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100 1  Kagan, M. Yu.|q(Maxim Yu.),|eauthor. 
245 10 Modern trends in superconductivity and superfluidity /|cM.
       Yu. Kagan. 
264  1 Dordrecht :|bSpringer,|c[2013] 
300    1 online resource (xxiv, 550 pages) :|billustrations (some
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490 1  Lecture notes in physics,|x1616-6361 ;|vvolume 874 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gPart I.|tHydrodynamics of Rotating Superfluids with 
       Quantized Vortices --|tQuantum Crystals. The Search for 
       Supersolidity --|tMelting-Crystallization Waves on the 
       Phase-Interface Between Quantum Crystal and Superfluid --
       |tQuantum Hydrodynamics of the P-Wave Superfluids with the
       Symmetry of 3He-A --|tPart II.|tBose-Einstein Condensation
       and Feshbach Resonance in Ultracold Quantum Gases and 
       Mixtures --|tComposed Particles, Trios and Quartets in 
       Resonance Quantum Gases and Mixtures --|tBCS-BEC Crossover
       and the Spectrum of Collective Excitations in s-Wave and p
       -Wave Resonance Superfluids --|tPhase Diagrams and the 
       Physics of the Pseudogap in Superconductors with 
       Attractive Interaction --|tPart III.|tSuperconductivity in
       the Low-Density Electron Systems with Repulsion --|tStrong
       T C Enhancement in Spin-Polarized Fermi-Gas and in Two-
       Band Superconductors --|tFermionic Superfluidity in Three-
       and Two-Dimensional Solutions of 3He in 4He --|tTriplet 
       Pairing and Superfluid Phase-Diagram in Fermi Gas of 
       Neutral Particles and in Superfluid 3He --|tSpin-Charge 
       Separation and Confinement in Ladder Systems and in High-T
       C Superconductors --|tPart IV.|tThe Search for Non-Fermi 
       Liquid Behavior in the Normal State of Low Density Fermion
       Systems --|tNanoscale Phase Separation in Complex Magnetic
       Oxides --|tMesoscopic Transport Properties in the Phase-
       Separated Manganites. 
520    This book concisely presents the latest trends in the 
       physics of superconductivity and superfluidity and 
       magnetismin novel systems, as well as the problem of BCS-
       BEC crossover in ultracold quantum gases and high-Tc 
       superconductors. It further illuminates the intensive 
       exchange of ideas between these closely related fields of 
       condensed matter physics over the last 30 years of their 
       dynamic development. The content is based on the authors 
       original findings obtained at the Kapitza Institute, as 
       well as advanced lecture courses he held at the Moscow 
       Engineering Physical Institute, Amsterdam University, 
       Loughborough University and LPTMS Orsay between 1994 and 
       2011. In addition to the findings of his group, the author
       discusses the most recent concepts in these fields, 
       obtained both in Russia and in the West. The book consists
       of 16 chapters which are divided into four parts. The 
       first part describes recent developments in superfluid 
       hydrodynamics of quantum fluids and solids, including the 
       fashionable subject of possible supersolidity in quantum 
       crystals of 4He, while the second describes BCS-BEC 
       crossover in quantum Fermi-Bose gases and mixtures, as 
       well as in the underdoped states of cuprates. The third 
       part is devoted to non-phonon mechanisms of 
       superconductivity in unconventional (anomalous) 
       superconductors, including some important aspects of the 
       theory of high-Tc superconductivity. The last part 
       considers the anomalous normal state of novel 
       superconductive materials and materials with colossal 
       magnetoresistance (CMR). The book offers a valuable guide 
       for senior-level undergraduate students and graduate 
       students, postdoctoral and other researchers specializing 
       in solid-state and low-temperature physics. 
650  0 Superconductivity. 
650  0 Superfluidity. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aKagan, Maxim.|tModern trends in 
       superconductivity and superfluidity|z9400769601
830  0 Lecture notes in physics ;|v874.|x0075-8450 
830  0 Springer Lecture Notes in Physics 
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