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111 2  International Conference on Typed Lambda Calculi and 
       Applications|n(11th :|d2013 :|cEindhoven, Netherlands) 
245 10 Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications :|b11th 
       International Conference, TLCA 2013, Eindhoven, the 
       Netherlands, June 26-28, 2013. Proceedings /|cMasahito 
       Hasegawa (ed.). 
246 3  TLCA 2013 
264  1 Berlin :|bSpringer,|c[2013] 
264  4 |c©2013 
300    1 online resource (xii, 249 pages). 
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490 1  Lecture notes in computer science,|x0302-9743 ;|v7941 
490 1  LNCS sublibrary. SL 1, Theoretical computer science and 
       general issues 
500    International conference proceedings. 
500    Includes author index. 
505 00 |tType-Directed Compilation in the Wild: Haskell and Core.
       |tType-Directed Compilation in the Wild: Haskell and Core 
       /|rSimon Peyton-Jones --|tProving with Side Effects /
       |rHugo Herbelin --|tNon-linearity as the Metric Completion
       of Linearity /|rDamiano Mazza --|tContributed Papers.
       |tSystem F i /|rKi Yung Ahn, Tim Sheard, Marcelo Fiore, 
       Andrew M. Pitts --|tNon-determinism, Non-termination and 
       the Strong Normalization of System T /|rFederico Aschieri,
       Margherita Zorzi --|tProof-Relevant Logical Relations for 
       Name Generation /|rNick Benton, Martin Hofmann, Vivek 
       Nigam --|tGames with Sequential Backtracking and Complete 
       Game Semantics for Subclassical Logics /|rStefano Berardi,
       Makoto Tatsuta --|tRealizability for Peano Arithmetic with
       Winning Conditions in HON Games /|rValentin Blot --|tThe 
       Resource Lambda Calculus Is Short-Sighted in Its 
       Relational Model /|rFlavien Breuvart --|tBounding 
       Skeletons, Locally Scoped Terms and Exact Bounds for 
       Linear Head Reduction /|rPierre Clairambault --
       |tIntersection Type Matching with Subtyping /|rBoris 
       Düdder, Moritz Martens, Jakob Rehof --|tA Type-Checking 
       Algorithm for Martin-Löf Type Theory with Subtyping Based 
       on Normalisation by Evaluation /|rDaniel Fridlender, 
       Miguel Pagano --|tSmall Induction Recursion /|rPeter 
       Hancock, Conor McBride, Neil Ghani, Lorenzo Malatesta, 
       Thorsten Altenkirch --|tGeneralizations of Hedberg's 
       Theorem /|rNicolai Kraus, Martín Escardó, Thierry Coquand,
       Thorsten Altenkirch --|tUsing Models to Model-Check 
       Recursive Schemes /|rSylvain Salvati, Igor Walukiewicz --
       |tOn Interaction, Continuations and Defunctionalization /
       |rUlrich Schöpp --|tCompleteness of Conversion between 
       Reactive Programs for Ultrametric Models /|rPaula Severi, 
       Fer-Jan de Vries --|tA Constructive Model of Uniform 
       Continuity /|rChuangjie Xu, Martín Escardó. 
520    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 11th
       International Conference on Typed Lambda Calculi and 
       Applications, TLCA 2013, held in Eindhoven, The 
       Netherlands, in June 2013 as part of RDP 2013, the 7th 
       Federated Conference on Rewriting, Deduction, and 
       Programming, together with the 24th International 
       Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications, RTA 
       2013, and several related events. The 15 revised full 
       papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from
       41 submissions. The papers provide prevailing research 
       results on all current aspects of typed lambda calculi, 
       ranging from theoretical and methodological issues to 
       applications in various contexts addressing a wide variety
       of topics such as proof-theory, semantics, implementation,
       types, and programming. 
650  0 Lambda calculus|vCongresses. 
650  0 Computer science|xMathematics|vCongresses. 
653  4 Computer science. 
653  4 Logic design. 
653  4 Algebra -- Data processing. 
653  4 Electronic data processing. 
653  4 Logic, Symbolic and mathematical. 
653  4 Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages. 
653  4 Mathematics of Computing. 
653  4 Logics and Meanings of Programs. 
653  4 Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation. 
653  4 Computing Methodologies. 
655  2 Congresses. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
655  7 Ebook.|2local 
700 1  Hasegawa, Masahito,|d1970-|eeditor. 
710 2  SpringerLink|eissuing body. 
776 08 |iPrint verson:|aInternational Conference on Typed Lambda 
       Calculi and Applications (11th : 2013 : Eindhoven, 
       Netherlands).|tTyped lambda calculi and applications.
       |dBerlin : Springer, [2013]|z9783642389450|w(DLC)  
830  0 Lecture notes in computer science ;|v7941. 
830  0 LNCS sublibrary.|nSL 1,|pTheoretical computer science and 
       general issues. 
830  0 Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 
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990    Springer Lecture Notes In Computer Science 
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