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Author United States. Congress. Senate.

Title Thirty-eighth annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics 1952. Including technical reports Nos. 1059 to 1110. [electronic resource]

Published Washington, DC, 1953


Location Call No. Status
Physical description 1199 p. : illustrations, tables.
Series United States congressional serial set; serial set no. 11676
Senate document / 83rd Congress, 1st session. Senate ; no. 1
Senate document (United States. Congress. Senate) ; 83rd Congress, no. 1
Notes Table of contents, p. II.
List of technical reports, p. III.
A biharmonic relaxation method for calculating thermal stress in cooled irregular cylinders, by Arthur G. Holms [No. 1059], p. 71.
Detailed computational procedure for design of cascade blades with prescribed velocity distributions in compressible potential flows, by George R. Costello, Robert L. Cummings, and John T. Sinnette, Jr. [No. 1060], p. 91.
Effect of initial mixture temperature on flame speed of methane-air, propane-air and ethylene-air mixtures, by Gordon L. Dugger [No. 1061], p. 105.
Investigation of wear and friction properties under sliding conditions of some materials suitable for cages of rolling-contact bearings, by Robert L. Johnson, Max A. Swikert, and Edmond E. Bisson [No. 1062], p. 117.
Airfoil profiles for minimum pressure drag at supersonic velocities -- general analysis with application to linearized supersonic flow, by Dean R. Chapman [No. 1063], p. 129.
Lubrication and cooling studies of cylindrical-roller bearings at high speeds, by E. Fred Macks and Zolton N. Nemeth [No. 1064], p. 143.
Correlation of physical properties with molecular structure for some dicyclic hydrocarbons having high thermal-energy release per unit volume -- 2-alkylbiphenyl and the two isomeric 2-alkylbicyclohexyl series, by Irving A. Goodman and Paul H. Wise [No. 1065], p. 159.
Analysis of temperature distribution in liquid-cooled turbine blades, by John N.B. Livingood and W. Byron Brown [No. 1066], p. 169.
Generalization of boundary-layer momentum-integral equations to three-dimensional flows including those of rotating system, by Artur Mager [No. 1067], p. 191.
Automatic control systems satisfying certain general criterions on transient behavior, by Aaron S. Boksenbom and Richard Hood [No. 1068], p. 207.
On a solution of the nonlinear differential equation for transonic flow past a wave-shaped wall, by Carl Kaplan [No. 1069], p. 221.
Matrix method of determining the longitudinal-stability coefficients and frequency response of an aircraft from transient flight data, by James J. Donegan and Henry A. Pearson [No. 1070], p. 233.
Theoretical symmetric span loading due to flap deflection for wings of arbitrary plan forum at subsonic speeds, by John DeYoung [No. 1071], p. 245.
Inelastic column behavior, by John E. Duberg and Thomas W. Wilder, III [No. 1072], p. 286.
An iterative transformation procedure for numerical solution of flutter and similar characteristic-value problems, by Myron L. Gossard [No. 1073], p. 303.
Hydrodynamic impact of a system with a single elastic mode. I-- Theory and generalized solution with an application to an elastic airframe, by Wilbur L. Mayo [No. 1074], p. 349.
Hydrodynamic impact of a system with a single elastic mode. II - Comparison of experimental force and response with theory, by Robert W. Miller and Kenneth F. Merton [No. 1075], p. 367.
Effects on longitudinal stability and control characteristics of a Boeing B-29 airplane of variations in stick-force and control-rate characteristics obtained through use of a booster in the elevator-control system, by Charles W. Mathews, Donald B. Talmadge, and James B. Whitten [No. 1076], p. 375.
Two- and three-dimensional unsteady lift problems in high-speed flight, by Harvard Lomax, Max A. Heaslet, Franklin B. Fuller and Loma Sluder [No. 1077], p. 393.
Effects of compressibility on the performance of two full-scale helicopter rotors, by Paul J. Carpenter [No. 1078], p. 449.
Sound from a two-blade propeller at supersonic tip speeds, by Harvey H, Hubbard and Leslie W. Lassiter [No. 1079], p. 457.
