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Salinger, Conrad Arranger

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - Confetti (1949-1959) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Forever Darling: Confetti(02 min. 18 sec.)Champs Elysees Cafe(03 min. 31 sec.)Manhattan Playboy(02 min. 30 sec.)Hora staccato (arr. M. Gould)(03 min. 11 sec.)Musik klingt durch die Nacht(03 min. 05 sec.)In My Memoirs (arr. R. Farnon)(02 min. 21 sec.)Lina (arr. P. Faith)(02 min. 49 sec.)Broadway Melody of 1940: I Concentrate on You (arr. C. Salinger)(02 min. 42 sec.)Pizzicato Rhumba(03 min. 21 sec.)Nota per nota(02 min. 58 sec.)Via Amalfi(03 min. 04 sec.)The King and I: Getting to Know You (arr. W. Hill-Bowen)(02 min. 45 sec.)Montevideo Bolero(02 min. 41 sec.)Bluebell Polka (arr, R. Goodwin)(02 min. 21 sec.)Joey’s Song(02 min. 11 sec.)Twice Around the Island(02 min. 02 sec.)Bees-a-buzzin'(02 min. 10 sec.)Mischief(02 min. 20 sec.)Gadabout(02 min. 18 sec.)Utopia Road(02 min. 25 sec.)Violins in Velvet(03 min. NaN sec.)Market Day(02 min. 55 sec.)Treble Chance(02 min. 48 sec.)Parade of the Champions(03 min. 02 sec.)Florella(01 min. 48 sec.)Who Killed Cock Robin? (arr. P. Fenoulhet)(03 min. 15 sec.)Dear Miss Phoebe (excerpts)(06 min. 50 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - Magical Melodies (1942-1959) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Melody Fair(02 min. 28 sec.)Loveliest Of The Lovely(03 min. 53 sec.)Carnival Tango(02 min. 38 sec.)Autumn Nocturne(03 min. 44 sec.)Warum Nur, Warum? (Why Just Why?)(02 min. 22 sec.)Cover Girl: Long Ago And Far Away (arr. C. Salinger)(03 min. 39 sec.)Broadway Melody of 1940: I've Got My Eyes On You(02 min. 02 sec.)Mam'selle(03 min. 37 sec.)Gold Diggers of 1935: Lullaby Of Broadway(02 min. 41 sec.)Some Like It Hot: I'm thru with Love (arr. P. Weston)(03 min. 19 sec.)Lovely Lady(02 min. 36 sec.)While We're Young(03 min. 07 sec.)Carousel: If I Loved You(03 min. 49 sec.)Return to Paradise (arr. P. Faith)(06 min. 39 sec.)Underneath Tahitian Skies(03 min. 30 sec.)Too Soon (arr. B. Campbell)(02 min. 33 sec.)Mine At Last(02 min. NaN sec.)Scalinatella (Stay After School)(02 min. 13 sec.)Spring In Montmartre(02 min. 26 sec.)Tonight(02 min. 57 sec.)I'll Take Romance(02 min. 58 sec.)Eva Waltz(02 min. 43 sec.)On the Isle of May (after P. Tchaikovsky's String Quartet No. 1)(02 min. 49 sec.)Great Day: Without A Song (arr. R. Farnon)(03 min. 02 sec.)Here's to Romance: Midnight in Paris(02 min. 48 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - More Strings in Stereo (1956-1958) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Cross Country Tour (arr. B. Campbell)(02 min. 58 sec.)Chansonette(03 min. 02 sec.)Polka Dots and Moonbeams (arr. N. Riddle)(03 min. 10 sec.)Rotten Row(02 min. 24 sec.)Stay with the Happy People - Violins from Nowhere (arr. R. Farnon)(03 min. 41 sec.)Estrellita (arr. R. Sterling)(03 min. 22 sec.)Babes in Toyland: March of the Toys (arr. P. Faith)(02 min. 54 sec.)By the Sleepy Lagoon(03 min. 02 sec.)Moonlight in Vermont(03 min. NaN sec.)High Noon: High Noon(02 min. 52 sec.)Windjammer (excerpts)(06 min. 37 sec.)Around the World in 80 Days: India Countryside(03 min. 39 sec.)Can-Can: Allez-vous-en (arr. W. Barker)(02 min. 55 sec.)Beachcomber(02 min. 32 sec.)I Cover the Waterfront (arr. C. Salinger)(03 min. 47 sec.)Follow the Fleet: Let's Face the Music and Dance - Say It Isn't So(03 min. 18 sec.)Harem Silks from Bombay(02 min. 25 sec.)Wonderful One(02 min. 42 sec.)Moon Over Montevideo(03 min. 05 sec.)A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (arr. A. Morley)(02 min. 55 sec.)South Pacific: Happy Talk (arr. P. Faith)(02 min. 39 sec.)Let's Fall in Love (arr. C. Salinger)(03 min. 51 sec.)The Ski Song - Slalom(02 min. 01 sec.)After the Ball(02 min. 55 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - Strings and Things Go Stereo! (1957-1958) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Around the World (in 80 Days): Around the World(03 min. 06 sec.)South Pacific: A Wonderful Guy(03 min. 03 sec.)Brazil (Aquarela do Brasil)(06 min. 59 sec.)Meet Me in St. Louis: The Trolley Song (arr. C. Salinger)(03 min. 20 sec.)Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing: Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing (arr. A. Mantovani)(04 min. 01 sec.)Change Partners - Mandy(02 min. 47 sec.)Tahiti: A Summer Night at Sea(02 min. 29 sec.)Harlem Nocturne(04 min. 02 sec.)Front Row Centre(02 min. 07 sec.)Street Scene(06 min. 59 sec.)Naughty Nautical (arr. B. Campbell)(02 min. 38 sec.)There's No You (arr. N. Riddle)(02 min. 20 sec.)Orchids in the Moonlight (arr. M. Gould)(02 min. 52 sec.)Skiffling Strings (Swinging Sweethearts)(01 min. 50 sec.)Sand in My Shoes(02 min. 33 sec.)Love Story: A Cornish Rhapsody(06 min. 47 sec.)As the Girls Go: Lucky in the Rain (arr. R. Farnon)(02 min. 43 sec.)Gemini(03 min. 06 sec.)Pavement Pigalle(02 min. 47 sec.)Canadian Sunset(02 min. 13 sec.)Saraband(03 min. NaN sec.)My Evening Star (after R. Wagner's Tannhauser: O Star of Eve)(02 min. 35 sec.)La seduccion(02 min. 17 sec.)Spring Madness(03 min. 40 sec.)The Song is Ended (but the Melody Lingers On)(02 min. 33 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - That's Light Musical Entertainment (1950-1958) / [electronic resource]

