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100 1  Vega y Vega, Jorge Juan|eeditor|4edt 
245 04 The Essential Enthymeme|bPropositions for Educating 
       Students in a Modern World|cJorge Juan Vega y Vega
       |h[electronic resource] 
250    1st, New ed. 
260    Bern|bPeter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der 
       Wissenschaften|c201511, c2016 
300    401 p. 
505 0  Contents: John T. Gage: The Enthymeme Within Reason – 
       Jorge Juan Vega y Vega: What Can the Enthymeme Do for 
       Education Today? – Jorge Juan Vega y Vega: Popularizing 
       the Enthymeme: «Fans» for Aristotle – Michael Dennis Hood:
       The Enthymeme as a Practical Rhetoric Concept for Teaching
       Composition – Michael Dennis Hood: The Role of the 
       Enthymeme in the Connection Between Reading and Writing – 
       Michael Dennis Hood: The Place of the Enthymeme in 
       Composition Studies – Michael Dennis Hood: Essential 
       Modern Readings on the Enthymeme – Jorge Juan Vega y Vega:
       Language, Image and Reasoning: Learning with Enthymemes – 
       Jorge Juan Vega y Vega: The Integrated Method: Cognitive 
       and Expressive Skills in the Second-Language Classroom – 
       Daniela Ventura: The Process of Reasoning in Advertising –
       Sandra Marrero Morales: The Enthymeme in Composition 
       Studies: Discourse Analysis in Specialized Medical Texts –
       Daniela Ventura/Jorge Juan Vega y Vega: The Enthymeme in 
       Detective Novels – Jorge Juan Vega y Vega: The Enthymeme 
       for Educational Purposes Today. 
520    The enthymeme in education is essential because it 
       reflects what humans do when they think. It informs not 
       only how we make inferences about the world to discover 
       new knowledge, but also how we express those discoveries 
       to influence the minds of others. Thus, the enthymeme 
       provides an effective pedagogical approach to the analysis
       and synthesis of ideas in the classroom. In this volume, 
       such an approach is applied to composition instruction, 
       second-language learning, advertising, specialized medical
       texts, and detective fiction to help prepare students for 
       the challenges of modern life. (Michael D. Hood) 
520 1  «By means of new approaches to the enthymeme, new modes of
       representation, and new uses of the enthymeme in education
       (as demonstrated throughout the present work), we extend 
       our knowledge of a concept that is central to 
       understanding rationality as a human performance 
       capability in the practical world.» (John T. Gage) 
545 0  Jorge Juan Vega y Vega is a linguist, Professor of French 
       Language, Literature, and Translation, and main researcher
       of LINDOLENEX (Applied Linguistics for Teaching Foreign 
       Languages, Literature, and Translation) at the University 
       of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He is the author of various
       works related to these areas. 
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