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Author United States. Congress. Senate.

Title Forty-third annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1957. Administrative report including Technical Reports Nos. 1296 to 1341. [electronic resource]

Published Washington, DC, 1958


Location Call No. Status
Physical description 1660 p. : illustrations, tables.
Series United States congressional serial set; serial set no. 12096
Senate document / 85th Congress, 2nd session. Senate ; no. 73
Senate document (United States. Congress. Senate) ; 85th Congress, no. 73
Notes Table of contents, p. II.
List of technical reports, p. III.
A theoretical study of the aerodynamics of slender cruciform-wing arrangements and their wakes, by John R. Spreiter and Alvin H. Sacks, NACA [No. 1296], p. 81.
Nonlifting wing-body combinations with certain geometric restraints having minimum wave drag at low subsonic speeds, by Harvard Lomax, NACA [No. 1297], p. 113.
An analysis of the effects of aeroelasticity on static longitudinal stability and control of a swept-wing airplane, by Richard B. Skoog, NACA [No. 1298], p. 125.
Correlation, evaluation, and extension of linearized theories for tire motion and wheel shimmy, by Robert F. Smiley, NACA [No. 1299], p. 137.
Basic considerations in the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels with air, by Propulsion Chemistry Division, Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory, NACA [No. 1300], p. 187.
Linearized lifting-surface and lifting-line evaluations of sidewash behind rolling triangular wings a supersonic speeds, by Percy J. Bobitt, NACA [No. 1301], p. 455.
On panel flutter and divergence of infinitely long unstiffened and ring-stiffened thin-walled circular cylinders, by Robert W. Leonard and John M. Hedgepeth, NACA [No. 1302], p. 475.
Wind-tunnel investigation of a number of total-pressure tubes at high angles of attack - subsonic, transonic, and supersonic speeds, by William Gracey, NACA [No. 1303], p. 495.
Flight investigation of the effectiveness of an automatic aileron trim control device for personal airplanes, by William H. Phillips, Helmut A. Kuehnel and James B. Whitten, NACA [No. 1304], p. 505.
Measurement of aerodynamic forces for various mean angles of attack on an airfoil oscillating in pitch and on two finite-span wings oscillating in bending with emphasis on damping in the stall, by A. Gerald Rainey, NACA [No. 1305], p. 520.
Bodies of revolution having minimum drag at high supersonic airspeeds, by A.J. Eggers, Jr., Meyer M. Resnikoff, and David H. Dennis, NACA [No. 1306], p. 555.
Lift and center of pressure of wing-body-tail combination at subsonic, transonic, and supersonic speeds, by William C. Pitts, Jack N. Nielsen, and George E. Kaatari, NACA [No. 1307], p. 567.
Investigation of the compressive strength and creep lifetime of 2024-T3 aluminum-alloy plates at elevated temperatures, by Eldon E. Mathauser and William D. Deveikis, NACA [No. 1308], p. 637.
Aerodynamic characteristics at high speeds of related full-scale propellers having different blade-section cambers, by Julian D. Maynard and Leland B. Salters, Jr., NACA [No. 1309], p. 651.
An investigation of four wings of square plan form at a Mach number of 6.9 in the Langley 11-inch hypersonic tunnel, by Charles M. McLellan, Mitchel H. Bertram, and John A. Moore, NACA [No. 1310], p. 675.
Determination of vortex paths by series expansion technique with application to cruciform wings, by Alberta Y. Alksne, NACA [No. 1311], p. 693.
Some effects on bluntness on boundary-layer transition and heat transfer at supersonic speeds, by W.E. Moeckel, NACA [No. 1312], p. 709.
Exploratory investigation of boundary-layer transition on a hollow cylinder at a mach number of 6.9, by Mitchel H. Bertram, NACA [No. 1313], p. 723.
Summary of scale-model thrust-reverser investigation, by John H. Povolny, Fred W. Steffen and Jack G. McArdle, NACA [No. 1314], p. 751.
On slender-body theory at transonic speeds, by Keith C. Harder and E.B. Klunker, NACA [No. 1315], p. 765.
Torsional stiffness of thin-walled shells having reinforcing cores and rectangular, triangular, or diamond cross section, by Harvey G. McComb, Jr., NACA [No. 1316], p. 771.
Cloud-droplet ingestion in engine inlets with inlet velocity ratios of 1.0 and 0.7, by Rinaldo J. Brun, NACA [No. 1317], p. 785.
Three-dimensional transonic flow theory applied to slender wings and bodies, by Max A. Heaslet and John R. Spreiter, NACA [No. 1318], p. 820.
Induced velocities near a lifting rotor with nonuniform disk loading, by Harry H. Heyson and S. Katzoff, NACA [No. 1319], p. 850.
An evaluation of four experimental methods for measuring mean properties of supersonic turbulent boundary layer, by George J. Nothwang, NACA [No. 1320], p. 939.
Theoretical calculation for the power spectra of the rolling and yawing moments of a wing in random turbulence, by John M. Eggleston and Franklin W. Diederich, NACA [No. 1321], p. 951.
Method for calculating the aerodynamic loading on an oscillating finite wing in subsonic and sonic flow, by Harry L. Runyan and Donald S. Woolston, NACA [No. 1321], p. 971.
Investigation of the laminar aerodynamic heat-transfer characteristics of a hemisphere-cylinder in the Langley 11-inch hypersonic tunnel at Mach number 6.8, by Davis H. Crawford and William D. McCauley, NACA [No. 1323], p. 1001.
