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040    Virginia Poly. Inst|beng|cAzTeS|dDLC 
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050 00 QP141.A1|bC5 1954 
110 2  University of Cincinnati.|bCollege of Medicine. 
245 10 Symposium on nutritional aspects of blood formation :
       |bproceedings of the nutrition symposium held at the 
       University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Cincinnati,
       Ohio, October 22, 1954. 
260    New York :|bNational Vitamin Foundation,|c1955. 
300    i, 74 p. :|billus. ;|c27 cm. 
490 1  Nutrition symposium series ;|vno. 10 
500    "Reprinted from the American journal of clinical nutrition,
       Jan.-Feb. issue, v. 3, no. 1,  pp. 1-74, 1955." 
504    Includes bibliographies. 
505 0  Symposium on nutritional aspects of blood formation, 
       introduction, by R. W. Vilter.--The importance of 
       nutritional factors in the pathogenesis of iron-deficiency
       anemia, by C. V. Moore.--The realtionship of copper, 
       cobalt, and other trace elements to hemopoiesis, by G. E. 
       Cartwirght.--Some metabolic interrelaltionships of folic 
       acid, vitamin B₁₂, and ascorbic acid in patients with 
       megaloblastic anemia, by J. F. Mueller and J. J. Will.--
       The absorption and utilization of vitamin  B₁₂, by R. F. 
       Schilling.--Relationships of hormones to the utilization 
       of essential nutrients in erythropoiesis, by R. C. Crafts.
       --Antimetabolites and antibotics as tools for research on 
       blood formation, by T. H. Jukes.-- Stercobilin and 
       hematopoiesis, by G.W. James, III.--Essential nutrients in
       the management of hematopoietic disorders of human beings:
       a résumé, by R. W. Vilter. 
650  0 Blood. 
650  0 Nutrition. 
710 2  National Vitamin Foundation. 
830  0 Nutrition symposium series ;|vno. 10 
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