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245 04 The Development of Infant Education in Ireland, 1838-1948
       |bEpochs and Eras|cMaura O'Connor|h[electronic resource] 
250    1st, New ed. 
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300    325 p. 
490 0  Rethinking Education|v4 
505 0  Contents: Early Childhood Education: A European 
       Perspective – New Educational Thinking on Early Childhood 
       Education: An Irish Perspective – A New Concept of 
       Schooling and Wilderspin as a Transformational Individual 
       – State Endorsement of Child-Centred Principles of 
       Education: A National Curriculum Created to Promote a 
       Gaelic Revival 1922-1947 – Reclaiming Child-Centred Infant
       Education: The Revised National Curriculum of 1948 based 
       on Child-Centred Principles in the Irish Free State and 
       Beyond – Child-Centredness and the Catholic Church – Child
       -Centredness and the Curriculum in the New Irish State – 
       Child-Centredness and Irish Society. 
520    Winner of the Kevin Brehony Book Prize, awarded by the 
       History of Education Society (UK)      This is the first 
       published historical analysis of the development of infant
       education in Ireland. It spans the period from the opening
       of the Model Infant School in Marlborough Street, Dublin, 
       in 1838 to the introduction of the child-centred 
       curriculum for infant classes in 1948. A study of early 
       childhood education in Ireland in this period provides an 
       understanding of how the child, childhood and the early 
       years of school were viewed by society. Child-centredness 
       had become a feature of educational practice in Europe in 
       the early eighteenth century and was developed further by 
       Rousseau, Pestalozzi and Froebel. How it manifested itself
       in schools in Ireland is critically explored in the book 
       through an examination of key reports, as well as through 
       new original primary source material not previously in the
       public domain. The curricular content, pedagogical 
       approaches and organisation of infant schooling reveal 
       much about the attitudes of those in authority to the 
       youngest children and their educational needs. Interviews 
       with kindergarten advisors, national (primary) school 
       inspectors, lecturers on early childhood education, 
       teachers of infants, and adults who were students in the 
       early decades of the twentieth century provide further 
       insights and enhance our understanding of policies and 
       practices of the time. 
520 1  «This significant book is the first published historical 
       analysis of the growth and development of infant or early 
       childhood education in Ireland. [T]his scholarly text is 
       essential reading for all of us with an interest in early 
       childhood education.» (Anne Fay, InTouch) 
545 0  Maura O’Connor is a Lecturer in Education in St Patrick’s 
       College, Drumcondra, Dublin, where she specialises in 
       Early Childhood Education. She has worked as a primary 
       school teacher and school principal. She has written 
       numerous articles on early childhood and care in Ireland 
       and has presented at several national and international 
       conferences. Her research interests include early years 
       teaching and learning, the history of education in Ireland
       and childhood studies. 
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