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Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Lyricist

ALLEN, Thomas: Songs by Beethoven, Wolf, Butterworth, Vaughan Williams, Bridge / [electronic resource]

Wigmore Hall Live        8 Songs, Op. 52: No. 4. Maigesang(02 min. 15 sec.)Adelaide, Op. 46(05 min. 42 sec.)8 Songs, Op. 52: No. 7. Marmotte(01 min. 15 sec.)4 Ariettas and a Duet, Op. 82: No. 3. L'amante impatiente(01 min. 35 sec.)Der Kuss, Op. 128(02 min. 14 sec.)Goethe Lieder (excerpts)(12 min. 21 sec.)Italienisches Liederbuch (excerpts)(04 min. 34 sec.)6 Songs from A Shropshire Lad(17 min. 33 sec.)Songs of Travel (excerpts)(06 min. 22 sec.)So perverse(01 min. 16 sec.)Adoration(02 min. 44 sec.)The Devon maid(01 min. 38 sec.)The House of Life: No. 2. Silent Noon(04 min. 21 sec.)  

ENGLISH ORCHESTRAL SONGS / [electronic resource]

Chandos        3 Shakespeare Songs, Op. 6(05 min. 37 sec.)Love Blows as the Wind Blows(08 min. 09 sec.)Song Cycle, Op. 59: No. 6. Twilight(02 min. 40 sec.)Pleading, Op. 48, No. 1(02 min. 30 sec.)Let Us Garlands Bring, Op. 18(12 min. 42 sec.)6 Songs from A Shropshire Lad(11 min. 13 sec.)The House of Life (excerpts)(12 min. 24 sec.)If There Were Dreams to Sell(03 min. 05 sec.)Hope the Hornblower(01 min. 28 sec.)  

IVES, C.: Piano Sonata No. 2, "Concord Sonata" / Songs (Graham, Aimard) / [electronic resource]

Teldec        The Things Our Fathers Loved(02 min. 03 sec.)The Housatonic at Stockbridge(03 min. 53 sec.)Swimmers(01 min. 39 sec.)Memories(02 min. 27 sec.)Ann Street(NaN min. NaN sec.)(55 sec.)Serenity(02 min. 19 sec.)1, 2, 3(NaN min. NaN sec.)(35 sec.)Songs my mother taught me(03 min. 26 sec.)The Circus Band(02 min. 25 sec.)The Cage(NaN min. NaN sec.)(45 sec.)The Indians(01 min. 58 sec.)Like a Sick Eagle(01 min. 53 sec.)Remembrance(NaN min. NaN sec.)(52 sec.)September(NaN min. NaN sec.)(49 sec.)Soliloquy(NaN min. NaN sec.)(58 sec.)A Farewell to Land(01 min. 44 sec.)Thoreau(02 min. 14 sec.)Piano Sonata No. 2, "Concord, Mass., 1840-60", "Concord Sonata"(48 min. 14 sec.)  

KENNY, Yvonne: Salley Gardens (The) - A Treasury of English Song / [electronic resource]

ABC Classics        The Lark in the Clear Air (arr. P. Tate)(01 min. 40 sec.)Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 1: No. 1. The Salley Gardens(02 min. 11 sec.)She Moved thro' the Fair (arr. H. Hughes)(03 min. NaN sec.)Linden Lea(02 min. 05 sec.)3 Songs, Op. 3: No. 2. Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal(01 min. 54 sec.)The Heart Worships(03 min. 43 sec.)Come to me in my Dreams(03 min. 19 sec.)Love Went a-Riding(01 min. 33 sec.)3 Irish Songs: No. 2. Rann of Exile(03 min. 09 sec.)Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 4: No. 3. How Sweet the Answer(01 min. 59 sec.)Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 3: No. 6. O Waly, Waly(03 min. 49 sec.)Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 6: No. 1. I Will Give my Love an Apple(01 min. 16 sec.)The Arnold Book of Old Songs: Believe me, if All those Endearing Young Charms(02 min. 02 sec.)Silent Noon(04 min. 10 sec.)Sleep(02 min. 33 sec.)Like to the Damask Rose(03 min. 08 sec.)3 Songs, Op. 3: No. 1. Love's Philosophy(01 min. 23 sec.)Sleep(01 min. 59 sec.)7 Norwegian Songs (excerpts)(05 min. 12 sec.)Babara Allen (arr. R. Quilter)(03 min. 20 sec.)Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 1: No. 6. The Ash Grove(02 min. 19 sec.)Annie Laurie(02 min. 47 sec.)I Know Where I'm Goin' (arr. H. Hughes)(01 min. 57 sec.)Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 4: No. 4. The Minstrel Boy(01 min. 49 sec.)  

