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245 00 System city :|binfrastructure and the space of flows /
       |cguest-edited by Michael Weinstock. 
264  1 Chichester, West Sussex :|bJohn Wiley & Sons,|c2013. 
264  4 |c©2013-14. 
300    136 pages :|bcolor illustrations, plans ;|c28 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Architectural Design ;|v04/2013. 
490 1  Profile ;|vno.224. 
500    "July/August 2013." 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Visual highlights of the issue -- System City: 
       Infrastructure and the Space of Flows / Michael Weinstock 
       -- Variation and Distribution: Forest Patterns as a Model 
       for Urban Morphologies / George Jeronimidis -- A History 
       of Territories, Movements and Borders: Politics of 
       Inhabitation / Marina Lathouri -- A Distributed Ground: 
       The Unknown Fields Division / Kate Davies -- Third Natures
       : Incubators of Public Space / Efren Garcia Grinda -- 
       Intelligent Cities and the Taxonomy of Cognitive Scales / 
       Mehran Gharleghi -- Darwin Among the Machines / Jack Self 
       -- Cities and Grids: In Search of New Paradigms / Joan 
       Busquets -- The Grounds of a Renewed Practice: Groundlab's
       Approach Towards Landscape and Infrastructure / Eduardo 
       Rico -- Scales of Metabolic Flows: Regional, Urban and 
       Building Systems Design at SOM / Craig Hartman -- 
       Metasystems of Urban Flow. Buro Happold's Collaborations 
       in the Generation of New Urban Ecologies / Wolf 
       Mangelsdorf -- 
505 0  Contents note continued: Local Climates of the City / Iain
       D. Stewart -- Ex Silico Ad Vivo: Computational Simulation 
       and Urban Design at Foster + Partners / Martha Tsigkari --
       Networks and the City / Ricard V. Sole -- Data City: Urban
       Metabolic Decision Processes / Daniel Segraves -- 
       Counterpoint The City Beyond Analogy / Colin Fournier. 
520 8  Summary: A radical shift is taking place in the way that 
       society is thinking about cities, a change from the 
       machine metaphors of the 20th century to mathematical 
       models of the processes of biological and natural systems.
       From this new perspective, cities are regarded not simply 
       as spatially extended material artefacts, but as complex 
       systems that are analogous to living organisms, exhibiting
       many of the same characteristics. There is an emerging 
       view that the design of the thousands of new cities needed
       for an expanding world population are to be founded on 
       intelligent and inhabited infrastructural systems or 'flow
       architectures' of urban metabolisms. The physical arrays 
       of the flow architecture of the city are intimately 
       connected to the networks of subsidiary systems that 
       collect and distribute energy, materials and information. 
650  0 City planning|xPhilosophy.|0
650  0 Cities and towns.|0
650  0 Architecture and society.|0
650  0 Sociology, Urban.|0
700 1  Weinstock, Michael,|0
830  0 Profile (Chichester, England) ;|0
830  0 Architectural design (London, England : 1971) ;|0http://|vv. 83 no. 4. 
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