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Duncan, Trevor Composer

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - A Box of Light Musical Allsorts (1946-1958) / [electronic resource]

Guild        The Mikado: My Object All Sublime (arr. R. Farnon)(03 min. 08 sec.)Southern Holiday(02 min. 54 sec.)Take Me to Your Heart(02 min. 54 sec.)Three-Two-One-Zero(02 min. 13 sec.)Pigalle(01 min. 51 sec.)Mannequin Melody(02 min. 49 sec.)A Letter to Three Wives: A Letter to Three Wives(03 min. 17 sec.)A Canadian in Mayfair(03 min. NaN sec.)A Connecticut Yankee: Thou Swell(02 min. 12 sec.)Vendetta(02 min. 25 sec.)Military Samba(01 min. 53 sec.)Let's Go Shopping(02 min. 37 sec.)Concerto in Jazz(07 min. 04 sec.)Super Six(02 min. 02 sec.)Casbah(02 min. 53 sec.)Polka Dot(02 min. 15 sec.)Kismet: Rahadlakum (arr. P. Faith)(03 min. 08 sec.)The Happy Hippo(02 min. 42 sec.)The Three Bears(09 min. 17 sec.)Melody in Moccasins(02 min. 23 sec.)Fly Past(01 min. 21 sec.)Worcester Beacon(03 min. 07 sec.)St. Boniface Down(06 min. 31 sec.)London Pride (arr. A. Morley)(02 min. 58 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - A Second A-Z of Light Music (1936-1960) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Up for the Day Suite: At the Theatre(02 min. 17 sec.)Bristol Cream, Op. 107(02 min. 44 sec.)Curtain Time(04 min. 59 sec.)Downland(02 min. 58 sec.)Edelma (arr. P. Faith)(02 min. 42 sec.)Fairy Tiptoe(02 min. 47 sec.)Gazelle(02 min. 22 sec.)Huckle Buckle(03 min. 01 sec.)In a Monastery Garden (version for orchestra)(04 min. 56 sec.)Jack O'Lantern (Feux Follets)(01 min. 59 sec.)Kings of Sport(02 min. 49 sec.)Let Us Live for Tonight (arr. S. Torch)(04 min. 06 sec.)Miss Melanie(02 min. 25 sec.)Bolton's Revue: No Orchids for My Lady(02 min. 36 sec.)On a Little Street in Singapore(03 min. 20 sec.)Prairie Schooner(02 min. 39 sec.)A Quiet Stroll(02 min. 54 sec.)Romantic Illusions(02 min. 58 sec.)Stereophonic March(02 min. 58 sec.)Taxi(02 min. 36 sec.)The Unstoppable Man: The Unstoppable Man(02 min. 06 sec.)Vienna, City of My Dreams, Op. 1 (arr. B. Ternent)(03 min. 16 sec.)A Waltz for Terry(03 min. 20 sec.)Maku and the Monkey: Exotica(03 min. 16 sec.)Young Man's Fancy (arr. F. Rapley)(02 min. 31 sec.)Zip Along(02 min. 41 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - Globetrotting (1935-1956) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Broad Horizon(02 min. 32 sec.)Lovers in Paris(02 min. 48 sec.)Alpine Festival(03 min. 05 sec.)Swiss Boy(02 min. 45 sec.)Music for the Nostalgic Traveller in Italy(09 min. 05 sec.)The Italian Theme(03 min. 29 sec.)Flamenco Love(02 min. 21 sec.)Portuguese Party(02 min. 38 sec.)Majorca (Midinette) (arr. J. Loss)(03 min. 16 sec.)In the Mystic Land of Egypt(05 min. 16 sec.)Oriental Bazaar(02 min. 37 sec.)Madagascar(02 min. 42 sec.)Tahiti Tango(02 min. 16 sec.)Indian Mail(03 min. 22 sec.)A Suite of Serenades: II. Chinese(03 min. 18 sec.)Cuban Love Song(02 min. 50 sec.)Mexican Hat Dance, "Jarabe tapatio" (arr. M. Gould)(03 min. 03 sec.)Street in Manhattan(02 min. 44 sec.)Song of Norway (after E. Grieg)(08 min. 18 sec.)3 English Dances, Op. 11(06 min. 29 sec.)Journey's End(02 min. 25 