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100 1  Cáceres, Manuel Osvaldo,|eauthor. 
245 10 Non-equilibrium statistical physics with application to 
       disordered systems /|cManuel Osvaldo Cáceres. 
264  1 Cham, Switzerland :|bSpringer,|c2017. 
300    xxiv, 556 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Elements of probability theory -- Fluctuations close to 
       thermodynamic equilibrium -- Elements of Stochastic 
       processes -- Irreversibility and the Fokker-Planek 
       equation -- Irreversibility and linear response -- 
       Introduction to diffusive transport -- Diffusion in 
       disordered media -- Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics 
       -- Metastable and unstable states. 
520    This textbook is the result of the enhancement of several 
       courses on non-equilibrium statistics, stochastic 
       processes, stochastic differential equations, anomalous 
       diffusion and disorder. The target audience includes 
       students of physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and 
       engineering at undergraduate and graduate level with a 
       grasp of the basic elements of mathematics and physics of 
       the fourth year of a typical undergraduate course. The 
       little-known physical and mathematical concepts are 
       described in sections and specific exercises throughout 
       the text, as well as in appendices. Physical-mathematical 
       motivation is the main driving force for the development 
       of this text. It presents the academic topics of 
       probability theory and stochastic processes as well as new
       educational aspects in the presentation of non-equilibrium
       statistical theory and stochastic differential equations. 
       In particular it discusses the problem of irreversibility 
       in that context and the dynamics of Fokker-Planck. An 
       introduction on fluctuations around metastable and 
       unstable points are given. It also describes relaxation 
       theory of non-stationary Markov periodic in time systems. 
       The theory of finite and infinite transport in disordered 
       networks, with a discussion of the issue of anomalous 
       diffusion is introduced. Further, it provides the basis 
       for establishing the relationship between quantum aspects 
       of the theory of linear response and the calculation of 
       diffusion coefficients in amorphous systems. 
650  0 Statistical physics. 
650  0 Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. 
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