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Author United States. Congress. Senate.

Title Forty-fourth annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1958. Administrative report including technical reports Nos. 1342 to 1392. (Final report). [electronic resource]

Published Washington, DC, 1959


Location Call No. Status
Physical description 1503 p. : illustrations, tables.
Series United States congressional serial set; serial set no. 12180
Senate document / 86th Congress, 1st session. Senate ; no. 6
Senate document (United States. Congress. Senate) ; 86th Congress, no. 6
Notes Table of contents, p. II.
List of technical reports, p. III.
A variational theorem for creep with applications to plates and columns, by J. Lyell Sanders, Jr., Harvey G. McComb, Jr., and Floyd R. Schlechte, NACA [No. 1342], p. 117.
A phenomenological relation between stress, strain rate, and temperature for metals at elevated temperatures, by Elbridge Z. Stowell, NACA [No. 1343], p. 125.
A simplified method for approximating the transient motion in angles of attack and sideslip during a constant rolling maneuver, by Leonard Sternfield, NACA [No. 1344], p. 131.
The response of an airplane to random atmospheric disturbances, by Franklin W. Diederich, NACA [No. 1345], p. 142.
Differential equations of motion for combined flapwise vending, chordwise bending, and torsion of twisted non-uniform rotor blades, by John C. Houbolt and George W. Brooks, NACA [No. 1346], p. 179.
Ditching investigations of dynamic models and effects of design parameters on ditching characteristics, by Lloyd J. Fisher and Edward L. Hoffman, NACA [No. 1347], p. 197.
Ground simulator studies of the effects of valve friction, stick friction, flexibility, and backlash on power control system quality, by B. Porter Brown, NACA [No. 1348], p. 225.
A low-speed experimental investigation of the effect of a sandpaper type of roughness on boundary layer transition, by Albert F. Von Doenhoff and Elmer A. Horton, NACA [No. 1349], p. 239.
Methods for obtaining desired helicopter stability characteristics and procedures for stability predictions, by F.B. Gustafson and Robert J. Topscott, NACA [No. 1350], p. 255.
Theory of self-excited mechanical oscillations of helicopter rotors with hinged blades, by Robert P. Coleman and Arnold M. Feingold, NACA [No. 1351], p. 267.
Effect of fuel variables on carbon formation in turbojet-engine combustors, by Edmund R. Jonash, Jerrold D. Wear, and William P. Cook, NACA [No. 1352], p. 309.
An experimental investigation of sting-support effects on drag and a comparison with jet effects at transonic speeds, by Maurice S. Cahn, NACA [No. 1353], p. 327.
Effect of chord size on weight and cooling characteristics of air-cooled turbine blades, by Jack B. Esgar, Eugene F. Schum, and Arthur N. Curren, NACA [No. 1354], p. 359.
A theoretical and experimental study of planing surfaces including effects of cross section and plan form, by Charles L. Shuford, Jr., NACA [No. 1355], p. 373.
Investigation of separated flows in supersonic and subsonic streams with emphasis on the effect of transition, by Dean R. Chapman, Donald M. Kuehn, and Howard K. Larson, NACA [No. 1356], p. 419.
Experimental determination of effects of frequency and amplitude on the lateral stability derivatives for a delta, a swept, and an unswept wing oscillating in yaw, by Lewis R. Fisher, NACA [No. 1357], p. 461.
On flow of electrically conducting fluids over a flat plate in presence of a transverse magnetic field, by Vernon J. Rossow, NACA [No. 1358], p. 489.
Thin airfoil theory based on approximate solution of the transonic flow equation, by John R. Spreiter and Alberta Y. Alksne, NACA [No. 1359], p. 509.
Growth of disturbances in a flame-generated shear region, by Perry L. Blackshear, Jr., NACA [No. 1360], p. 546.
Approximate analysis of effects of large deflections and initial twist on torsional stiffness of a cantilever plate subjected to thermal stresses, by Richard R. Heldenfels and Louis F. Vosteen, NACA [No. 1361], p. 593.
Theoretical combustion performance of several high-energy fuels for ramjet engines, by Leonard K. Tower, Roland Breitwieser, and Benson E. Gammon, NACA [No. 1362], p. 605.
Origin and prevention of crash fires in turbojet aircraft, by I. Irving Pinkel, Solomon Weiss, G. Merritt Preston, and Gerard J. Pesman, NACA [No. 1363], p. 623.
