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245 00 Behind The News. 
264 31 Australia :|bABC1 [broadcaster],|c2010 June 22 at 10:00:
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520    Obama Oil BtN looks at what's being done to fix the 
       environmental disaster caused by the massive oil spill in 
       the Gulf of Mexico. The situation has turned into a 
       serious political issue. US President Barack Obama has 
       been criticised for not showing his anger at the oil 
       company BP. (Sarah) Soccer Horns There have been calls to 
       ban vuvuzela trumpets from matches in the soccer World 
       Cup. They are so noisy that many supporters are having to 
       wear earplugs and some players are having trouble hearing 
       the referee's whistle. But World Cup bosses say they won't
       ban them because they're part of the South African 
       football culture. (Nathan) Asian Languages BtN looks at a 
       new study which suggests that fewer students are choosing 
       to study Asian languages at school. The figures show that 
       Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian are increasingly 
       being dropped by year 12 students. So, why are they less 
       popular, and why is the Australian government so worried 
       about the decline? (Kirsty) Feral Goats Australian 
       wildlife officials have come up with a new way to get rid 
       of feral goats. Feral goats can be a problem because they 
       chomp through native vegetation, which in turn can 
       threaten the survival of some species of endangered birds.
       As BtN will explain the new method involves strapping 
       tracking devices to special 'spy' goats! (Sarah) Roller 
       Derby Get your skates on! If you've ever fancied roller 
       skating then you might be interested in a sport called 
       roller derby. It's a tough contact sport which has been 
       around for decades, and is now making a big comeback. Some
       skaters are even pushing for the competition to be rolled 
       out across Australia. (Kirsty). 
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655  0 News and Current Affairs. 
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655  7 Environmental disasters.|2fast 
700 1  Bazeley, Nathan,|ehost. 
700 1  Bennett, Kirsty,|ereporter. 
700 1  Andrews, Zoe,|econtributor. 
700 1  Chapman, Jim,|econtributor. 
700 1  Guzys-Mcauliffe, Judith,|econtributor. 
700 1  Larsen, Sarah,|econtributor. 
700 1  Lindsey, Tim,|econtributor. 
700 1  Markopoulos, Nick,|econtributor. 
700 1  Mkhondo, Rich,|econtributor. 
700 1  Obama, Barack,|econtributor. 
700 1  Rudd, Kevin,|econtributor. 
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