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245 00 Behaviour of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles :
       |bbattery health, performance, safety, and cost /|cedited 
       by Gianfranco Pistoia, Boryann Liaw. 
246 3  Behavior of lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles. 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer,|c[2018] 
300    1 online resource (VI, 344 pages) :|b133 illustrations, 32
       illustrations in color 
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490 1  Green Energy and Technology,|x1865-3529 
505 0  Lithium-Ion Battery Design for Transportation -- The 
       Future of Lithium Availability for Electric Vehicle 
       Batteries.- The Issue of Metal Resources in Li-Ion 
       Batteries for Electric Vehicles.- Will Current Electric 
       Vehicle Policy Lead to Cost-Effective Electrification of 
       Passenger Car Transport?.- Conventional, Battery-Powered 
       and Other Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Sustainability 
       Assessment.- Increasing the Fuel Economy of Connected and 
       Autonomous Lithium-Ion Electrified Vehicles.- Electric 
       Commercial Vehicles in Mid-Haul Logistics Networks.- 
       Mechanical Design and Packaging of Battery Packs for 
       Electric Vehicles.-Advanced Battery-Assisted Quick Charger
       for Electric Vehicles.- Charging Optimization Methods for 
       Lithium-Ion Batteries.- State of Charge and State of 
       Health Estimation over the Battery Lifespan -- Recycling 
       of Batteries from Electric Vehicles -- Business Models for
       Repurposing a Second-Life for Retired Electric Vehicle 
520    This book surveys state-of-the-art research on and 
       developments in lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and 
       electric vehicles. It summarizes their features in terms 
       of performance, cost, service life, management, charging 
       facilities, and safety. Vehicle electrification is now 
       commonly accepted as a means of reducing fossil-fuels 
       consumption and air pollution. At present, every electric 
       vehicle on the road is powered by a lithium-ion battery. 
       Currently, batteries based on lithium-ion technology are 
       ranked first in terms of performance, reliability and 
       safety. Though other systems, e.g., metal-air, lithium-
       sulphur, solid state, and aluminium-ion, are now being 
       investigated, the lithium-ion system is likely to dominate
       for at least the next decade - which is why several 
       manufacturers, e.g., Toyota, Nissan and Tesla, are chiefly
       focusing on this technology. Providing comprehensive 
       information on lithium-ion batteries, the book includes 
       contributions by the world's leading experts on Li-ion 
       batteries and vehicles. 
650  0 Lithium ion batteries. 
650  0 Electric vehicles. 
650  0 Automobiles|xDesign and construction. 
650  0 Electrochemistry. 
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700 1  Pistoia, Gianfranco,|eeditor. 
700 1  Liaw, Boryann,|eeditor. 
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830  0 Green energy and technology,|x1865-3529 
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