MASSENET: Manon (los Angeles, Legay, Monteux) (1955) / [electronic resource]

Great Opera Recordings        Introduction by Pierre Monteux(NaN min. NaN sec.)(56 sec.)Manon(02 hrs. 43 min. 44 sec.)La damoiselle elue(19 min. 21 sec.)Les nuits d'ete, Op. 7(30 min. 37 sec.)  

RELAXING CLASSICS - The healing power of voice / [electronic resource]

ABC Classics        Ave verum corpus, K. 618(03 min. 23 sec.)Oedipus, King of Thebes, Z. 583: Music for a While(03 min. 31 sec.)Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben, BWV 147: Chorale: Jesus bleibet meine Freude(02 min. 46 sec.)O salutaris hostia(02 min. 32 sec.)Ave verum corpus(04 min. 34 sec.)Deutsche Messe, D. 872: Zum Sanctus: Heilig, heilig ist der Herr(02 min. 57 sec.)Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd!, BWV 208, "Hunt Cantata": Aria: Schafe konnen sicher weiden(04 min. 31 sec.)Danny Boy(03 min. 39 sec.)Requiem, Op. 48: In paradisum(03 min. 27 sec.)Ave Maria … virgo serena(05 min. 25 sec.)Veni, veni Emmanuel (O come, o come Emmanuel)(04 min. 49 sec.)All-night Vigil, Op. 37, "Vespers" (excerpts)(06 min. 07 sec.)Guide me, o thou great Jehovah(03 min. 10 sec.)Vergnugte Ruh', beliebte Seelenlust, BWV 170: Aria: Vergnugte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust(05 min. 53 sec.)Ave, maris stella, EG 150 (version for choir)(03 min. 49 sec.)O sacrum convivium(04 min. 03 sec.)O magnum mysterium(03 min. 54 sec.)Ave Maria(03 min. 54 sec.)All-night Vigil, Op. 37, "Vespers": Hail, O Virgin Mother (Ave Maria)(02 min. 47 sec.)Ave Maria (arr. D. Walker)(03 min. 07 sec.)Chants d'Auvergne, Vol. 1: No. 7. Uno jionto postouro (A Fair Shepherd Lass)(02 min. 39 sec.)Zaide, K. 344, Act I: Aria: Ruhe sanft, mein holdes Leben(06 min. 40 sec.)Songs of Travel: No. 6. The Infinite Shining Heavens(02 min. 22 sec.)Serenade(04 min. 07 sec.)The House of Life: No. 2. Silent Noon (arr. R. Kauffmann)(04 min. 28 sec.)Brigg Fair(03 min. 03 sec.)Ich habe genug, BWV 82: Aria: Schlummert ein, ihr matten Augen(09 min. 13 sec.)Alcina, HWV 34, Act II: Aria: Verdi prati(03 min. 48 sec.)Romancero Gitano, Op. 152: II. La guitarra(03 min. 45 sec.)O Magnum Mysterium(06 min. 20 sec.)Chants d'Auvergne, Vol. 2: No. 1. Pastourelle (Pastoral)(03 min. 47 sec.)Requiem, Op. 48: Pie Jesu(03 min. 07 sec.)Cantates a voix seule, Book 1: La mort de Didon, Aria: O Toi, Déesse de Cithère, tendre Vénus (O Thou, Goddess of Cytherea, Tender Venus)(04 min. 18 sec.)Mass, "A Child is Born": Our Father(02 min. 25 sec.)She Moved Through the Fair (arr. D. Runswick)(03 min. 36 sec.)L'incoronazione di Poppea, Act III Finale: Pur ti miro(04 min. 29 sec.)Bring Us, O Lord God(06 min. 24 sec.)  

TRAVIS, R.: Symphonic Allegro / Songs and Epilogues / Piano Concerto (Vallecillo, Enns, J. Popper) / [electronic resource]

Orion        Symphonic Allegro(08 min. NaN sec.)Songs and Epilogues (version for bass and orchestra)(12 min. 19 sec.)Piano Concerto(19 min. 07 sec.)  

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Poisoned Kiss Overture (The) / The Running Set / Suite for Viola / Sea Songs / [electronic resource]

Chandos        The Poisoned Kiss: Overture(06 min. 45 sec.)2 Hymn-tune Preludes(07 min. 50 sec.)The Running Set(04 min. 41 sec.)Flos campi(20 min. 56 sec.)Suite for Viola(25 min. 18 sec.)Sea Songs(03 min. 51 sec.)The Wasps: Overture(10 min. 13 sec.)The House of Life(12 min. 32 sec.)6 Studies in English Folksong(08 min. 32 sec.)Romance(06 min. 40 sec.)Linden Lea (arr. for choir)(02 min. 19 sec.)Fantasia on Greensleeves(04 min. 12 sec.)Serenade to Music(10 min. 39 sec.)  

