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100 1  Schaar, Mihaela van der. 
245 10 MPEG-4 beyond conventional video coding|h[electronic 
       resource] :|bobject coding, resilience, and scalability /
       |cMihaela van der Schaar, Deepak S. Turaga, Thomas 
250    1st ed. 
260    San Rafael, Calif. (1537 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA  
       94901 USA) :|bMorgan & Claypool Publishers,|cc2005. 
300    1 electronic document (vi, 78 p.) :|bdigital file. 
490 1  Synthesis lectures on image, video & multimedia processing
500    Part of: Synthesis digital library of engineering and 
       computer science. 
500    Series from website. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 73-78). 
505 0  Introduction -- Interactivity support: coding of objects 
       with arbitrary shapes -- New forms of scalability in MPEG 
       -- MPEG-4 video error resilience -- MPEG-4 deployment: 
       ongoing efforts. 
506 1  Abstract freely available; full-text restricted to 
       subscribers or individual document purchasers. 
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520 0  An important merit of the MPEG-4 video standard is that it
       not only provided tools and algorithms for enhancing the 
       compression efficiency of existing MPEG-2 and H.263 
       standards but also contributed key innovative solutions 
       for new multimedia applications such as real-time video 
       streaming to PCs and cell phones over Internet and 
       wireless networks, interactive services, and multimedia 
       access. Many of these solutions are currently used in 
       practice or have been important stepping-stones for new 
       standards and technologies. In this book, we do not aim at
       providing a complete reference for MPEG-4 video as many 
       excellent references on the topic already exist. Instead, 
       we focus on three topics that we believe formed key 
       innovations of MPEG-4 video and that will continue to 
       serve as an inspiration and basis for new, emerging 
       standards, products, and technologies. The three topics 
       highlighted in this book are object-based coding and 
       scalability, Fine Granularity Scalability, and error 
       resilience tools. This book is aimed at engineering 
       students as well as professionals interested in learning 
       about these MPEG-4 technologies for multimedia streaming 
       and interaction. Finally, it is not aimed as a substitute 
       or manual for the MPEG-4 standard, but rather as a 
       tutorial focused on the principles and algorithms 
       underlying it. 
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650  0 MPEG (Video coding standard) 
700 1  Stockhammer, Thomas. 
700 1  Turaga, Deepak S. 
730 0  Synthesis digital library of engineering and computer 
830  0 Synthesis lectures on image, video, and multimedia 
       processing ;|v#4. 
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       /S00011ED1V01Y200508IVM004|zConnect to ebook (University 
       of Melbourne only) 
990    Synthesis Digital Library, Coll. 1-6 
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