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Zucker, Robert A.   3
Zucker, Robert D. : Fundamentals of gas dynamics / Robert D. Zucker, Oscar Biblarz.  c2002 1
Zucker, Robert S., / (University of California, USA) Speaker. : Presynaptic plasticity [electronic resource] / Robert S. Zucker.  2014 1
Zucker, Ross, 1952-   2
zucker s : Encyclopaedia of Mathematics, Supplement III [electronic resource] / by S.S. Abhyankar, V. Abramov, A. Adem, L. Aizenberg, S. Albeverio, Lu⩳ J. Al⩡s, H. Andr⥫a, B.N. Apanasov, I. Assani, K. Atanassov, S. Axler, A. Bagchi, K. Balachandran, R.B. Bapat, C. Bardos, T. Bartsch, P.W. Bates, E.S. Belinsky, A. Ben-Israel, R.D. Benguria, Ch. Berg, V. Bergelson, F. Beukers, A. Bloch, D.L. Boley, C. Boor, J.-P. Brasselet, R. Brown, W. Dale Brownawell, T. Brzezinski, M. Buhmann, A. Bultheel, D. Bump, S. Caenepeel, R.E. Caflisch, B.D. Calvert, R. Carroll, O. Chan, F. Clarke, Fl⡶io Ulhoa Coelho, D.J. Collins, A.K. Common, S.C. Coutinho, C. Croke, G. Csordas, Ra⵬ E. Curto, H.G. Dales, L. Debnath, M. Deistler, A. Derighetti, J.K. Deveney, U. Dieter, P. Dr衸ler, V. Drensky, M. Dror, C.F. Dunkl, A. Duval, T. Ehrhardt, B. Eisenberg, S. Elaydi, E. Elizalde, K. Engel, E. Enochs, M. Eytan, Y. Fang, E.J. Farrell, A. Fern⡮dez L⯰ez, C. Foias, A.S. Fraenkel, M. Fukushima, T. Gannon, J. Gathen, S. Gelbart, L. Gemignani, S.K. Ghosh, J.F. Glazebrook, P. Goerss, J.E. Goodman, B. Brent Gordon, S. Goto, H. Gottschalk, W. Govaerts, S.W. Graham, M.J. Grannell, T.S. Griggs, R.I. Grigorchuck, J.W. Grossman, M.H. Gutknecht, U. Hahn, D. Harbater, G. Harder, K.P. Hart, P. Haukkanen, D.R. Heath-Brown, G.F. Helminck, D. Hensley, N.J. Hitchin, F. Hollander, J.W. Hovenier, Y.-Z. Huang, I.D. Iliev, N. Immerman, M. Inuiguchi, G. Isac, S.V. Ivanov, W. Jaco, M. Jacobsen, K. Jarosz, Soon-M. Jung, D. Jungnickel, N. Kamiya, A. Kanamori, J. Kania-Bartoszy⮳ka, W. Kaup, Y. Kawamata, H. Kellay, P.S. Kenderov, O. Kerner, E. Khmaladze, J. Klamka, M. Klin, M.A. Kﰯtek, E.H. Knill, J. Knopfmacher, M.N. Kolountzakis, V. Komkov, J.G. Krzy纬 S.H. Kulkarni, J.P.S. Kung, Hui-H. Kuo, K.M. Kuperberg, M.L. Lapidus, R.D. Lazarov, J. Lepowsky, C. Heng Li, E.R. Liflyand, W.A. Light, J. Luke鳬 蕮 Lumiste, V. Lychagin, J.X. Madar⡳z, F. Marcell⡮, H. Martini, J. Mawhin, P.A. McCoy, W. McCune, G. McGuire, C.V.M. Mee, D.J. Melville, P.W. Michor, M. Mihalik, C. Moro㡮u, A.O. Morris, C.J. Mulvey, V. Mu䮯z, S. Naimpally, W᤹sᷠNarkiewicz, R.B. Nelsen, I. N⥭eti, F. Neuman, L. Newelski, G.A. Niblo, M.A. Nielsen, V. Nistor, R. Norberg, T. Nowicki, M. Oberguggenberger, D. Olivari, T.C. O'Neil, P.J. Oonincx, E.L. Ortiz, G. Owen, E. Pap, V. Paulauskas, D.B. Pearson, G.K. Pedersen, R.B. Pelz, W.V. Petryshyn, A.N. Philippou, D. Pigozzi, A. Pinkus, Z. Piotrowski, R. Pollack, A. Pr⡳taro, Andr⡳ Pr⥫opa, J. Przytycki, A.G. Ramm, T.M. Rassias, S. Reich, R. Reischuk, S.E. Rodabaugh, A. Rodriguez