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050 00 Q183.9|b.Q8313 2006 
090    Q183.9|b.Q8313X 2006 (LC) 
100 1  Quarteroni, Alfio.|0
240 10 Introduzione al calcolo scientifico.|lEnglish|0http:// 
245 10 Scientific computing with MATLAB and Octave /|cAlfio 
       Quarteroni, Fausto Saleri. 
250    2nd ed. 
264  1 Berlin ;|aNew York :|bSpringer,|c[2006] 
264  4 |c©2006 
300    xvi, 318 pages :|billustrations (some colour);|c24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Texts in computational science and engineering ;|v2. 
500    "Title of the Italian original edition: Introduzione al 
       Calcolo Scientifico, Springer-Verlag Italia, Milano, 
       20056."--T.p. verso. 
500    Previous edition: Scientific computing with MATLAB. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |g1|tWhat can't be ignored|g1 --|g1.1|tReal numbers|g2 --
       |g1.2|tComplex numbers|g6 --|g1.3|tMatrices|g8 --|g1.4
       |tReal functions|g15 --|g1.5|tTo err is not only human|g23
       --|g1.6|tMATLAB and Octave environments|g28 --|g1.7
       |tMATLAB language|g29 --|g1.8|tWhat we haven't told you
       |g37 --|g2|tNonlinear equations|g39 --|g2.1|tBisection 
       method|g41 --|g2.2|tNewton method|g45 --|g2.3|tFixed point
       iterations|g51 --|g2.4|tAcceleration using Aitken method
       |g56 --|g2.5|tAlgebraic polynomials|g60 --|g2.6|tWhat we 
       haven't told you|g65 --|g3|tApproximation of functions and
       data|g71 --|g3.1|tInterpolation|g74 --|g3.2|tPiecewise 
       linear interpolation|g86 --|g3.3|tApproximation by spline 
       functions|g88 --|g3.4|tLeast-squares method|g92 --|g3.5
       |tWhat we haven't told you|g97 --|g4|tNumerical 
       differentiation and integration|g101 --|g4.1
       |tApproximation of function derivatives|g103 --|g4.2
       |tNumerical integration|g105 --|g4.3|tInterpolatory 
       quadratures|g111 --|g4.4|tSimpson adaptive formula|g115 --
       |g4.5|tWhat we haven't told you|g119 --|g5|tLinear systems
       |g123 --|g5.1|tLU factorization method|g126 --|g5.2
       |tPivoting technique|g134 --|g5.3|tHow accurate is the LU 
       factorization?|g136 --|g5.4|tHow to solve a tridiagonal 
       system|g140 --|g5.5|tOverdetermined systems|g141 --|g5.6
       |tWhat is hidden behind the command|g143 --|g5.7
       |tIterative methods|g144 --|g5.8|tRichardson and gradient 
       methods|g150 --|g5.9|tConjugate gradient method|g153 --
       |g5.10|tWhen should an iterative method be stopped?|g156 -
       -|g5.11|tTo wrap-up: direct or iterative?|g159 --|g5.12
       |tWhat we haven't told you|g164 --|g6|tEigenvalues and 
       eigenvectors|g167 --|g6.1|tPower method|g170 --|g6.2
       |tGeneralization of the power method|g174 --|g6.3|tHow to 
       compute the shift|g176 --|g6.4|tComputation of all the 
       eigenvalues|g179 --|g6.5|tWhat we haven't told you|g183 --
       |g7|tOrdinary differential equations|g187 --|g7.1|tCauchy 
       problem|g190 --|g7.2|tEuler methods|g191 --|g7.3|tCrank-
       Nicolson method|g197 --|g7.4|tZero-stability|g199 --|g7.5
       |tStability on unbounded intervals|g202 --|g7.6|tHigh 
       order methods|g212 --|g7.7|tPredictor-corrector methods
       |g216 --|g7.8|tSystems of differential equations|g219 --
       |g7.10|tWhat we haven't told you|g234 --|g8|tNumerical 
       methods for (initial-) boundary-value problems|g237 --
       |g8.1|tApproximation of boundary-value problems|g240 --
       |g8.2|tFinite difference approximation of the heat 
       equation|g253 --|g8.3|tWave equation|g257 --|g8.4|tWhat we
       haven't told you|g263 --|g9|tSolutions of the exercises
630 00 MATLAB.|0 
650  0 Numerical analysis.|0
650  0 Science|xData processing.|0
700 1  Saleri, Fausto.|0
830  0 Texts in computational science and engineering ;|0http://|v2. 
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984    VU|b.b30982091|cheld 
990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
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