Guild        The Band Wagon: That's Entertainment (arr. C. Salinger)(02 min. 09 sec.)The Westminster Waltz(03 min. 06 sec.)Ruby Gentry: Ruby (arr. P. Faith)(06 min. 29 sec.)Der Graf von Luxemburg (The Count of Luxembourg): Waltz(03 min. 01 sec.)Eight O'Clock Walk: All My Life(03 min. 29 sec.)The Boys from Syracuse: This Can't Be Love(01 min. 41 sec.)I'll See You in My Dreams (arr. R. Binge)(02 min. 47 sec.)Road to Rio: But Beautiful(03 min. 08 sec.)All About Eve Suite(03 min. 28 sec.)Blue Theme (True Lies)(03 min. 13 sec.)Ziegfield Follies: Love(01 min. 42 sec.)The Girl in Pink Tights: Overture (arr. R. Farnon)(03 min. 29 sec.)Ziegfeld Follies: This Heart of Mine(02 min. 41 sec.)Time Was (Duerme) (arr. M.R. Armengol)(03 min. 29 sec.)Dearest Enemy: Here in My Arms (arr. R. Jones)(02 min. 20 sec.)Best Foot Forward: Buckle Down, Winsocki (arr. W. Hill-Bowen)(02 min. 20 sec.)Three's a Crowd: Body and Soul(02 min. 46 sec.)Show Boat: Make Believe(02 min. 16 sec.)Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18: I. Moderato (excerpt) (arr. W. Hill-Bowen) (Brief Encounter)(02 min. 56 sec.)Waltz for My Lady(02 min. 26 sec.)Inspiration Point(02 min. 47 sec.)Enchanted Night(03 min. 08 sec.)St. Louis Woman: Come Rain or Come Shine(03 min. 17 sec.)Since You Went Away: Since You Went Away(09 min. 23 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - The Art of the Arranger, Vol. 1 / [electronic resource]

