11 --|tAgriculture and Horticulture--Cash Crops
       |g13 --|tAgriculture and Horticulture--Diseases and Pests
       |g13 --|tAgriculture and Horticulture--Food Crops|g14 --
       |tAgriculture and Horticulture--Irrigation|g14 --
       |tAgriculture and Horticulture--Legislation|g15 --
       |tAgriculture and Horticulture--Methods and Equipment|g16 
       --|tAgriculture and Horticulture--Organic Farming|g17 --
       |tAgriculture and Horticulture--Organizations|g18 --
       |tAgriculture and Horticulture--Pest and Weed Control|g18 
       --|tAgriculture and Horticulture--Preservation|g21 --|tAir
       Pollution|g21 --|tAir Pollution--Health|g22 --|tAir 
       Pollution--Indoor|g23 --|tAir Pollution--Legislation and 
       Regulation|g24 --|tAir Pollution--Public Opinion|g28 --
       |tAir Pollution--Research|g28 --|tAlien Species and 
       Species Migration|g31 --|tAutomotive Industry|g34 --
       |tAutomotive Industry--Highways|g36 --|tAutomotive 
       Industry--Legislation and Regulation|g37 --|tAutomotive 
       Industry--Technology|g38 --|tBiodiversity|g41 --|tBirds
       |g43 --|tBirds--Legislation and Regulation|g46 --|tBirds--
       Observations|g47 --|tBirds--Organizations|g47 --|tBirds--
       Refuges and Reservations|g48 --|tBirds--Research|g48 --
       |tBirds--Treaties|g49 --|tBotany|g50 --|tClimate and 
       Weather|g53 --|tClimate and Weather--Global Warming|g56 --
       |tClimate and Weather--Meteorology|g57 --|tClimate and 
       Weather--Ozone Layer|g65 --|tClimate and Weather--
       Paleoclimatology|g68 --|tCoal and Natural Gas|g69 --|tDams
       |g72 --|tDams--Construction|g73 --|tDams--Disasters|g75 --
       |tDroughts and Water Shortages|g76 --|tDroughts and Water 
       Shortages--Pluviculture|g80 --|tEarthquakes|g80 --
       |tEcotourism|g85 --|tEducation and Research|g86 --
       |tEducation and Research--Expositions|g89 --|tExtinct and 
       Endangered Species|g90 --|tExtinct and Endangered Species-
       -Extinctions|g93 --|tExtinct and Endangered Species--Lists
       |g96 --|tExtinct and Endangered Species--Reintroductions
       |g99 --|tFish and Fishing|g101 --|tFish and Fishing--
       Commercial|g103 --|tFish and Fishing--Hatcheries and Fish 
       Farming|g104 --|tFish and Fishing--Legislation and 
       Regulation|g106 --|tFish and Fishing--Sport Fishing|g106 -
       -|tFloods and Flood Control|g107 --|tFloods and Flood 
       Control--Levees|g110 --|tFloods and Flood Control--
       Mudslides|g110 --|tForests and Trees|g111 --|tForests and 
       Trees--Deforestation|g111 --|tForests and Trees--Diseases 
       and Pests|g111 --|tForests and Trees--Fires and Fire 
       Prevention|g113 --|tForests and Trees--Legislation and 
       Regulation|g114 --|tForests and Trees--Logging|g115 --
       |tForests and Trees--Management|g116 --|tForests and Trees
       --Organizations|g117 --|tForests and Trees--Preservation 
       and Reserves|g118 --|tForests and Trees--Rain Forests|g119
       --|tForests and Trees--Reforestation and Planting|g119 --
       |tForests and Trees--Research|g120 --|tGenetic Engineering
       and Biotechnology|g121 --|tGeology and Geophysics|g123 --
       |tHazardous Waste|g127 --|tHunting and Trapping|g131 --
       |tHunting and Trapping--Game Management|g133 --|tHunting 
       and Trapping--Legislation and Regulation|g133 --|tHunting 
       and Trapping--Organizations|g135 --|tIndustrial Pollution
       |g135 --|tInternational Law|g139 --|tInternational Law--
       Conventions, Agreements, and Treaties|g140 --
