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111 2  International Conference on Advances in Chemical 
       Engineering|d(2015 :|cMangalore, India) 
245 10 Recent advances in chemical engineering :|bselect 
       proceedings of ICACE 2015 /|cI. Regupathi, Vidya Shetty K.
       Murugesan Thanabalan, editors. 
264  1 Singapore :|bSpringer,|c2016. 
300    1 online resource :|billustrations. 
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504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Preface; Contents; About the Editors; Transfer Operations;
       Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Nano-
       fluids in Channel Containing Different Shapes of Submerged
       Tube; 1 Introduction; 2 Computational Geometry; 3 
       Governing Equations and Boundary Conditions; 4 Results and
       Discussions; 5 Conclusions; References; A Numerical 
       Investigation Based on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow 
       Characteristics of Air in a Circular Tube Heat Exchanger 
       with Inclined Ribs; 1 Introduction; 2 Mathematical Model; 
       3 Meshing Arrangement; 4 Results and Discussion; 5 
       Conclusion; References 
505 8  Experimental Studies Involving Flow Visualization Over Non
       -circular Geometries1 Introduction; 2 Experimental 
       Facility; 3 Results and Discussion; 4 Conclusions; 
       References; Thermohydraulic Transport Characteristics of 
       Micro Mixer in Micro Channel; 1 Introduction; 2 Boundary 
       Conditions; 3 Mathematical Model; 4 Numerical Solution; 5 
       Results and Discussion; 6 Conclusion; References; 
       Esterification of Ethanol and Maleic Acid in Packed Bed 
       Reactor Catalyzed by Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Silica 
       (SAFS); 1 Introduction; 2 Material and Method; 2.1 
       Chemicals; 2.2 Analysis 
505 8  2.3 Catalyst Preapration and Characterization2.4 
       Experimental Setup and Procedure; 3 Design of Experiments;
       3.1 Statistical Analysis; 3.2 Optimization Analysis; 4 
       Conclusion; Acknowledgments; References; Separation 
       Processes; Batch Drying of Wheat in a Multiple Porous 
       Draft Tube Spouted Bed; 1 Introduction; 2 Experimental; 3 
       Results and Discussions; 3.1 Influence of Operating 
       Variables on Drying Rate; 3.2 Influence of Design 
       Parameters on Batch Drying Time; 3.3 Comparison of 
       Performance Between MSB Without and with DTs; 4 
       Conclusions; References 
505 8  Studies on Drying Characteristics of Rhizomes of Ginger 
       (Zingiber officinale Rosc)1 Introduction; 2 Materials and 
       Methods; 2.1 Materials; 2.2 Microwave Drying of Ginger; 
       2.3 Drying Characteristics of Ginger; 2.4 Mathematical 
       Modelling and Statistical Analysis; 3 Results and 
       Discussion; 3.1 Drying Characteristics of Ginger; 3.2 
       Mathematical Modelling of Drying Process; 4 Conclusion; 
       References; Cationic Dyes Sequestration from Aqueous Phase
       Using Biosurfactant Based Reverse Micelles; 1 
       Introduction; 2 Materials and Methods; 2.1 Reagents and 
       Biosurfactant Preparation; 2.2 Extraction Experiments 
505 8  2.3 Results and Discussions2.3.1 Statistical Analysis; 2.4
       Significant Interactions of Parameters; 2.5 Optimization 
       Using Derringer's Desirability Function; 3 Conclusions; 
       References; Screening of Solvents for Deacidification of 
       Sardine Oil; 1 Introduction; 2 Materials and Methods; 2.1 
       Materials; 2.2 Methods; 3 Results and Discussion; 4 
       Conclusions; Forward Osmosis Membrane Concentration of Raw
       Sugarcane Juice; 1 Introduction; 2 Materials and Methods; 
       2.1 Chemicals; 2.2 Membranes; 2.3 Forward Osmosis Membrane
       Module and System; 2.4 Feed and Draw Solutions; 3 Results 
       and Discussion 
520    The book introduces the outcomes of latest research in the
       field of Chemical Engineering. The book also illustrates 
       the application of Chemical Engineering principles to 
       provide innovative and state of the art solutions to 
       problems associated with chemical industries. It covers a 
       wide spectrum of topics in the area of Chemical 
       Engineering such as Transfer operations, novel separation 
       processes, adsorption, photooxidation, process control, 
       modelling, and simulation. The book provides timely 
       contribution towards implementation of recent approaches 
       and methods in Chemical Engineering Research. It presents 
       chapters focussed on several Chemical Engineering 
       principles and methodologies of wide multidisciplinary 
       applicability. The intended audience of this book will 
       mainly consist of researchers, research students, and 
       practitioners in Chemical Engineering and allied fields. 
       The book can also serve researchers and students involved 
       in multidisciplinary research. 
650  0 Chemical engineering|xTechnological innovations
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
700 1  Regupathi, I.,|eeditor. 
700 1  K., Vidya Shetty,|eeditor. 
700 1  Thanabalan, Murugesan,|eeditor. 
710 2  SpringerLink|eissuing body. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tRecent Advances in Chemical Engineering.
       |d[Place of publication not identified] : Springer Verlag 
830  0 Springer English/International eBooks 2016 - Full Set 
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       ebook (University of Melbourne only) 
990    Springer English/International eBooks 2016 - Full Set 
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