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Author United States. Congress. House.

Title Keeping livestock healthy. Yearbook of Agriculture, 1942. [electronic resource]

Published Washington, DC, 1942


Location Call No. Status
Physical description 1289 p. : illustrations, tables.
Series United States congressional serial set; serial set no. 10718
House document / 77th Congress, 2nd session. House ; no. 527
House document (United States. Congress. House) ; 77th Congress, no. 527
Notes Table of contents, p. VII.
Keeping livestock healthy -- a summary, by Gove Hambidge, p. 1.
Losses caused by animal diseases and parasites, by John R. Mohler, A.E. Wight, W.M MacKellar, and F.C. Bishopp, p. 109.
Causes of disease, by H.W. Schoening, Benjamin Schwartz, Ward T. Huffman, and Louis L. Madsen, p. 117.
Protective mechanisms against disease, by Adolph Eichhorn, Merritt P. Sarles, and N.R. Ellis, p. 138.
The endocrine glands in health and disease, by A.H. Frank, p. 155.
The relation of genetics to disease, by Hugh C. McPhee, p. 167.
Disinfection and disinfectants, by F.W. Tilley, p. 179.
How research aids in disease control, by John R. Mohler, p. 188.
Origin and spread of important insect pests of animals, by H.H. Stage and H.A. Hyslop, p. 203.
Regulatory activities in animal-disease control, by A.W. Miller, S.O. Fladness, A.E. Wight, D.I. Skidmore, E.C. Joss, and H.E. Moskey, p. 209.
Fighting disease with knowledge, by D.S. Burch, p. 227.
Tuberculosis and its eradication, by A.E. Wight, Elmer Lash, H.M. O'Rear, and A.B. Crawford, p. 237.
Anthrax, by C.D. Stein, p. 250.
Foot-and-mouth disease, by John R. Mohler and Jacob Traum, p. 263.
Parasites and insects affecting livestock, by Benjamin Schwartz and F.C. Bishopp, p. 276.
Bacterial infections and parasites common to man and animals, by George W. Stiles and John T. Lucker, p. 295.
The screwworm and blowfly problem, by E.C. Cushing and D.C. Parman, p. 313.
Nutritional diseases of farm animals, by Louis L. Madsen, p. 323.
Plants poisonous to livestock, by Ward T. Huffman and James F. Couch, p. 354.
Equine encephalomyelitis, by L.T. Giltner and M.S. Shahan, p. 375.
Equine infectious anemia, or swamp fever, by C.D. Stein, p. 392.
Periodic ophthalmia of horses, by L.O. Mott and H.R. Seibold, p. 402.
Glanders, by T.W. Cole, p. 409.
Dourine, by T.W. Cole, p. 413.
Miscellaneous diseases of equines, by L.O. Mott, M.S. Shahan, L.T. Giltner, and A.H. Frank, p. 417.
Internal parasites of horses and mules, by Aurel O. Foster, p. 459.
Mange in equines, by Marion Imes, p. 476.
Horse bots and their control, by F.C. Bishopp and Benjamin Schwartz, p. 482.
Some insect pests of horses and mules, by F.C. Bishopp, p. 492.
Brucellosis of cattle, by Elmer Lash and H.M. O'Rear, p. 501.
Johne's disease, by B.T. Simms, William M. Mohler, and H.W. Johnson, p. 512.
Bovine mastitis, by W.T. Miller, p. 518.
Blackleg, by William M. Mohler, p. 523.
Shipping fever, or hemorrhagic septicemia, by C.D. Stein, p. 526.
Milk fever, by L.T. Giltner, p. 533.
Miscellaneous diseases of cattle, by G.T. Creech, R.L. Knudson, and O.L Osteen, p. 537.
Cattle coccidiosis, by Donald C. Boughton, p. 565.
Cattle tick fever, by W.M. MacKellar, p. 572.
Anaplasmosis: A disease of cattle, by George W. Stiles, p. 579.
Cattle scab and its control, by Rudolph Snyder, p. 588.
Tapeworm and roundworm parasites of cattle, by Dale A. Porter, p. 593.
Bovine genital trichomoniasis, by G. Dikmans, p. 605.
Cattle grubs, or heel flies, by E.W. Laake, F.C. Bishopp, and R.W. Wells, p. 612.
The stablefly, by F.C. Bishopp and E.W. Laake, p. 620.
The horn fly, by W.G. Bruce, p. 626.
Cattle lice, by O.G. Babcock and E.C. Cushing, p. 631.
Cattle injuries caused by ingesting foreign objects, by L.T. Giltner and John A. Patton, p. 636.
Paint poisoning in cattle, by L.T. Giltner, p. 642.
Nutritional disease of cattle, by Louis L. Madsen, p. 645.
Hog cholera, by C.N. McBryde, p. 673.
Swine erysipelas, by H.W. Schoening, C.G. Grey, and O.L. Osteen, p. 686.
Enteritis of swine, by C.N. Dale, p. 695.
Swine influenza, by C.N. Dale, p. 703.
Miscellaneous diseases of swine, by G.T. Creech, p. 714.
Brucellosis (infectious abortion) in swine, by Adolph Eichhorn, p. 729.
Mange of swine, by Marion Imes, p. 734.
Hog lice, by O.G. Babcock and E.C. Cushing, p. 741.
