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Author United States. Congress. Senate.

Title Forty-first annual report of the National Advisory Committee for
Aeronautics, 1955. Administrative report including Technical Reports Nos. 1210 to 1253. [electronic resource]

Published Washington, DC, 1956


Location Call No. Status
Physical description 1386 p. : illustrations, tables.
Series United States congressional serial set; serial set no. 11917
Senate document / 84th Congress, 2nd session. Senate ; no. 90
Senate document (United States. Congress. Senate) ; 84th Congress, no. 90
Notes Table of contents, p. II.
List of technical reports, p. III.
Analysis of turbulent heat transfer, mass transfer, and friction in smooth tubes at high Prandtl and Schmidt numbers, by Robert G. Diessler, NACA [No. 1210], p. 69.
Experimental investigation of free-convection heat transfer in vertical tube at large Grashof numbers, by E.R.G. Eckert and A.J. Diaguila, NACA [No. 1211], p. 83.
Analog study of interacting and non-interacting multiple-loop control systems for turbojet engines, by George J. Pack and W.E. Philips, Jr., NACA [No. 1212], p. 97.
Minimum-drag ducted and pointed bodies of revolution based on linearized supersonic theory, by Hermon M. Parker, NACA [No. 1213], p. 111.
Statistical measurements on contact conditions of 478 transport-airplane landings during routine daytime operations, by Norman S. Silsby, NACA [No. 1214], p. 121.
Impingement of cloud droplets on a cylinder and procedure for measuring liquid-water content and droplet sized in supercooled clouds by rotating multicylinder method, by R.J. Brun, W. Lewis, P.J. Perkins, and J.S. Serafini, NACA [No. 1215], p. 139.
Charts for estimating tail-rotor contribution to helicopter directional stability and control in low-speed flight, by Kenneth B. Amer and Alfred Gessow, NACA [No. 1216], p. 185.
Theoretical prediction of pressure distributions on nonlifting airfoils at high subsonic speeds, by John R. Spreiter and Alverta Alksne, NACA [No. 1217], p. 207.
Effect of ground interference on aerodynamic and flow characteristics of a 42 [degree] sweptback wing Reynolds numbers up to 6.8X10(6), by G. Chester Furlong and Thomas V. Bollech, NACA [No. 1218], p. 251.
Measurement and analysis of wing and tail buffeting loads on fighter airplane, by Wilber B. Huston and T.H. Skopinski, NACA [No. 1219], p. 311.
Calculation of laminar heat transfer around cylinders of arbitrary cross section and transpiration-cooled walls with application to turbine blade cooling, by E.R.G. Eckert and J.N.B. Livingood, NACA [No. 1220], p. 339.
Theoretical study of the tunnel-boundary lift interference due to slotted walls in the presence of the trailing -vortex system of the lifting model, by Clarence W. Matthews, NACA [No. 1221], p. 361.
A free-flight wind tunnel for aerodynamic testing at hypersonic speeds, by Alvin Seiff, NACA [No. 1222], p. 381.
Theoretical and experimental investigation of heat transfer by laminar natural convection between parallel plates, by A.F. Lietzke, NACA [No. 1223], p. 399.
Effects of wing position and fuselage size on the low-speed static and rolling stability characteristics of a delta-wing model, by Alex Goodman and David F. Thomas, NACA [No. 1224], p. 407.
Determination of lateral -stability derivatives and transfer-function coefficients from frequency-response data for lateral motions, by James J. Donegan, Samuel W. Robinson, Jr., and Ordway B. Gates, Jr., NACA [No. 1225], p. 439.
A method for the design of swept-back wings warped to produce specified flight characteristics at supersonic speeds, by Warren A. Tucker, NACA [No. 1226], p. 459.
An investigation of the maximum lift of wings at supersonic speeds, by James J. Gallagher and James N. Mueller, NACA [No. 1227], p. 477.