A theoretical analysis of the effects of fuel motion on airplane dynamics, by Albert A. Sehy [No. 1080], p. 467.
A study of second-order supersonic flow theory, by Milton D. Van Dyke [No. 1081], p. 489.
Method of analysis for compressible flow through mixed-flow centrifugal impellers of arbitrary design, by Joseph T. Hamrick, Ambrose Ginsburg, and Walter M. Osborn [No. 1082], p. 513.
Axisymmetric supersonic flow in rotating impellers, by Arthur W. Goldstein [No. 1083], p. 523.
Comparison of high-speed operating characteristics of size 215 cylindrical-roller bearings as determined in turbojet engine and in laboratory test rig, by E. Fred Macks and Zolton N. Nemeth [No. 1084], p. 537.
Discussion of boundary-layer characteristics near the wall of an axial-flow compressor, by Artur Mager, John J. Mahoney, and Ray E. Budinger [No. 1085], p. 549.
Analysis of the effects of wing interference on the tail contributions to the rolling derivatives, by William H. Michael, Jr. [No. 1086], p. 569.
Internal-liquid-film-cooling experiments with airstream temperatures to 2000 [degrees] F in 2- and 4- inch diameter horizontal tubes, by George R. Kinney, Andrew E. Abramson and John L. Sloop [No. 1087], p. 581.
Theoretical damping in roll and rolling moment due to differential wing incidence for slender cruciform wings and wing-body combinations, by Gaynor J. Adams and Duane W. Dugan [No. 1088], p. 603.
Single-degree-of-freedom-flutter calculations for a wing in subsonic potential flow and comparison with an experiment, by Harry L. Runyan [No. 1089], p. 615.
Method for calculating lift distributions for unswept wings with flaps or ailerons by use of nonlinear section lift data, by James C. Sivell and Gertrude C. Westrick [No. 1090], p. 623.
Effect of aspect ratio on the low-speed lateral control characteristics of untapered low-aspect-ratio wings equipped with flap and with retractable ailerons, by Jack Fischel, Rodger L. Naeseth, John R. Hagerman, and William M. O'Hare [No. 1091], p. 649.
Flight investigation of the effect of control centering springs on the apparent spiral stability of a personal-owner airplane, by John P. Campbell, Paul A. Hunter, Donald E. Hewes, and James B. Whitten [No. 1092], p. 697.
Heat transfer to bodies in a high-speed rarified gas stream, by Jackson R. Stalder, Glen Goodwin and Marcus O. Creager [No. 1093],
p. 715.
An experimental investigation of transonic flow past two-dimensional wedge and circular-arc sections using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer, by Arthur Earl Bryson, Jr. [No. 1094], p. 725.
Transonic flow past a wedge profile with detached bow wave, by Walter G. Vincenti and Cleo B. Wagoner [No. 1095], p. 759.
Experimental determination of the effect of horizontal tail size, tail length, and vertical location on low-speed static longitudinal stability and damping in pitch of a model having 45 [degree] sweptback wing and tail surfaces, by Jacob H. Lichtenstein [No. 1096], p. 789.
Stresses in a two-bay noncircular cylinder under transverse loads, by George E. Griffith [No. 1097], p. 811.
Summary of methods for calculating dynamic lateral stability and response and for estimating lateral stability derivatives, by John P. Campbell and Marion O. McKinney [No. 1098], p. 823.
Air forces and moments on triangular and related wings with subsonic leading edges oscillating in supersonic potential flow, by Charles E. Watkins and Julian H. Berman [No. 1099], p. 863.
On reflection of shock waves from boundary layers, by H.W. Liepmann, A. Roshko and S. Dhawan [No. 1100], p. 889.
Flight investigation a mechanical feel device in an irreversible elevator control system of a large airplane, by B. Porter Brown, Robert G. Chilton, and James B. Whitten [No. 1101], p. 919.
The linearized charateristics method and its application to practical nonlinear supersonic problems, by Antonio Ferri [No. 1102], p. 933.
Generalized theory for seaplane impact, by Benjamin Milwitzky [No. 1103], p. 951.