Internal parasites of swine, by L.A. Spindler, p. 745.
Trichinosis, by Benjamin Schwartz, p. 787.
Salt tolerance and salt poisoning of swine, by N.R. Ellis, p. 803.
Nutritional disease of swine, by Louis L. Madsen, p. 810.
Foot rot of sheep, by M.S. Shahan, p. 829.
Sore mouth of sheep and goats, by M.S. Shahan, p. 835.
Miscellaneous diseases of sheep and goats, by M.S. Shahan, p. 839.
Internal parasites of sheep and goats, by G. Dikmans and D.A. Shorb, p. 859.
Sheep scab and its control, by A.W. Miller, p. 904.
Sheep ticks, by Marion Imes and O.G. Babcock, p. 912.
Goat lice, by O.G. Babcock and E.C. Cushing, p. 917.
Pregnancy disease of sheep, by M.S. Shahan, p. 923.
Lunger disease of sheep, by G.T. Creech, p. 927.
Pullorum disease, by Hubert Bunyea, p. 931.
Fowl paralysis and other forms of the avian leukosis complex, by C.A. Brandly, N.F. Waters, and W.J. Hall, p. 944.
Respiratory disease of chickens and turkey, by W.J. Hall, p. 963.
Fowl pox (diphtheria), by Hubert Bunyea, p. 977.
Psittacosis, by K.F. Meyer, p. 987.
Miscellaneous diseases of poultry, by Hubert Bunyea, p. 993.
Internal parasites of poultry, by Everett E. Wehr and John F. Christensen, p. 1007.
Coccidiosis of the chicken, by John F. Christensen and Ena A. Allen, p. 1041.
Poultry lice and their control, by F.C. Bishopp, p. 1048.
Poultry mites, by F.C. Bishopp, p. 1055.
The fowl tick, by F.C. Bishopp, p. 1062.
Bedbugs as pests of poultry, by E.A. Back and F.C. Bishopp, p. 1068.
The pigeon fly, by F.C. Bishopp, p. 1072.
Nutritional diseases of poultry, by Harry W. Titus, p. 1075.
Rabies and its control, by H.W. Schoening, p. 1109.
Distemper of dogs, by C.D. Stein, p. 1124.
Feline enteritis, by C.D. Stein, p. 1130.
Miscellaneous diseases of dogs and cats, by C.D. Stein, p. 1134.
Internal parasites of dogs and cats, by Emmett W. Price and Paul D. Harwood, p. 1150.
Mange of dogs, by Emmett W. Price and F.C. Bishopp, p. 1174.
Ticks affecting dogs, by F.C. Bishopp and Carroll N. Smith, p. 1180.
Fleas, by F.C. Bishopp, p. 1188.
Running fits (fright disease), by C.D. Stein, p. 1193.
Nonparasitic skin diseases of dogs and cats, by C.D. Stein, p. 1196.
Nutritional diseases of dogs and cats, by I.P. Earle, p. 120.
Diseases of wildlife and their relationship to domestic livestock, by J.E. Shillinger, p. 1217.
Diseases of farm-raised game birds, by J.E. Shillinger, p. 1226.
Diseases of fur animals, by J.E. Shillinger, p. 1232.
Index, p. 1239.
Reproduction Electronic reproduction. Chester, Vt.: NewsBank, inc., 2008. Available via the World Wide Web. Access restricted to Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set subscribers.
Usage Terms Copyright 2008 by NewsBank, Inc. All rights reserved.
Other author Allen, Ena A.
Babcock, O.G.
Back, E.A.
Bishopp, F.C., (Fred Corry)
Boughton, Donald C.
Brandly, C.A.
Bruce, W.G., (Wesley Gordon)
Bunyea, Hubert.
Burch, D.S.
Christensen, John F.
Cole, T.W.
Couch, James F.
Crawford, A.B.
Creech, G.T.
Cushing, E.C.
Dale, C.N., (Chester Nicholas)
Dikmans, G.
Earle, Imogene P.
Eichhorn, Adolph.
Ellis, N.R.
Fladness, S.O.
Foster, Aurel O.
Frank, A.H.
Giltner, L.T.
Grey, C.G.
Hall, W.J.
Hambidge, Gove.
Harwood, Paul Duane.
Huffman, Ward T.
Hyslop, James Augustus.
Imes, Marion.
Johnson, H.W.
Joss, E.C.
Knudson, R.L.
Laake, E.W., (Ernest William)
Lash, Elmer.
Lucker, John T., (Thomas)
MacKellar, William M.
Madsen, Louis L.
McBryde, C.N.
McPhee, Hugh C., (Hugh Curtis)
Meyer, K.F., (Karl Friedrich)
Miller, A.W.
Miller, W.T.
Mohler, John R., (John Robbins)
Mohler, William M.
Moskey, H.E.
Mott, L.O.
O'Rear, H.M.
Osteen, O.L., (Oswald Lamont)
Parman, D.C.
Patton, John A.
Porter, Dale A.
Price, Emmett W.
Sarles, Merritt P.
Schoening, Harry W., (Harry William)
Schwartz, Benjamin.
Seibold, H.R.
Shahan, Maurice S.
Shillinger, J.E.
Shorb, D.A.
Simms, B.T.
Skidmore, D.I.
Snyder, Rudolph.
Spindler, L.A., (Lloyd Ancil)
Stage, Harry H., (Harry Hutchinson)
Stein, C.D., (Clarence Dinsmore)
Stiles, George Whitfield, Jr.
Tilley, Frank W.
Titus, Harry W.
Traum, Jacob.
Waters, Nelson F.
Wehr, Everett, E.
Wells, R.W.
Wight, Alexander E.
United States. Department of Agriculture.
Subject Agricultural pests.
Animal diseases.
Game and game birds.
Public health.
Ranches and ranching.
Annual Reports.
Executive Department Publications.