Comparison of several methods for obtaining the time response of linear systems to either a unit impulse or arbitrary input from frequency-response data, by James J. Donegan and Carl R. Huss, NACA [No. 1324], p. 1023.
Average properties of compressible laminar boundary layer on flat plate with unsteady flight velocity, by Franklin K. Moore and Simon Ostrach, NACA [No. 1325], p. 1037.
Flight and analytical methods for determining the coupled vibration response of tandem helicopters, by John E. Yeates, Jr., George W. Brooks, and John C. Houbolt, NACA [No. 1326], p. 1049.
theoretical and experimental investigation of the subsonic-flow fields beneath swept and unswept wings with tables of vortex-induced velocities, by William J. Alford, Jr., NACA [No. 1327], p. 1083.
A second-order shock-expansion method applicable to bodies of revolution near zero lift, by Clarence A Syvertson and David H. Dennis, NACA [No. 1328], p. 1127.
Far noise-field of air jets and jet engines, by Edmund E. Callaghan and Willard D. Coles, NACA [No. 1329], p. 1147.
Experimental and predicted longitudinal and lateral-directional response characteristics of a large flexible 35 [degree] swept-wing airplane at an altitude of 35,000 feet, by Henry A. Cole, Jr., Stuart C. Brown, and Euclid C. Holleman, NACA [No. 1330], p. 1165.
Influence of alloying upon grain-boundary creep, by F.N. Rhines, W.E. Bond, and M.A. Kissel, Carnegie Institute of Technology, [No. 1331], p. 1205.
Seat design for crash worthiness, by I. Irving Pinkel and Edmund G. Rosenberg, NACA [No. 1332], p.1211.
Attention in shock tube due to unsteady-boundary-layer action, by Harold Mirels, NACA [No. 1333], p. 1227.
Relation of turbojet and ramjet combustion efficiency to second-order reaction kinetics and fundamental flame speed, by J. Howard Childs, Thaine W. Reynolds, and Charles C. Graves, NACA [No. 1334], p. 1249.
Minimum wave drag for arbitrary arrangements of wings and bodies, by Robert T. Jones, NACA [No. 1335], p. 1263.
An investigation of single- and duel-rotation propellers at positive and negative thrust, and in combination with an NACA 1-Series D-Type cowling at mach numbers up to 0.84, by Robert M. Reynolds, Robert I. Sammonds, and John H. Walker, NACA [No. 1336], p. 1269.
Determination of longitudinal stability and control characteristics from free-flight model tests with results at transonic speeds for three airplane configurations, by Clarence L. Gillis and Jess L. Mitchell, NACA [No. 1337], p. 1327.
Near noise field of a jet-engine exhaust, by Walton L. Howes, Edmund E. Callaghan, Willard D. Coles, and Harold R. Mull, NACA [No. 1338], p. 1355.
A summary and analysis of the low-speed longitudinal characteristics of swept wings at high Reynolds numbers, by G. Chester Furlong and James G. McHugh, NACA [No. 1339], p. 1390.
Investigation of downwash, sidewash, and Mach number distribution behind a rectangular wing at a mach number of 2.41 by David Adamson and William B. Boatright, NACA [No. 1340], p. 1541.
Influence of hot-working conditions on high-temperature properties of a heat-resistant alloy, by John F. Ewing and J.W. Freeman, University of Michigan, [No. 1341], p. 1599.
Reproduction Electronic reproduction. Chester, Vt.: NewsBank, inc., 2008. Available via the World Wide Web. Access restricted to Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set subscribers.
Usage Terms Copyright 2008 by NewsBank, Inc. All rights reserved.
Other author Adamson, David.
Alford, William J.
Alksne, Alberta Y.
Bertram, Mitchel H.
Boatright, William B.
Bobbitt, Percy J.
Bond, William E.
Brown, Stuart C.
Brun, Rinaldo J.
Callaghan, Edmund E.
Childs, J. Howard.
Cole, Henry A., Jr.
Coles, Willard D.
Crawford, Davis H.
Dennis, David H.
Deveikis, William D.
Diederich, Franklin W.
Donegan, James J.
Eggers, A.J., Jr.
Eggleston, John M.
Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1890-1969.
Ewing, John F.
Freeman, J.W., (John W.)
Furlong, G. Chester.
Gillis, Clarence L.
Gracey, William.
Graves, Charles C.
Harder, Keith C.
Heaslet, Max A.
Hedgepeth, John M.
Heyson, Harry H.
Holleman, Euclid C.
Howes, Walton L.
Huss, Carl R.
Jones, Robert T., (Robert Thomas)
Kaatari, George E.
Katzoff, S.
Kissel, M.A.
Klunker, E.B.
Kuehnel, Helmut A.
Leonard, Robert W.
Lomax, Harvard.
Mathauser, Eldon E.
Maynard, Julian D.
McArdle, Jack G.
McCauley, William D.
McComb, Harvey G.
McHugh, James G.
Mirels, Harold.
Mitchell, Jesse L.
Moeckel, W.E.
Moore, Franklin K.
Mull, Harold R.
Nielsen, Jack N.
Nothwang, George J.
Ostrach, Simon.
Phillips, William H.
Pinkel, I. Irving.
Pitts, William C.
Povolny, John H.
Rainey, A. Gerald.
Resnikoff, Meyer M.
Reynolds, Robert M.
Reynolds, Thaine W.
Rhines, F.N.
Rosenberg, Edmund G.
Sacks, Alvin H.
Salters, Leland B., Jr.
Sammonds, Robert I.
Skoog, Richard B.
Smiley, Robert F.
Spreiter, John R.
Steffen, Fred W.
Syvertson, Clarence A.
Walker, John H.
Whitten, James B.
Woolston, Donald S.
United States. President (1953-1961 : Eisenhower)
United States. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.
Carnegie Institute of Technology.
University of Michigan.
Subject Aeronautical laboratories.
Aircraft construction.
Energy research.
Federal receipts and expenditures.
Transportation research.
Financial statements.
Annual Reports.
Presidential Communications and Messages.