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Robinson, Thomas Composer

Chamber Music - LOCKE, M. / MATTEIS, N. / FINGER, G. / PURCELL, H. / ECCLES, H. / CARR, R. / ROBINSON, T. (Il Dolcimelo) / [electronic resource]

Aeolus        Suite(12 min. 16 sec.)A Division on a Ground(05 min. 12 sec.)Sonata a 4 No. 3 in A Minor, Z. 804(06 min. 58 sec.)The Little Consort: Suite No. 5 in E Minor(06 min. 08 sec.)Divisions upon and Italian Ground(03 min. 23 sec.)Go from My Window(01 min. 39 sec.)An Almaigne(01 min. 28 sec.)The Little Consort: Suite No. 10 in D Minor-major(06 min. 24 sec.)A Ground(03 min. 23 sec.)The Broken Consort, Part I: Suite No. 2 in G Major(06 min. 55 sec.)Merry Melancholy(01 min. 58 sec.)For Several Friends: Suite No. 4 in E Minor(08 min. 59 sec.)Pauls steeple(02 min. 37 sec.)Sonata in C Major(05 min. 23 sec.)Ciaconna(03 min. 25 sec.)Ground after the Scotch Humour(03 min. 21 sec.)  

Lute Duo Recital: McFarlane, Ronn / Simms, William - JOHNSON, J. / MARCHANT, J. / DANYEL, J. (Two Lutes: Lute Duets from England's Golden Age) / [electronic resource]

Dorian Sono Luminus        Greensleeves (arr. for 2 lutes)(01 min. 17 sec.)La Rossignoll [England's Golden Age](03 min. 07 sec.)Drewries accordes [England's Golden Age](01 min. 37 sec.)Trenchmore(03 min. 26 sec.)Delight pavan (arr. for 2 lutes)(04 min. 36 sec.)Dump No. 1(01 min. 37 sec.)Eccho or Allmane(02 min. 06 sec.)My Robin Is to the Greenwood Gone [England's Golden Age](02 min. 47 sec.)Rogero(01 min. 49 sec.)Callinoe [England's Golden Age](02 min. 44 sec.)The Flat Pavan(02 min. 12 sec.)Galliard to the Flat Pavan(01 min. 34 sec.)The Nuts be Brown(02 min. 49 sec.)Dump, "Queen's Treble"(02 min. 10 sec.)A Fancy(02 min. 13 sec.)Passymeasure Galliard(04 min. 01 sec.)My Lord Chamberlain his Galliard, P. 37(02 min. 04 sec.)My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home, P. 66a(01 min. 39 sec.)Chi passa(03 min. 21 sec.)Wakefield on a green(03 min. 05 sec.)A Fantasy(02 min. 21 sec.)The Queen's Goodnight(01 min. 16 sec.)Passamezzo Galliard(01 min. 09 sec.)A Plaine song for 2 Lutes(01 min. 08 sec.)Twenty Waies upon the Bells(01 min. 29 sec.)A Toy(01 min. 30 sec.)An Almayne [England's Golden Age](01 min. 17 sec.)  

Lute Recital: Hodgson, Rosemary - DOWLAND, J. / ROBINSON, T. / JOHNSON, J. / FERRABOSCO I, A. / GALILEI, M. / KAPSPERGER, G.G. / [electronic resource]

ABC Classics        Lady Hunsdon's Puffe(01 min. 35 sec.)Passamezzo Pavan(02 min. 53 sec.)A Gigue(02 min. 12 sec.)A Fancy(02 min. 57 sec.)Carman's Whistle(02 min. 18 sec.)5 Pavans: Pavan No. 6(03 min. 35 sec.)Go from my window(02 min. 18 sec.)Alman(01 min. 11 sec.)Toccata(02 min. 05 sec.)3 Voltas(04 min. 34 sec.)Fortune my foe, P. 62(02 min. 32 sec.)Galliard(01 min. 22 sec.)Lute fantasia No. 5(04 min. 36 sec.)Balletto(01 min. 26 sec.)Ricercar(01 min. 59 sec.)Pavana alla venetiana(01 min. 16 sec.)Saltarello(01 min. 27 sec.)Piva(01 min. 08 sec.)Will ye walk the woods so wild? (arr. W. Byrd)(05 min. 53 sec.)Galliard(01 min. 44 sec.)The Earl of Derby's Galliard, P. 44(02 min. 11 sec.)Forlorn Hope(03 min. 58 sec.)Chiaccona Mariona alla vera Spagnola(05 min. 10 sec.)  