Preliminary investigation of a new type of supersonic inlet, by Antonio Ferri and Louis M. Nucci [No. 1104], p. 1029.
Chordwise and compressibility corrections to slender-wing theory, by Harvard Lomax and Loma Sluder [No. 1105], p. 1049.
The Langley annular transonic tunnel, by Louis W. Habel, James H. Henderson, and Mason F. Miller [No. 1106], p. 1069.
An empirically derived basis for calculating the area, rate, and distribution of water-drop impingement on airfoils, by Norman R. Bergrun [No. 1107], p. 1079.
Experimental aerodynamic derivatives of a sinusoidally oscillating airfoil in two-dimensional flow, by Robert L. Halfman [No. 1108], p. 1101.
Experimental investigation of base pressure on blunt-trailing-edge wings at supersonic velocities, by Dean R. Chapman, William R. Wimbrow, and Robert H. Kester [No. 1109], p. 1145.
Some features of artificially thickened fully developed turbulent boundary layers with zero pressure gradient, by P.S. Klebanoff and Z.W. Diehl [No. 1110], p. 1165.
Reproduction Electronic reproduction. Chester, Vt.: NewsBank, inc., 2008. Available via the World Wide Web. Access restricted to Readex U.S. Congressional Serial Set subscribers.
Usage Terms Copyright 2008 by NewsBank, Inc. All rights reserved.
Other author Abramson, Andrew E.
Adams, Gaynor J.
Bergrun, Norman R.
Berman, Julian H.
Bisson, Edmond E.
Boksenbom, Aaron S.
Brown, B. Porter.
Brown, W. Byron.
Bryson, Arthur Earl, Jr.
Budinger, Ray E.
Campbell, John P.
Carpenter, Paul J.
Chapman, Dean R.
Chilton, Robert G.
Costello, George R.
Creager, Marcus O.
Cummings, Robert L.
DeYoung, John.
Dhawan, S.
Diehl, Z.W.
Donegan, James J.
Duberg, John E.
Dugan, Duane W.
Dugger, Gordon L.
Ferri, Antonio.
Fischel, Jack.
Fuller, Franklyn B.
Ginsburg, Ambrose.
Goldstein, Arthur W.
Goodman, I.A.
Goodwin, Glen.
Gossard, Myron L.
Griffith, George E.
Habel, Louis W.
Hagerman, John R.
Halfman, Robert L.
Hamrick, Joseph T.
Heaslet, Max A.
Hewes, Donald E.
Holms, Arthur G.
Hood, Richard.
Hubbard, Harvey H.
Hunter, Paul A.
Johnson, Robert L.
Kaplan, Carl.
Kester, Robert H.
Kinney, George R.
Klebanoff, P.S., (Philip S.)
Lassiter, Leslie W.
Lichtenstein, Jacob H.
Liepmann, H.W.
Livingood, John N.B.
Lomax, Harvard.
Macks, E. Fred.
Mager, Artur.
Mahoney, John J.
Mathews, Charles W.
McKinney, Marion O., Jr.
Merten, Kenneth F.
Michael, William H., Jr.
Miller, Mason F.
Miller, Robert W.
Milwitzky, Benjamin.
Naeseth, Rodger L.
Nemeth, Zolton N.
Nucci, Louis M.
O'Hare, William M.
Osborn, Walter M.
Pearson, Henry A.
Roshko, A.
Runyan, Harry L.
Sehy, Albert A.
Sinnette, John T., Jr.
Sivell, James C.
Sloop, John L.
Sluder, Loma.
Stalder, Jackson R.
Swikert, Max A.
Talmadge, Donald B.
Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972.
Van Dyke, Milton D.
Vincenti, Walter G.
Wagoner, Cleo B.
Watkins, Charles E.
Westrick, Gertrude C.
Whitten, James B.
Wilder, Thomas W., III.
Wimbrow, William R.
Wise, Paul H.
United States. President (1945-1953 : Truman)
United States. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.
Subject Aeronautical laboratories.
Aircraft engines.
Aircraft parts.
Transportation research.
Wind tunnels.
Annual Reports.
Presidential Communications and Messages.