Measurement of static pressure on aircraft, by William Gracey, NACA [No. 1364], p. 643.
A correlation of results of a flight investigation with results of an analytical study of effects of wing flexibility on wing strains due to gusts, by C.C. Shufflebarger, Chester B. Payne, and George L. Cahen, NACA [No. 1365], p. 669.
The mechanism of thermal-gradient mass transfer in the sodium hydroxide - nickel system, by Charles E. May, NACA [No. 1366], p. 683.
Calculated and measured stresses in simple panels subject to intense random acoustic loading including the near noise field of a turbojet engine, by Leslie W. Lassiter and Robert W. Hess, NACA [No. 1367], p. 703.
Systemic two-dimensional cascade tests of NACA 65-Series compressor blades at low speeds, by James C. Emery, L. Joseph Herrig, John R. Erwin, and A. Richard Felix, NACA [No. 1368], p. 713.
Blowing-type boundary-layer control as applied to the trailing-edge flaps of a 25 [degree] swept-wing airplane, by Mark W. Kelly, Seth B. Anderson, and Robert C. Innis, NACA [No. 1369], p. 799.
Area-suction boundary-layer control as applied to the trailing-edge flaps of a 35 [degree] swept-wing airplane, by Woodrow L. Cook, Seth B. Anderson, and George E. Cooper, NACA [No. 1370], p. 823.
Investigation of some wake vortex characteristics of an inclined ogive-cylinder body at Mach number 2, by Leland H. Jorgensen and Edward W. Perkins, NACA [No. 1371], p. 857.
A method of computing the transient temperature of thick walls form arbitrary variation of adiabatic-wall temperature and heat-transfer coefficient, by P.R. Hill, NACA [No. 1372], p. 877.
Theoretical analysis of total-pressure loss and airflow distribution for tubular turbojet combustors with constant annulus- and liner cross-sectional areas, by Charles C. Graves and Jack S. Grobman, NACA [No. 1373], p. 899.
The similarity rules for second-order subsonic and supersonic flow, by Milton D. Van Dyke, NACA [No. 1374], p. 925.
A wind-tunnel investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of a full-scale supersonic-type three-blade propeller at Mach numbers to 0.96, by Albert J. Evans and George Liner, NACA [No. 1375], p. 933.
Elliptic cones alone and with wings at supersonic speeds, by Leland H. Jorgensen, NACA [No. 1376], p. 975.
Measurements of free-space oscillating pressures near propellers at flight Mach numbers to 0.72, by Max C. Kurbjun and Arthur W. Vogeley, NACA [No. 1377], p. 999.
A method for simulating the atmospheric entry of long-range ballistic missiles, by A.J. Eggers, Jr., NACA [No. 1378], p. 1009.
Compressible laminar boundary layer over a yawed infinite cylinder with heat transfer and arbitrary Prandtl number, by Eli Reshotku and Ivan E. Beckwith, NACA [No. 1379], p. 1016.
An analysis of pressure studies and experimental and theoretical downwash and sidewash behind five pointed-tip wings at supersonic speeds, by William B. Boatright, NACA [No. 1380], p. 1067.
A study of the motion and aerodynamic heating of ballistic missiles entering the earth's atmosphere at hight supersonic speeds, by H. Julian Allen and A.J. Eggers, Jr. NACA [No. 1381], p. 1125.
A comparative analysis of the performance of long-range hypervelocity vehicles, by Alfred J. Eggers, Jr., H. Julian Allen, and Stanford E. Neice, NACA [No. 1382], p. 1141.
Survey of hydrogen combustion properties, by Isadore L. Drell and Frank E. Belles, NACA [No. 1383], p. 1161.
A summary of preliminary investigations into the characteristics of combustion screech in ducted burners, by Lewis Laboratory Staff, NACA [No. 1384], p. 1195.
Drag minimization for wings and bodies in supersonic flow, by Max A. Heaslet and Franklyn B. Fuller, NACA [No. 1385], p. 1213.
Investigation of the drag of various axially symmetric nose shapes of fineness ratio 3 for Mach numbers from 1.24 to 7.4, by Edward W. Perkins, Leland H. Jorgensen, and Simon C. Sommer, NACA [No. 1386], p. 1231.