Palacios, J. Rosenberg, A. Ruci⮳ki, J. S⡮dor, P. Schmid, J.M. Schumacher, S.K. Sehgal, D. Shoikhet, B. Silbermann, D. Simson, A. Sitaram, H. Snoo, A. Soffer, F. Sottile, J. Spencer, H.M. Srivastava, J.D. Stegeman, D. Stegenga, R. Steinberg, R.J. Stroeker, H. Sumida, ⡳zl⯠A. Sz⥫ely, F. Todor, E. Tsekanovskii, A. Turull, N. Tzanakis, L. Unger, H. Upmeier, R.S. Varga, W. Vasconcelos, P.J. Vassiliou, V. Vinnikov, M. Vuorinen, M. Waldschmidt, N. Watt, G.P. Wene, J. Wiegerinck, R.A. Wijsman, R.W. Wittenberg, S.A. Wolpert, S. Xiang, L. Zalcman, A.I. Zayed, S. Zlobec, S. Zucker ; edited by M. Hazewinkel.  2002 1
Zucker, Shlomo. : Seliḥah she-haragti otkha / Tsevi Kanar ; mi-Yidish Shelomoh Tsuḳer.  c2008 1
Zucker, Signor. : By permission of the Rev. the Vice-Chancellor, and the Worshipful the Mayor. In a large room, at the Wrestlers, in the Petty Cury, on Monday the 10th of May, and every Evening during the week, Signor Zucker, and Co [electronic resource] : (who have had the Honour of performing before their Majesties) Will display their inimitable and surprising performances. Part the First, With Books, Eggs, Numbers, Dishes, &c. by Mr. Zucker. Second,-Singing by Miss Zucker. Third,-A Lady, who has had the Honour of performing before their Majesties, will play several Airs on the Musical Glasses. After which she will Produce the Learned Birds; Which she has taught, at the word of command, to go through the Exercise of a Soldier; to lie down as if dead, on a wooden Pillow, then she takes him by the Leg, Wing, or Head, and his Limbs hang as really dead; to sit up like a Lapdog, with a Stick in his Claw, after which he swings himself in a Swing, like a Rope-Dancer; to shew how the Ladies look out of their Windows; to mimic a Dutch Woman going to Market, with Milk-Pails on her Shoulders; to appear as a  1790? 1
Zucker, Stanley. : Cell surface proteases / edited by Stanley Zucker and Wen-Tien Chen.  2003 1
Zucker, Stefan, 1949-   3
Zucker, Steven. : Resilient classrooms : creating healthy environnments for learning / by Beth Doll, Katherine Brehm, and Steven Zucker.  2014 1
Zucker, Steven W. : First doubt : optical confusion in modern photography : selections from the Allan Chasanoff collection / Joshua Chuang ; with contributions by Steven W. Zucker and Allan Chasanoff.  2008 1
Zuckerberg, Donna, 1987- / author. : Not all dead white men : classics and misogyny in the digital age / Donna Zuckerberg.  2018 1
  Zuckerberg, Joan Offerman- -- See Offerman-Zuckerberg, Joan.   1
Zuckerberg, Joseph, 1923- : Ellis Island oral history interview, series EI, no. 153 [electronic resource] : interview of Joseph Zuckerberg / by Janet Levine, May 9, 1992.  2003 1
zuckerbraun brian s : Schwartz's principles of surgery.  2010 1
Zuckerbrot, Daniel. : Killed by care [videorecording] : making medicine safe / director, Daniel Zuckerbrot ; producers, Erna Buffie, Daniel Zuckerbrot.    1
