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245 00 Advances in music research: experimental studies in music 
       performance /|ccompiled by Professor Dianna T. Kenny. 
264  1 [Sydney] :|bThe University of Sydney, ACARMP,|c2008. 
300    x, 534 pages ;|c30 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Articles in this volume have been published in various 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  From the director's desk -- Foreword (by Peter McCallum) -
505 00 |tMusic performance anxiety.|tPerformance anxiety: 
       multiple phenotypes, one genotype? /|rDianna T. Kenny --
       |tMusic performance anxiety: origins, phenomenology, 
       assessment and treatment /|rDianna T. Kenny --|tMusic 
       performance anxiety /|rDianna T. Kenny --|tMusic 
       performance anxiety: is it the music, the performance or 
       the anxiety? /|rDianna T. Kenny --|tTreatment approaches 
       for music performance anxiety: what works? /|rDianna T. 
       Kenny --|gA|tsystematic review of treatments for music 
       performance anxiety /|rDianna T. Kenny --|tMusic 
       performance anxiety and occupational stress amongst opera 
       chorus artists and their relationship with state and trait
       anxiety and perfectionism /|rDianna T. Kenny, Pamela Davis,
       Jenni Oates --|tOptimising physical and psychological 
       health in performing musicians /|rDianna T. Kenny, Bronwen
       Ackermann --|tNegative emotions in music making: 
       performance anxiety /|rDianna T. Kenny --|tMusic 
       performance anxiety: new insights from young musicians /
       |rDianna T. Kenny, Margaret S. Osborne --|tDevelopment and
       validation of a music performance anxiety inventory for 
       gifted adolescent musicians /|rMargaret S. Osborne, Dianna
       T. Kenny --|tAssessment of music performance anxiety in 
       late childhood /|rMargaret S. Osborne, Dianna T. Kenny --
       |gThe|trole of sensitizing experiences in music 
       performance anxiety in adolescent musicians /|rMargaret S.
       Osborne, Dianna T. Kenny --|tImpact of a music performance
       enhancement program on music performance anxiety in 
       secondary school music students /|rMargaret S. Osborne, 
       Dianna T. Kenny. 
505 80 |tDevelopmental studies.|tRelationship between weight, 
       speaking fundamental frequency, and the appearance of 
       phonational gaps in the adolescent male changing voice /
       |rElizabeth C. Willis, Dianna T. Kenny --|tPhonational 
       gaps in the developing male adolescent voice /|rElizabeth 
       C. Willis, Dianna T. Kenny --|tEffect of voice change on 
       singing pitch accuracy in young male singers /|rElizabeth 
       C. Willis, Dianna T. Kenny --|gA|tlongitudinal study of 
       singing pitch accuracy in the adolescent male changing 
       voice /|rElizabeth C. Willis, Dianna T. Kenny --
       |tPerceived effects of the menstrual cycle on young female
       singers in the western classical tradition /|rMaree Ryan, 
       Dianna T. Kenny. 
505 80 |tAcoustical and perceptual studies.|tDevelopment of an 
       auditory-perceptual rating instrument for the operatic 
       singing voice /|rJennifer M. Oates, Belinda Bain, Pamela 
       Davis, Janice Chapman, Dianna Kenny --|tAcoustic and 
       perceptual appraisal of vocal gestures in the female 
       classical voice /|rDianna T. Kenny, Helen F. Mitchell --
       |gThe|trelationship between measured vibrato 
       characteristics and perception in western operatic singing
       /|rPatricia Howes, Jean Callaghan, Pamela Davis, Dianna 
       Kenny, William Thorpe --|gThe|trelationship between 
       professional operatic soprano voice and high range 
       spectral energy /|rJennifer J. Barnes, Pamela Davis, 
       Jennifer Oates, Janice Chapman --|gThe|tacoustic 
       characteristics of professional opera singers performing 
       in chorus versus solo mode /|rKatherine L.P. Reid, Pamela 
       Davis, Jennifer Oates, Densil Cabrera, Sten Ternström, 
       Michael Black, Janice Chapman --|tSound pressure level and
       spectral balance linearity and symmetry in the messa di 
       voce of female classical singers /|rSally Collyer, Pamela 
       J. Davis, C. William Thorpe, Jean Callaghan --|tExploring 
       the importance of formant bandwidths in the production of 
       the singer's formant /|rTom Millhouse, Frantz Clermont, 
       Pamela Davis --|tPerceptual characterisation of the 
       singer's formant region: a preliminary study /|rThomas J. 