Full-scale investigation of several jet-engine noise-reduction nozzles, by Willard D. Coles and Edmund E. Callaghan, NACA [No. 1387], p. 1249.
NACA Research on slurry fuels, by M.L. Pinns, W.T. Olson, H.C. Barnett, and R. Breitwieser, NACA [No. 1388], p. 1273.
Characteristics of the Langley 8-foot transonic tunnel with slotted test section, by Ray H. Wright, Virgil S. Ritchie, and Albin O. Pearson, NACA [No. 1389], p. 1297.
Incompressible flutter characteristics of representative aircraft wings, by C.H. Wilts, California Institute of Technology, [No. 1390], p. 1385.
Investigation of a nonlinear control system, by I. Flugge-Lotz, C.F. Taylor, and H.E. Lindberg, Stanford University, [No. 1391], p. 1423.
Boron and zirconium from crucible refractories in a complex heat-resistant alloy, by R.F. Decker, John P. Rowe, and J.W. Freeman, University of Michigan, [No. 1392], p. 1457.
Reproduction Electronic reproduction. Chester, Vt.: NewsBank, inc., 2008. Available via the World Wide Web. Access restricted to Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set subscribers.
Usage Terms Copyright 2008 by NewsBank, Inc. All rights reserved.
Other author Alksne, Alberta Y.
Allen, H. Julian.
Anderson, Seth B.
Barnett, Henry C.
Beckwith, Ivan E.
Belles, Frank E.
Blackshear, Perry L., Jr.
Boatright, William B.
Breitwieser, Roland.
Brooks, George W.
Brown, B. Porter.
Cahen, George L.
Cahn, Maurice S.
Callaghan, Edmund E.
Chapman, Dean R.
Coleman, Robert P.
Coles, Willard D.
Cook, William P.
Cook, Woodrow L.
Cooper, George E.
Curren, Arthur N.
Decker, R.F.
Diederich, Franklin W.
Drell, Isadore L.
Eggers, Alfred J., Jr.
Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1890-1969.
Emery, James C.
Erwin, John R.
Esgar, Jack B.
Evans, Albert J.
Feingold, Arnold M.
Felix, A. Richard.
Fisher, Lewis R.
Fisher, Lloyd J.
Flugge-Lotz, I.
Freeman. J.W.
Fuller, Franklyn B.
Gammon, Benson E.
Gracey, William.
Graves, Charles C.
Grobman, Jack S.
Gustafson, F.B.
Heaslet, Max A.
Heldenfels, Richard R.
Herrig, L. Joseph.
Hess, Robert W.
Hill, P.R.
Hoffman, Edward L.
Horton, Elmer A.
Houbolt, John C.
Innis, Robert C.
Jonash, Edmund R.
Jorgensen, Leland H.
Kelly, Mark W.
Kuehn, Donald M.
Kurbjun, Max C.
Larson, Howard K.
Lassiter, Leslie W.
Lindberg, H.E.
Liner, George.
May, Charles E.
McComb, Harvey G., Jr.
Neice, Stanford E.
Olson, W.T.
Payne, Chester B.
Pearson, Albin O.
Perkins, Edward W.
Pesman, Gerard J.
Pinkel, I. Irving.
Pinns, M.L.
Preston, G. Merritt.
Reshotku, Eli.
Ritchie, Virgil S.
Rossow, Vernon J.
Rowe, John P.
Sanders, J. Lyell, Jr.
Schlechte, Floyd R.
Schum, Eugene F.
Shufflebarger, C.C.
Shuford, Charles L.
Sommer, Simon C.
Spreiter, John R.
Sternfield, Leonard.
Stowell, Elbridge Z.
Tapscott, Robert J.
Taylor, C.F.
Tower, Leonard K.
Van Dyke, Milton D.
Vogeley, Arthur W.
Von Doenhoff, Albert E.
Vosteen, Louis F.
Wear, Jerrold D.
Weiss, Solomon.
Wilts, C.H.
Wright, Ray H.
United States. President (1953-1961 : Eisenhower)
United States. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.
California Institute of Technology.
Stanford University.
University of Michigan.
Subject Aeronautical laboratories.
Aircraft construction.
Energy research.
Federal receipts and expenditures.
Supersonic planes.
Transportation research.
Financial statements.
Annual Reports.
Presidential Communications and Messages.