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100 1  Korkeala, Outi 
245 10 Distributional Impact Analysis of Past Climate Variability
       in Rural Indonesia|h[electronic resource] /|cKorkeala, 
260    Washington, D.C.,|bThe World Bank,|c2009 
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520 3  In rural Indonesia, around 60 percent of workers engage in
       agriculture and face regular climatic shocks that may 
       threaten their crop production, household income, and 
       human capital investments. Little is known about 
       households' ability to maintain consumption in response to
       these shocks. This paper uses both longitudinal and 
       repeated cross-sectional data to examine the extent to 
       which farm profits and household consumption are reduced 
       by delayed monsoon onset, an important determinant of rice
       production in Indonesia. It also investigates whether poor
       households are more vulnerable to delayed onset. Overall, 
       delayed onset has minor effects on rural households' 
       profit and consumption. For poor households, defined as 
       those with average per capita consumption in the lowest 
       quintile, delayed onset the previous year is associated 
       with a 13 percent decline in per capita consumption. Most 
       of this decline is due to an increase in household size, 
       however, and delayed onset two years ago is positively 
       correlated with consumption. The findings suggest that 
       poor households experience greater volatility but no 
       lasting reduction in consumption following delayed monsoon
700 1  Duarte, Mafalda 
700 1  Korkeala, Outi 
700 1  Newhouse, David 
776 18 Print version:|iKorkeala, Outi.|tDistributional Impact 
       Analysis of Past Climate Variability in Rural Indonesia.
       |dWashington, D.C., The World Bank, 2009 
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