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100 1  Nimtz, August H.|0
245 10 Marx and Engels :|btheir contribution to the democratic 
       breakthrough /|cAugust H. Nimtz, Jr. 
263    0003. 
264  1 Albany, NY :|bState University of New York Press,|c2000. 
300    pages cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  SUNY series in political theory. Contemporary issues. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gChapter 1|tDemocratic Urge and Commencement of a 
       Revolutionary Partnership|g1 --|tQuest for Democratic Rule
       --|tPartnership Begins --|gChapter 2|tFrom Theory to 
       Practice: Toward a Communist Party|g29 --|tPreparing for 
       Revolution --|tCommunist League --|gChapter 3|tRevolutions
       of 1848-1849: Participating in the "Real Movement"|g57 --
       |tPrelude to Revolution --|tRevolution Begins --|tReturn 
       to Germany --|tJune Revolution --|tToward the People's 
       Alliance --|gChapter 4|tEnd of the Revolutionary Upsurge 
       and the Lessons of Struggle|g83 --|tFrom Revolution to 
       Counterrevolution --|tLessons of Revolution --|gChapter 5
       |tInterpreting the 1848-1851 Events in France: Marx and 
       Engels versus Tocqueville|g113 --|tMarx and Engels versus 
       Their Contemporaries --|tMarx and Engels versus 
       Tocqueville --|gChapter 6|tPolitical Adjustments to the 
       Long Lull in the Class Struggle|g141 --|tCommunist League:
       An "episode in the history of a party" --|tPreparing for 
       the Next Upsurge --|gChapter 7|tA New Revolutionary Era 
       and the Birth of the First International|g169 --
       |tPrecursors of Organized Political Activity --|tFirst 
       International: "A Mighty Engine at Our Disposal" --
       |gChapter 8|tFirst International: From Brussels to the 
       Paris Commune|g197 --|tBreadth of the Marx Party 
       Activities --|tFranco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune -
       -|gChapter 9|tFirst International: The Final Years and 
       Legacy|g223 --|tFight for Programmatic Integrity --
       |tInternational's Legacy --|gChapter 10|tEngels and 
       Revolutionary Continuity|g253 --|tStrategy and Tactics of 
       Party Building --|tToward a New International --|tEngels's
       Contribution: An Assessment. 
520    According to Nimtz, no two people contributed more to the 
       struggle for democracy in the nineteenth century than Karl
       Marx and Frederick Engels. Presenting the first major 
       study of the two thinkers in the past twenty years and the
       first since the collapse of the Soviet Union, this book 
       challenges many widely held views about their democratic 
       credentials and their attitudes and policies on the 
       peasantry, the importance of national self-determination, 
       the struggle for women's equality, their so-called 
       Eurocentric bias, political and party organizing, and the 
       possibility for socialist revolution in an overwhelmingly 
       peasant and underdeveloped country like late-nineteenth-
       century Russia. 
600 10 Marx, Karl,|d1818-1883.|0
600 10 Engels, Friedrich,|d1820-1895.|0
650  0 Democracy.|0
650  0 Political science.|0
830  0 SUNY series in political theory.|pContemporary issues.
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990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
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