       |tInternational Law--Organizations|g144 --|tLand Use and 
       Development|g145 --|tLand Use and Development--Legislation
       and Regulation|g145 --|tLand Use and Development--Planning
       |g146 --|tLand Use and Development--Preservation|g147 --
       |tLand Use and Development--Property Rights|g148 --|tLand 
       Use and Development--Settlement|g148 --|tLand Use and 
       Development--Wetlands|g149 --|tLand Use and Development--
       Zoning|g150 --|tLiterature and Arts--Arts and Artists|g150
       --|tLiterature and Arts--Books and Writers|g153 --
       |tLiterature and Arts--Photography and Television|g156 --
       |tLittering|g156 --|tMines and Mining|g159 --|tNatural 
       Resources|g162 --|tNoise Pollution|g171 --|tNoise 
       Pollution--Legislation and Regulation|g171 --|tNuclear 
       Power|g173 --|tOceans and Oceanography|g180 --|tOil and 
       Petroleum Industry|g185 --|tOil and Petroleum Industry--
       Fires, Spills, and Blowouts|g186 --|tOil and Petroleum 
       Industry--Offshore Drilling and Production|g187 --|tOil 
       and Petroleum Industry--War and Diplomacy|g188 --|tOil and
       Petroleum Industry--Wells and Refineries|g188 --|tParks
       |g191 --|tParks--Legislation and Regulation|g192 --|tParks
       --National Monuments|g192 --|tParks--National Parks|g193 -
       -|tParks--State and Urban Parks|g197 --|tPolar Regions
       |g197 --|tPopulation Growth|g201 --|tPopulation Growth--
       Legislation and Regulation|g202 --|tPopulation Growth--
       Organizations and Conferences|g203 --|tPublic Health and 
       Safety|g204 --|tScenery|g209 --|tSoil Resources|g214 --
       |tSoil Resources--Conservation|g215 --|tSoil Resources--
       Desertification|g215 --|tSoil Resources--Erosion|g216 --
       |tSoil Resources--Fertility and Fertilizers|g216 --|tSoil 
       Resources--Research|g217 --|tSolar Energy|g217 --|tSolid 
       Waste|g221 --|tSolid Waste--Disposal|g222 --|tSolid Waste-
       -Recycling|g223 --|tSolid Waste--Street Cleaning|g225 --
       |tStorms|g225 --|tStorms--Blizzards and Snowstorms|g226 --
       |tStorms--Hailstorms|g228 --|tStorms--Hurricanes, Cyclones,
       and Typhoons|g228 --|tStorms--Ice Storms|g231 --|tStorms--
       Thunderstorms|g231 --|tStorms--Tornadoes|g231 --
       |tSustainable Development|g233 --|tSynthetic Fuels|g235 --
       |tVolcanoes|g238 --|tWater Pollution|g241 --|tWater 
       Pollution--Destruction of Species|g242 --|tWater Pollution
       --Health|g242 --|tWater Pollution--Industrial Discharge
       |g243 --|tWater Pollution--Legislation and Regulation|g244
       --|tWater Pollution--Marine Pollution|g246 --|tWater 
       Pollution--Organic Pollution|g247 --|tWater Pollution--
       Research and Technology|g247 --|tWater Pollution--Sewers 
       and Human Waste|g248 --|tWater Power|g249 --|tWater Supply
       and Purification|g251 --|tWater Supply and Purification--
       Reservoirs|g256 --|tWhaling|g256 --|tWilderness|g257 --
       |tWildlife|g261 --|tWildlife--Breeding|g266 --|tWildlife--
       Conservation|g267 --|tWildlife--Control|g270 --|tWildlife-
       -Preserves and Restoration|g271 --|tWind Power|g274 --
       |tZoos, Aquariums, and Museums|g276 --|tZoos, Aquariums, 
       and Museums--Planetariums|g282. 
650  0 Environmental sciences|0
700 1  Formica, Ronald J.|0
700 1  Chase, Victoria.|0
907    .b27839886 
984    VU|b.b27839886|cheld 
990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
990    Uploaded June 2003 BE 
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