Zuckerbrot, Julian. : Hooked on oil [videorecording] : [the world's dependence on oil] / produced and photographed by Leonard Gilday ; written by David Gilday, Julian Zuckerbrot.  c1991 1
Zuckerkandl, Bertha, 1864-1945. : Österreich intim : Erinnerungen 1892-1942/ Bertha Zuckerkandl ; herausgegeben von Reinhard Federmann.  1970 1
Zuckerkandl, Bertha Szeps. : Clemenceau, tel que je l'ai connu.  1944 1
Zuckerkandl, E. (Emil), 1849-1910. : Normale und pathologische Anatomie der Nasenhöhle und ihrer pneumatischen Anhänge / von E. Zuckerkandl ; mit 22 lithographirten Tafeln.  1882 1
Zuckerkandl, Mr. : National Monetary Commission. Banking in Russia, Austro-Hungary, the Netherlands and Japan. [electronic resource]  1910 1
Zuckerkandl, Otto, 1861-1921. : Atlas and epitome of operative surgery / by Otto Zuckerkandl.  1902 1
Zuckerkandl, Victor. : Sound and symbol. Translated from the German by Willard R. Trask.  1969- 1
Zuckerkandl, Victor, 1896-1965. : The sense of music.  1959 1
Zuckerman, A. A. S.   9
Zuckerman, A. J. : Recent Developments in Prophylactic Immunization [electronic resource] / edited by A.J. Zuckerman.  1989 1
  Zuckerman, A. J. (Arie Jeremy) -- See Zuckerman, Arie J. (Arie Jeremy)   1
Zuckerman, Alan S. : Comparative Politics [electronic resource] : Rationality, Culture, and Structure. Volume 0. / Mark Irving Lichbach, Alan S. Zuckerman.  2009 1
Zuckerman, Alan S., 1945-   7
Zuckerman, Albert. : Writing the blockbuster novel / Albert Zuckerman.  1996 1
Zuckerman, Andrew. : Music / Andrew Zuckerman ; edited by Alex Vlack.  2010 1
  Zuckerman, Antek, 1915-1981 -- See Zuckerman, Yitzhak, 1915-1981   1
Zuckerman, Arie J.   4
Zuckerman, Arie J. (Arie Jeremy)   5
  Zuckerman, Arie Jeremy. -- See Zuckerman, Arie J. (Arie Jeremy)   1
Zuckerman, Arthur J. : A Jewish princedom in feudal France, 768-900 [by] Arthur J. Zuckerman.  1972 1
Zuckerman, Avivah, 1915- / ed. : Dynamic aspects of host-parasite relationships. Edited by Avivah Zuckerman and David W. Weiss.  1973- 1
  Zuckerman, B. M. (Bert Merton), 1924- -- See Zuckerman, Bert M. (Bert Merton), 1924-   1
Zuckerman, B. N. : Plant parasitic nematodes [electronic resource] . Volume I, Morphology, anatomy, taxonomy, and ecology / edited by B.N. Zuckerman, W.F. Mai and R.A. Rohde.  1971 1
Zuckerman, Barry. : Developmental and behavioral pediatrics : a handbook for primary care / edited by Steven Parker, Barry Zuckerman, and Marilyn Augustyn.  2005 1
Zuckerman, Barry S.   5
Zuckerman, Ben. : Mass Loss from Red Giants [electronic resource] : Proceedings of a Conference held at the University of California at Los Angeles, U.S.A., June 20-21, 1984 / edited by Mark Morris, Ben Zuckerman.  1985 1
Zuckerman, Ben, 1943-   2
Zuckerman, Bert M. (Bert Merton), 1924- : Plant parasitic nematodes / edited by B.M. Zuckerman, W.F. Mai, and R.A. Rohde.  1981 1
  Zuckerman, Bert Merton, 1924- -- See Zuckerman, Bert M. (Bert Merton), 1924-   1
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