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007    vd cvaizs 
008    040422p20041996at 100            vleng d 
024 10 9322225022836 
028 42 MMA2146|bMadman Cinema 
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245 00 Trigger happy /|cUnited Artists Pictures presents a 
       Dreyfuss/James Productions in association with Skylight 
       Films a Larry Bishop film ; producer, Judith Rutherford 
       James ; director, Larry Bishop. 
246 33 Mad dog time. 
264  1 Australia :|bMadman Cinema :|bNew Vision,|c2004. 
264  4 |c©2004. 
300    1 videodisc (100 minutes) :|bsound, colour ;|c4 3/4 in. t 
336    two-dimensional moving image|2rdacontent 
337    video|2rdamedia 
338    videodisc|2rdacarrier 
340    |gpolychrome|2rdacc|0
344    digital|2rdatr|0
344    |boptical|2rdarm|0
344    |gstereo|2rdapc|0
346    |bPAL|2rdabs|0
347    video file|2rdaft|0
347    |bDVD video 
347    |eregion A|2rdare|0
511 1  Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Richard Dreyfuss, Jeff 
       Goldblum, Diane Lane. 
520    The story takes place in a mysterious underworld of swanky
       nightclubs where armed criminals listen to Rat Pack music 
       and hold shootouts from a seated position, behind desks.  
       Mickey Holiday is the top enforcer for Vic, the mob boss. 
       Vic is about to be released from a psychiatric facility, 
       or, as his adversary Jake Parker puts it, "the loony bin."
       In his absence, Ben London has been running Vic's 
       nightclub while Mickey has been romancing both Rita and 
       Grace Everly, which is doubly dangerous inasmuch as they 
       are sisters and Grace was previously Vic's girl.  Parker 
       recruits a number of hired guns in an attempt to seize 
       power. Mickey kills the first to challenge him, Lee 
       Turner. The next one brought in by Parker, identified as 
       Nicholas Falco and supposedly the fastest draw of all, 
       murders Mickey's close friend, Jules Flamingo, who is 
       unarmed. A showdown is arranged and Mickey ends up 
       eliminating both Parker and the apparently overrated 
       Falco.  Vic returns to resume his reign as mob boss. He 
       brings with him a new enforcer, the "real" Nicholas Falco,
       the previous one having been an impostor.  "Brass Balls" 
       Ben London promptly challenges Vic for control of the 
       organization (while singing "My Way" on stage in the 
       nightclub) and is shot dead. Falco proceeds to gun down 
       the remaining opposition, including "Wacky" Jackie Jackson,
       and is eager to shoot it out with Mickey Holiday once and 
       for all.  Mickey attempts to repair his relationship with 
       Rita, who is furious that he has been seeing her sister on
       the side. Mickey finally confesses to Grace that he has 
       been seeing her in the daytime and Rita at night. She also
       has been unaware that Vic is back in town.  At a final 
       confrontation held in a private office, Grace reveals that
       she is pregnant with Vic's child. Forced to choose between
       Holiday and Falco before they shoot it out, Vic sides with
       his old friend and Grace kills Falco. He and Mickey end up
       (apparently) living happily ever after with the Everly 
534    |pOriginally produced:|cUSA : United Artists Pictures, 
       Dreyfuss/James Productions, Skylight Films, 1996. 
538    DVD ; PAL ; region all. 
546    English dialogue. 
650  0 Mentally ill|0
650  0 Gangsters|0
650  0 Triangles (Interpersonal relations)|vDrama.|0http:// 
650  0 Feature films.|0
700 1  Bishop, Larry,|d1948-|0
700 1  Barkin, Ellen,|d1954-|0
700 1  Byrne, Gabriel,|d1950-|0
700 1  Dreyfuss, Richard,|0
700 1  Goldblum, Jeff,|d1952-|0
700 1  Lane, Diane,|0
710 2  United Artists Corporation,|0
       /names/n50057783|eproduction company. 
710 2  Skylight Films (Firm),|0
       names/n81151948|eproduction company. 
710 2  Dreyfuss/James Productions (Firm),|0
       authorities/names/no2010061395|eproduction company. 
710 2  Madman Cinema,|eissuing body. 
907    .b50924060 
984    VU|b.b50924060|cheld 
990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
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