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - Light and Lively (1950-1958) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Derby Day(02 min. 25 sec.)Le Bal de Madame de Mortemouille (Madame De Mortemouille's Ball)(02 min. 42 sec.)Starlift: Noche Caribe (Caribbean Night)(02 min. 55 sec.)The Boy on the Carousel(02 min. 29 sec.)Whimsy(02 min. 23 sec.)Spindrift(03 min. 21 sec.)The Theme from Studio X(03 min. 11 sec.)Golden Strings(01 min. 59 sec.)Let's Face It: Everything I love(03 min. 05 sec.)Miss Universe(02 min. 17 sec.)Falling Star(02 min. 31 sec.)Strings on Wings(03 min. 03 sec.)Rainbow's End(02 min. 51 sec.)Smile of a Latin(02 min. 32 sec.)La grenouille (Fais un voeu)(02 min. 14 sec.)Reno Runaway(02 min. 33 sec.)Proud as a Peacock(02 min. 02 sec.)La strada: Stars Shine in Your Eyes(02 min. 48 sec.)Leprechauns' Dance(02 min. 50 sec.)Every Day(02 min. 48 sec.)Piccadilly Playboy(02 min. 47 sec.)I've Got the World on a String (arr. T. Osborne)(02 min. 20 sec.)Chatter Box(01 min. 31 sec.)Silhouettes in the Sand(02 min. 11 sec.)Monica(02 min. 35 sec.)Smart Set(02 min. 49 sec.)Rhapsody In Red(02 min. 22 sec.)On the Fiddle(02 min. 49 sec.)African Moon(02 min. 52 sec.)The Peanut Polka(02 min. 37 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - Melody Mixture (1952-1961) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Cab Rank(02 min. 50 sec.)Mr. Lucky: Theme(02 min. 19 sec.)Caravan(04 min. 46 sec.)The Sundowners: Down Under(02 min. 33 sec.)Butterfield 8: Gloria's Theme(02 min. 56 sec.)Happy End: Bilbao-Song(02 min. NaN sec.)With Tongue in Cheek(02 min. 52 sec.)Spring Collection(02 min. 48 sec.)Scurry for Strings(03 min. 11 sec.)Spinette(02 min. 48 sec.)The Cool Caballero(02 min. 17 sec.)Pleasure Island(02 min. 29 sec.)Alma mia(02 min. 51 sec.)I Aim at the Stars: I Aim at the Stars(02 min. 31 sec.)Dear Old Pals(03 min. 02 sec.)Leaps and Bounds(02 min. 34 sec.)Tango of the Flowers(02 min. 39 sec.)Peacock in Piccadilly(02 min. 57 sec.)Continental Highways(02 min. 34 sec.)Galop on Strings(02 min. 19 sec.)Symphonette No. 4, "Latin-American Symphonette": III. Guaracha(03 min. 13 sec.)Brandy Snaps(02 min. 47 sec.)Chicken Noodle(02 min. 56 sec.)Route nationale(02 min. 56 sec.)On Stage(02 min. 21 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - Picking Strings (1947-1958) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Vacancies (Holiday Time)(03 min. 15 sec.)Candid Snap(02 min. 34 sec.)Picking Strings(02 min. 49 sec.)Love Me Tonight: Mimi(01 min. 57 sec.)Carriage for Marriage(01 min. 52 sec.)Night Flight to Madrid(02 min. 14 sec.)Marionette(03 min. 09 sec.)Beware (Escale a victoria) (arr. F. Cordell)(02 min. 11 sec.)Running Off the Rails(03 min. 01 sec.)Dream of Tomorrow(02 min. 24 sec.)A Song for Penelope(02 min. 46 sec.)Flight by Jet(02 min. 22 sec.)Symphony No. 5 1/2, "A Symphony for Fun": I. Perpetual Emotion(03 min. 18 sec.)Silver Fizz(01 min. 49 sec.)Fashion Promenade(03 min. 03 sec.)Runaway Romance(02 min. 08 sec.)Enfin le printemps (Finally It's Spring)(02 min. 07 sec.)Hollywood Freeway(03 min. NaN sec.)Champagne Time(01 min. 54 sec.)La feria de las flores (The Flower Fair) (arr. M.R. Armengol)(03 min. 22 