       Millhouse, Frantz Clermont --|tAcoustic description of a 
       soprano's vowels based on perceptual linear prediction /
       |rThomas J. Millhouse, Frantz Clermont --|tIneactness and 
       robustness in cepstra-to-formant transformation of spoken 
       and sung vowels /|rThomas J. Millhouse, Frantz Clermont --
       |tSystematic comparison of spoken and sung vowels using 
       perceptual linear-prediction analysis /|rThomas J. 
       Millhouse, Dianna T. Kenny --|tVowel placement during 
       operatic singing: 'Come si parla' or ' aggiustamento?' /
       |rThomas J. Millhouse, Dianna T. Kenny --|gThe|ttertiary 
       singing audition: perceptual and acoustic differences 
       between successful and unsuccessful candidates /|rHelen F.
       Mitchell, Dianna T. Kenny --|tEffects of topical 
       anesthetic and flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy on 
       professional sopranos /|rMargaret A. Jacobs, Dianna T. 
       Kenny --|gThe|tassociation between body movement patterns 
       and acoustic parameters in western contemporary popular 
       singing /|rGemma Turner, Dianna T. Kenny. 
505 80 |tPedagogical studies.|tDefining 'open throat' through 
       content analysis of experts' pedagogical practices /
       |rHelen F. Mitchell, Dianna T. Kenny, Maree Ryan, Pamela 
       J. Davis --|gThe|timpact of 'open throat' technique on 
       vibrato rate, extent and onset in classical singing /
       |rHelen F. Mitchell, Dianna T. Kenny --|gThe|teffects of 
       open throat technique on long term average spectra (LTAS) 
       of female classical voices /|rHelen F. Mitchell, Dianna T.
       Kenny --|tCan experts identify "open throat" technique as 
       a perceptual phenomenon? /|rHelen F. Mitchell, Dianna T. 
       Kenny --|tOpen throat: acoustic and perceptual support for
       pedagogical practice /|rHelen F. Mitchell, Dianna T. Kenny
       --|tEffect of pedagogical imagery of 'halo' on vocal 
       quality in young classical female singers /|rJoanne 
       Callinan-Robertson, Helen F. Mitchell, Dianna T. Kenny --
       |tEmbracing alternative methodologies: science and imagery
       in the teaching and performance of singing /|rLynda 
       Moorcroft --|tDirectional imagery in voice production /
       |rLynda Moorcroft --|tEffects of training on time-varying 
       spectral energy and sound pressure level in male classical
       singers: initial investigations /|rSam Ferguson, Dianna T.
       Kenny, Densil Cabrera. 
650  0 Performance anxiety.|0
650  0 Stage fright.|0
650  0 Music|xPerformance|xPsychological aspects.|0http:// 
650  0 Music|xPerformance|0
       /sh85088806|xPhysiological aspects.|0
650  0 Musculoskeletal system|xWounds and injuries.|0http:// 
650  0 Opera|0
       |xInstruction and study.|0
650  0 Menstruation|0
       sh85083604|xPhysiological aspects.|0
650  0 Voice, Change of.|0
650  0 Singing|xInterpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc.)|0http:/
650  0 Singing|xInstruction and study.|0
700 1  Ackermann, Bronwen. 
700 1  Bain, Belinda. 
700 1  Barnes, Jennifer,|d1960-|0
700 1  Black, Michael.|0
700 1  Cabrera, Densil. 
700 1  Callaghan, Jean.|0
700 1  Callinan-Robertson, Joanne. 
700 1  Chapman, Janice L.|0
700 1  Clermont, Frantz. 
700 1  Collyer, Sally. 
700 1  Davis, Pamela J.|0
700 1  Howes, Patricia Maureen. 
700 1  Jacobs, Margaret A. 
700 1  Kenny, Dianna T.|0
700 1  Millhouse, Thomas J. 
700 1  Mitchell, Helen.|0
700 1  Moorcroft, Lynda. 
700 1  Oates, Jenni.|0
700 1  Osborne, Margaret Sarah. 
700 1  Reid, Katherine Louise. 
700 1  Ryan, Maree.|0
700 1  Ternström, S.|q(Sten)|0
700 1  Thorpe, William C. 
700 1  Turner, Gemma. 
700 1  Willis, Elizabeth C. 
710 2  Australian Centre for Applied Research in Music 
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