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: Choral Music (University of Melbourne Trinity College Choir) / [electronic resource]

ABC Classics        O clap your hands(03 min. 20 sec.)O Taste and See(01 min. 37 sec.)5 Mystical Songs (version for baritone, chorus and keyboard)(19 min. 06 sec.)Loch Lomond(03 min. 55 sec.)Bushes and Briars(03 min. 21 sec.)Orpheus with his Lute (arr. A. McDowell)(02 min. 51 sec.)The House of Life: No. 2. Silent Noon (arr. R. Kauffmann)(04 min. 31 sec.)Lord, Thou hast been our refuge(08 min. 48 sec.)Mass in G Minor(25 min. 31 sec.)O how amiable (arr. J. Brubaker)(04 min. 05 sec.)  

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Songs of Travel / 4 Poems by Fredegond Shove / The House of Life / [electronic resource]

Chandos        Songs of Travel(24 min. 50 sec.)4 Last Songs: No. 2. Tired(02 min. 01 sec.)In the Spring(02 min. 41 sec.)Linden Lea(02 min. 19 sec.)4 Poems by Fredegond Shove(13 min. 27 sec.)The House of Life(21 min. 38 sec.)  

Vocal Recital: Baker, Janet - GLUCK, C.S. / MARCELLO, B. / BERKELEY, L. / FINZI, G. / VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. / PURCELL, H. / WARLOCK, P. / [electronic resource]

BBC Legends        Paride ed Elena, Act I: O del mio dolce ardor(04 min. 12 sec.)Amadis, Act II: Bois epais(02 min. 42 sec.)Il mio bel foco… Quella fiamma che m'accende(03 min. 26 sec.)5 Poems of W.H. Auden, Op. 53(10 min. 29 sec.)Let us garlands bring, Op. 18(14 min. 46 sec.)Songs of Travel: No. 2. Let Beauty Awake(02 min. 09 sec.)4 Last Songs: No. 2. Tired(02 min. 30 sec.)The House of Life: No. 2. Silent Noon(04 min. 37 sec.)Linden Lea(02 min. 37 sec.)Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 1, "British Isles" (excerpts)(04 min. 42 sec.)Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. 3, "British Isles" (excerpts)(04 min. 36 sec.)Sleep, Adam, and take thy rest, Z. 195, "Adam’s Sleep"(02 min. 14 sec.)Lord, what is man, Z. 192, "A Divine Hymn"(06 min. 49 sec.)Sleep(02 min. 26 sec.)Pretty Ring Time(01 min. 25 sec.)Rest sweet nymphs(02 min. 41 sec.)The Jolly Shepherd(03 min. 13 sec.)  

Vocal Recital: Walker, Sarah - IRELAND, J. / DELIUS, F. / GIBBS, C.A. / VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. / WARLOCK, P. (Dreams and Fantasies) / [electronic resource]

CRD Records        If There Were Dreams to Sell(02 min. 18 sec.)7 Norwegian Songs: No. 3. Evening Voices (Twilight Fancies)(03 min. 50 sec.)Silver, Op. 30, No. 2(03 min. 16 sec.)3 Songs, Op. 15: No. 2. 5 Eyes(01 min. 08 sec.)The House of Life: No. 2. Silent Noon(04 min. 13 sec.)4 Poems by Fredegond Shove: No. 4. The Water Mill(03 min. 38 sec.)The Fox(02 min. 43 sec.)Jillian of Berry(NaN min. NaN sec.)(40 sec.)5 Shakespeare Songs: Orpheus with his lute(03 min. 27 sec.)A Garland for de la Mare: No. 12. King David(04 min. 46 sec.)Gavotte(02 min. 50 sec.)Come Sing and Dance(03 min. 46 sec.)The First Mercy(02 min. 46 sec.)The Little Road to Bethlehem(02 min. 34 sec.)Monkey's Carol(03 min. 06 sec.)Isobel(02 min. 22 sec.)The Seal Man(05 min. 20 sec.)The Aspidistra(02 min. 08 sec.)Dirty Work(01 min. 54 sec.)Jabberwocky(04 min. 58 sec.)3 Songs, Op. 3: No. 2. Now sleeps the crimson petal(02 min. 10 sec.)5 Elizabethan Songs: No. 4. Sleep(03 min. NaN sec.)3 Belloc Songs: No. 2. The Night(02 min. 18 sec.)The Cloths of Heaven(02 min. 17 sec.)  
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