sec.)El cumbanchero(02 min. 10 sec.)Swizzlesticks(02 min. 51 sec.)Busybodies(02 min. 51 sec.)Road Show(02 min. 18 sec.)How High the Moon(03 min. 19 sec.)Tandem Promenade(02 min. 06 sec.)Tom Fool(02 min. 27 sec.)Passe ton chemin (Pass Your Way)(03 min. 17 sec.)Through the Town (Rythme des rues)(02 min. 42 sec.)The Fiddling Bullfighter(02 min. 23 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - Portrait of My Love (1944-1960) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Portrait of My Love(02 min. 26 sec.)Impression of a Princess(03 min. 09 sec.)High Society: I Love You, Samantha(02 min. 18 sec.)April Love: April Love(03 min. 58 sec.)The Prince and Princess Waltz(02 min. 13 sec.)Wedding Day(02 min. 34 sec.)One Night of Love: One Night of Love (arr. R. Farnon)(02 min. 45 sec.)Hallelujah, I'm a Bum: You Are Too Beautiful (arr. G. Osser)(02 min. 28 sec.)2 Herzen im Dreivierteltakt (2 Hearts in 3/4 Time): 2 Herzen im Dreivierteltakt (2 Hearts in 3/4 Time) (arr. G. Osser)(02 min. 55 sec.)Belle of the Yukon: Like Someone in Love (arr. P. Weston)(03 min. 41 sec.)Beguine for Lovers(02 min. 39 sec.)Show Boat: Can't help lovin' dat man(02 min. 59 sec.)Take Me in Your Arms(03 min. 04 sec.)If I Should Fall in Love Again (arr. P. Yorke)(02 min. 16 sec.)Tenderly(03 min. 19 sec.)Dancing in the Starlight(02 min. 54 sec.)The Student Prince: Deep In My Heart, Dear (arr. W.H. Bowen)(02 min. 20 sec.)You're My Thrill(02 min. 39 sec.)I Dood It: Star Eyes(02 min. 23 sec.)If She Should Come to You (La montana)(03 min. 27 sec.)U.K. 7: For Those Who Love(02 min. 25 sec.)Sons and Lovers: Theme(02 min. 18 sec.)To a Young Lady(03 min. 16 sec.)Flower Drum Song:You are beautiful - Love look away (arr. B. Fahey)(04 min. NaN sec.)Broadway Rhythm: Amor (arr. P. Faith)(02 min. 44 sec.)The Wedding Dance(04 min. 01 sec.)The Wedding Song(02 min. 58 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - Strings Afire (1951-1961) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Strings Afire (arr. C. Giovannini and W. Robinson)(02 min. 17 sec.)Funny Face: 'S Wonderful! (arr. R. Wright)(02 min. 40 sec.)A Felicidade (arr. for orchestra)(02 min. 21 sec.)Everybody's Welcome: As Time Goes By (arr. for orchesta)(03 min. 23 sec.)Skin Diver's Ballet(02 min. 40 sec.)Champs Elysees(02 min. 16 sec.)Right This Way: I Can Dream, Can't I? (arr. for orchestra)(03 min. 01 sec.)Veradero(02 min. 52 sec.)Valse Mignonette(02 min. 59 sec.)Herbstgold (Autumn Gold)(02 min. 20 sec.)Piccadilly(02 min. 20 sec.)Carnival!: Very Nice Man (arr. B. Fahey)(02 min. 34 sec.)Corrida(03 min. 21 sec.)China Doll(02 min. 52 sec.)Assembly Line(02 min. 30 sec.)Goblin's Gavotte (arr. B. Campbell)(03 min. 06 sec.)Evening on Tokyo's Sumida(02 min. 41 sec.)Maracaibo(02 min. 51 sec.)Mon homme (May Man) (arr. for orchestra)(02 min. 49 sec.)Midsommarvaka (Midsummer Vigil), Op. 19, "Swedish Rhapsody No. 1" (arr. P. Faith)(03 min. 12 sec.)The Secret of Happiness(02 min. 22 sec.)Carefree Character(02 min. 29 sec.)Centennial Summer: All Through the Day (arr. P. Weston)(02 min. 50 sec.)Caress (arr. B. Campbell)(02 min. 59 sec.)Sidewalk(02 min. 56 sec.)  
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