Signum Classics        Recercada Ottava(01 min. 41 sec.)Recercada Quarta(01 min. 28 sec.)Descante sobre un punto(02 min. 58 sec.)Recercada Primera(01 min. 45 sec.)Diferencias sobre Guardame las vacas(01 min. 39 sec.)Ave maristela(02 min. 01 sec.)Lautenbuch des Octavianus Fugger II(05 min. 58 sec.)Doulce memoire(03 min. 58 sec.)Diferencias sobre el Canto del Caballero(03 min. 12 sec.)Con pavor recordo el moro(02 min. 45 sec.)Diferencias sobre las vacas(03 min. 36 sec.)Gracias al cielo doy(03 min. 10 sec.)Susane un jur(04 min. 14 sec.)Sospirastes Baldovinos(04 min. 27 sec.)Falai, mina amor(01 min. 27 sec.)Vuestros ojos(01 min. 18 sec.)Fantasia(02 min. 55 sec.)Al amor quiero vencer(01 min. 13 sec.)Sempre me fingo(NaN min. NaN sec.)(43 sec.)Madonna mia fa(NaN min. NaN sec.)(49 sec.)A Soldiers Resolution(03 min. 57 sec.)Spanish Pavan(02 min. 44 sec.)Spanish Pavinge(04 min. 21 sec.)Ayre(02 min. 42 sec.)29e et 30e Fantasies sur Une jeune fillette(02 min. 36 sec.)Une jeune fillette(03 min. 37 sec.)Recercada Segunda(02 min. 27 sec.)  

QUEEN'S GOODNIGHT (THE) / [electronic resource]

Signum Classics        A Dump or the Queenes Treble(03 min. 33 sec.)A Pavion Solus cum sola(04 min. 21 sec.)Robin is to the Greenwood gone(04 min. 55 sec.)A Medley(03 min. 56 sec.)Allison's Knell(04 min. 26 sec.)Artheres Dump(05 min. 28 sec.)Twenty Waies upon the Bels(02 min. 57 sec.)The Queenes good Night(01 min. 53 sec.)The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, her Galliard(01 min. 29 sec.)Rest(01 min. 39 sec.)Lamentations(06 min. 55 sec.)The Bells(05 min. 51 sec.)Deth and Life(08 min. 09 sec.)Fantasia(02 min. 40 sec.)Whoope, doe me no harme good man(03 min. 27 sec.)The New Hunt is upp(03 min. 40 sec.)The Scottish Huntsupe and Jigg(03 min. 35 sec.)  

Renaissance Music - BENNET, J. / RAVENSCROFT, T. / PLAYFORD, J. / JOHNSON, J. / FARRANT, R. (Nymphidia: The Court of Faerie) (Pantagruel) / [electronic resource]

Carpe Diem        The Maydes Metamorphosis: The Elves Dance(01 min. 53 sec.)Nymphidia(03 min. 33 sec.)Yonder comes a courteous Knight(06 min. 15 sec.)The English Dancing Master: Scotch Cap(01 min. 32 sec.)The Sorrowful Complaint of Susan Higges(09 min. 20 sec.)Quadro Pavane(02 min. 56 sec.)Quadro Galliard(01 min. 09 sec.)Pantheas Lament(02 min. 49 sec.)The Princis Masque(NaN min. NaN sec.)(57 sec.)Full fathom Five(01 min. 05 sec.)Howells Delight(NaN min. NaN sec.)(58 sec.)Where the bee sucks(01 min. 17 sec.)Grimstock(NaN min. NaN sec.)(35 sec.)New Citharen Lessons: The New Hunts Up(01 min. 46 sec.)A Jig(NaN min. NaN sec.)(26 sec.)Book of Songs, Book 2: O sweet woods, the delight of solitariness(06 min. 22 sec.)Book of Songs, Book 1: Can She Excuse My Wrongs(02 min. 19 sec.)The Punckes Delight(01 min. 34 sec.)The dark is my delight(03 min. 10 sec.)Excuse Me(01 min. 37 sec.)Bobing Joe and Jenny Pluck Pears(01 min. 21 sec.)Book of Songs, Book 2: I saw my lady weep(07 min. 07 sec.)  

Robin Is to the Greenwood Gone: Elizabethan Lute Music / [electronic resource]

Nonesuch        Mounsiers Almaine(05 min. 41 sec.)Pakington's Pownde - Grimstock - Greensleeves - Goe from my Window - Kepm's Jiggie/The Parlement - Carman's Whistle(11 min. 51 sec.)Early Elizabethan Music: Anthony Pavyn, A Downe, Chi Passa, Dump Philli(08 min. 25 sec.)A Scots Tune - Corne Yards - A Scots Tune - Gypsies Lilt - A Scots Tune - A Scots Tune [ca. 1620](05 min. 35 sec.)The Fairy Rownde - A Paven - Galliard to the Paven Before - Walsingham - Muy Linda(08 min. 47 sec.)Fantasia(04 min. 45 sec.)Lantero - The Spanish Pavin - Robin is to the Greenwood Gone(05 min. 26 sec.)  
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