Guild        Orphee aux enfers (Orpheus in the Underworld), Act II: Can-Can (arr. H. Mooney)(02 min. 05 sec.)The Gay Divorcee: The Continental (arr. C. Salinger)(03 min. 31 sec.)Brigadoon: Almost like Being in Love (arr. B. Fahey)(03 min. 30 sec.)George White's Scandals of 1926: The Birth of the Blues (arr. M. Gould)(04 min. 11 sec.)Windows of the East, "Ya Mayla" (arr. R. Goodwin)(02 min. 32 sec.)London By Night (arr. A. Morley)(01 min. 58 sec.)Comme ci, comme ca (arr. G. Melachrino)(03 min. 40 sec.)My One and Only Love (arr. H. Mancini)(03 min. 13 sec.)Taboo (arr. L. Baxter)(02 min. 38 sec.)George White's Scandals of 1931: The Thrill Is Gone (arr. G. Jenkins)(02 min. 42 sec.)Show Boat: Ol' Man River (arr. D. Rose)(02 min. 27 sec.)Please Be Kind (arr. N. Riddle)(03 min. 40 sec.)Bathing Beauty: Magic Is the Moonlight (Te Quiero Dijiste) (arr. M.R. Armengol)(03 min. 29 sec.)Willingly (Melodie Perdue) (arr. M. Kelly)(02 min. 28 sec.)Porgy and Bess: Summertime (arr. F. Cordell)(03 min. 01 sec.)Music in the Air: The Song Is You (arr. P. Weston)(03 min. 09 sec.)Shenandoah (arr. R. Farnon)(05 min. 29 sec.)Destiny (arr. S. Torch)(04 min. 11 sec.)With a Song in my Heart Symphonic Rhapsody (after Richard Rogers)(03 min. 15 sec.)The Irish Washerwoman (arr. C. Richardson)(07 min. 47 sec.)Going Hollywood: Temptation (arr. P. Faith)(03 min. 06 sec.)Percy Faith Discusses his Arrangement of Temptation with Goddard Lieberson for a Columbia Records TV advertisement 1960(04 min. 29 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - The Art of the Arranger, Vol. 2 (1953-1961) / [electronic resource]

Guild        South Pacific: A Wonderful Guy (arr. C. Salinger)(02 min. 51 sec.)These Foolish Things (arr. A. Morley)(02 min. 28 sec.)Kismet: And This Is My Beloved (arr. D. Rose)(03 min. 59 sec.)Carousel: Soliloquy (arr. B. Fahey)(04 min. 49 sec.)Lady, be Good!: Oh, lady, be good! (arr. A. Mantovani)(03 min. 25 sec.)Pinocchio: When You Wish Upon a Star (arr. A. Mantovani)(03 min. 59 sec.)East of Fifth, "Stateside Stroll" (arr. B. Campbell)(02 min. 10 sec.)Knickerbocker Holiday: September Song (arr. R. Shaw)(02 min. 47 sec.)Zandunga, "Jesusita e Chihuahua" (The Dancing Donkey) (arr. P. Faith)(03 min. 26 sec.)The London I Love (arr. L. Young)(03 min. 07 sec.)Babes in Arms: Where or When (arr. M. Gould)(04 min. 34 sec.)The Lincolnshire Poacher (arr. R. Farnon)(02 min. 54 sec.)Roberta: Yesterdays (arr. F. Cordell)(03 min. 20 sec.)All the King's Horses: A Little White Gardenia (arr. R. Binge)(03 min. 27 sec.)Evergreen: Dancing on the Ceiling (arr. G. Jenkins)(03 min. NaN sec.)The March of the Belgian Parachutists (Marche des Parachutistes Belges) (arr. R, Martin)(02 min. 05 sec.)Camelot: If Ever I Would Leave You (arr. W. Hill-Bowen)(03 min. 21 sec.)Ebb Tide (arr. J. Douglas)(03 min. 34 sec.)Volvere (arr. L. Johnson)(02 min. 05 sec.)Soirees a Saint-Petersbourg, Op. 44: No. 1. Romance in E-Flat Major (arr. A. Wilkinson)(03 min. 49 sec.)Ill Wind (arr. N. Riddle)(02 min. 57 sec.)Elizabeth and Essex Love Theme (arr. R. Goodwin)(02 min. 30 sec.)The British Grenadiers (arr. C. Richardson)(02 min. 49 sec.)Scheherazade Themes (after A. Rimsky-Korsakov)(04 min. 37 sec.)  

GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - The Hall of Fame, Vol. 3 (1941-1958) / [electronic resource]

Guild        Singin' in the Rain: Singin' in the Rain (arr. C. Salinger)(03 min. 14 sec.)A Suite of Serenades: II. Spanish (arr. P. Faith)(02 min. 47 sec.)Lingering Lovers(02 min. 29 sec.)Ecstasy(02 min. 29 sec.)Amor, que' bonito has vuelto (Love and the World Loves With You)(01 min. 49 sec.)Solitude (arr. M. Gould)(03 min. 31 sec.)Easter Isle(02 min. 41 sec.)La Muneca Espanola (The Spanish Doll)(02 min. 59 sec.)Dream(02 min. 40 sec.)Vivre (Love of my Life) (arr. R. Martin)(02 min. 10 sec.)Die lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow): Overture(02 min. 14 sec.)Devil's Galop(02 min. 48 sec.)Jumping Bean(02 min. 07 sec.)When Day Is Done(03 min. 17 sec.)Shooting Star(02 min. 26 sec.)Elizabethan Serenade(02 min. 50 sec.)Crazy Violins(02 min. 36 sec.)The Kerry Dance (arr. A. Morley)(04 min. 15 sec.)Bubble, Bubble, Bubble (Pink Champagne)(02 min. 32 sec.)March of the Pretzels(02 min. 48 sec.)Music Everywhere(02 min. 55 sec.)Runnymede Rhapsody: Theme(04 min. 06 sec.)Sophistication Waltz: My Song of Spring (arr. G. Melachrino)(03 min. 02 sec.)Winter Sunshine(02 min. 51 sec.)Aprite le finestre (Open the Windows)(02 min. 35 sec.)Warsaw Concerto (arr. R. Douglas)(06 min. 39 sec.)  

That's Entertainment: A Celebration of the MGM Film Musical / [electronic resource]

Warner Classics - Parlophone        MGM Jubilee Overture (arr. A. Cottee)(07 min. 45 sec.)Meet Me in St. Louis: The Trolley Song (arr. C. Salinger)(03 min. 51 sec.)Easter Parade: Steppin' Out with My Baby (arr. V. Cleave)(06 min. 21 sec.)Brigadoon: The Heather on the Hill (arr. C. Salinger)(07 min. 01 sec.)Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: Barn-Raising Dance (arr. A. Deutsch and S. Chaplin)(05 min. 45 sec.)High Society: You're Sensational (arr. J. Wilson and N. Riddle)(03 min. 07 sec.)Girl Crazy: I Got Rhythm (arr. O. Sy and A. Stordahl)(05 min. 35 sec.)Singin' in the Rain: Singin' in the Rain (arr. C. Salinger)(03 min. 58 sec.)An American in Paris: Main Title (arr. C. Salinger and J. Green)(02 min. 56 sec.)An American in Paris: Love Is Here to Stay(04 min. 03 sec.)High Society: Well, Did You Evah! (arr. N. Riddle)(03 min. 35 sec.)The New Moon: One Kiss - Lover, Come Back to Me (arr. H. Friedhofer)(06 min. 42 sec.)Singin' in the Rain: Broadway Melody Ballet (arr. C. Salinger)(13 min. 17 sec.)That's Entertainment!: That's Entertainment! (arr. C. Salinger)(03 min. 45 sec.)  
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