Calculated spanwise lift distributions, influence functions, and influence coefficients for unswept wings in subsonic flow, by Franklin W. Diederich and Martin Zlotnick, NACA [No. 1228], p. 505.
Exact solutions of laminar-boundary-layer equations with constant property values for porous wall with variable temperature, by Patrick L. Donoughe and John N.B. Livingood, NACA [No. 1229], p. 573.
Generalized indicial forces on deforming rectangular wings in supersonic flight, by Harvard Lomax, Franklyn B. Fuller, and Loma Sluder, NACA [No. 1230], p. 595.
NACA transonic wind-tunnel test sections, by Ray H. Wright and Vernon G. Ward,NACA [No. 1231], p. 623.
A theoretical and experimental investigation of the lift and drag characteristics of hydrofoils at subcritical and supercritical speeds, by Kenneth L. Wadlin, Charles L. Shuford, Jr., and John R. McGehee, NACA [No. 1232], p. 661.
Shock-turbulence interaction and the generation of noise, by H.S. Ribner, NACA [No. 1233], p. 682a.
On the kernel function of the integral equation relating the lift of downwash distributions of oscillating finite wings in subsonic flow, by Charles E. Watkins, Harry L. Runyan, and Donald S. Woolston, NACA [No. 1234], p. 703.
Standard atmosphere - tables and data for altitudes to 65,800 feet, by International Aviation Organization and NACA, [No. 1235], p. 719.
Arrangement of fusiform bodies to reduce the wave drag at supersonic speeds, by Morris D. Friedman and Doris Cohen, NACA [No. 1236], p. 835.
A flight evaluation of the longitudinal stability characteristics associated with the pitch-up of a swept-wing airplane in maneuvering flight at transonic speeds, by Seth B. Anderson and Richard S. Bray, NACA [No. 1237], p. 843.
Investigation at supersonic speeds of 22 triangular wings representing two airfoil sections for each of 11 apex angles, by Eugene S. Love, NACA [No. 1238], p. 855.
Error in airspeed measurement due to the static-pressure field ahead of an airplane at transonic speeds, by Thomas C. O'Bryan, Edward C.B. Danforth, and J. Ford Johnston, NACA [No. 1239], p. 915.
An investigation of the effects of heat transfer on boundary-layer transition on a parabolic body of revolution (NACA RM-10) at a Mach number of 1.61, by K.R. Czarnecki and Archibald R. Sinclair, NACA [No. 1240], p. 929.
Theoretical and analog studies of the effects of nonlinear stability derivatives on the longitudinal motions of an aircraft in response to step control deflections and to the influence of proportional automatic control, by Howard J. Curfman, Jr., NACA [No. 1241], p. 941.
Transonic flow past cone cylinders, by George E. Solomon, California Institute of Technology, [No. 1222], p. 963.
High-resolution autoradiography, by George C. Towe, Henry J. Gomberg, and J.W. Freeman, University of Michigan, [No. 1243], p. 979.
Free-stream boundaries of turbulent flows, by Stanley Corrsin and Alan L. Kistler, The Johns Hopkins University, [No. 1244], p. 1033.
Analysis and calculation by integral methods of laminar compressible boundary layer with heat transfer and with and without pressure gradient, by Morris Morduchow, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, [No. 1245], p. 1065.
The hydrodynamic characteristics of modified rectangular flate plates having aspect rations of 1.00, 0.25, and 0.125 and operating near a free water surface, by Kenneth L. Wadlin, John A. Ramsen, and Victor L. Vaughan, Jr., NACA [No. 1246], p. 1085.
Characteristics of turbulence in a boundary layer with zero pressure gradient, by P.S. Klebanoff, National Bureau of Standards, [No. 1247], p. 1135.
An experimental study of applied ground loads in landing, by Benjamin Milwitzky, Dean C. Lindquist, and Dexter M. Potter, NACA [No. 1248], p. 1155.
A unified two-dimensional approach to the calculation of three-dimensional hypersonic flows, with application to bodies of revolution, by A.J. Eggers, Jr., and Raymond C. Savin, NACA [No. 1249], p. 1189.
The dynamic-response characteristics of a 35 [degree] swept-wing airplane as determined from flight measurements, by William C. Triplett, Stuart C. Brown, and G. Allan Smith, NACA [No. 1250], p. 1217.
Stress-analysis of circular semimonocoque cylinders with cutouts, by Harvey G. McComb, NACA [No. 1251], p. 1243.
Quasi-cylindrical theory of wing-body interference at supersonic speeds and comparison with experiment, by Jack N. Nielsen, NACA [No. 1252], p. 1299.
A correlation by means of transonic similarity rules of experimentally determined characteristics of a series of symmetrical and cambered wings of rectangular plan form, by John B. McDevitt, NACA [No. 1253], p. 1355.
Reproduction Electronic reproduction. Chester, Vt.: NewsBank, inc., 2008. Available via the World Wide Web. Access restricted to Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set subscribers.
Usage Terms Copyright 2008 by NewsBank, Inc. All rights reserved.
Other author Alksne, Alberta.
Amer, Kenneth B.
Anderson, Seth B.
Bollech, Thomas V.
Bray, Richard S.
Brown, Stuart C.
Brun, R.J.
Cohen, Doris.
Corrsin, Stanley.
Curfman, Howard J., Jr.
Czarnecki, K.R.
Danforth, Edward C.B.
Diaguila, A.J.
Diederich, Franklin W.
Diessler, Robert G.
Donegan, James J.
Donoughe, Patrick L.
Eckert, E.R.G., (Ernst Rudolf Georg)
Eggers, A.J., Jr.
Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1890-1969.
Freeman, J.W., (John W.)
Friedman, Morris D.
Fuller, Franklyn B.
Furlong, G. Chester.
Gallagher, James J.
Gates, Ordway B., Jr.
Gessow, Alfred.
Gomberg, Henry J.
Goodman, Alex.
Huston, Wilber B.
Johnston, J. Ford.
Kistler, Alan L.
Klebanoff, P.S., (Philip S.)
Lewis, W.
Lietzke, A.F.
Lindquist, Dean C.
Livingood, John N.B.
Lomax, Harvard.
Love, Eugene S.
Matthews, Clarence W.
McComb, Harvey G.
McDevitt, John B.
McGehee, John R.
Milwitzky, Benjamin.
Morduchow, Morris.
Mueller, James N.
Nielsen, Jack N.
O'Bryan, Thomas C.
Pack, George J.
Parker, Hermon M.
Perkins, P.J.
Philips, W.E. Jr.
Potter, Dexter M.
Ramsen, John A.
Ribner, H.S.
Robinson, Samuel W. Jr.
Runyan, Harry L.
Savin, Raymond C.
Seiff, Alvin.
Serafini, J.S.
Shuford, Charles L.
Silsby, Norman S.
Sinclair, Archibald R.
Skopinski, T.H.
Sluder, Loma.
Smith, G. Allen.
Solomon, George E.
Spreiter, John R.
Thomas, David F.
Towe, George C.
Triplett, William C.
Tucker, Warren A.
Vaughan, Victor L., Jr.
Wadlin, Kenneth L.
Ward, Vernon G.
Watkins, Charles E.
Woolston, Donald S.
Wright, Ray H.
Zlotnick, Martin.
United States. President (1953-1961 : Eisenhower)
United States. Dept. of Commerce. National Bureau of Standards (1913-1988)
United States. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.
California Institute of Technology.
International Aviation Organization.
Johns Hopkins University.
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.
University of Michigan.
Subject Aeronautical laboratories.
Aircraft construction.
Aircraft engines.
Aircraft parts.
Federal receipts and expenditures.
Transportation research.
Financial statements.
Annual Reports.
Executive Department Publications.
Names Lists.
Presidential Communications and Messages.