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245 04 The cultural dimension of human rights /|cedited by Ana 
       Filipa Vrdoljak. 
250    First edition. 
264  1 Oxford :|bOxford University Press,|c2013. 
300    xxiv, 296 pages ;|c24 cm. 
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338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  The collected courses of the Academy of European Law ;
       |vvolume 22/1 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Machine generated contents note: PART I -- 1.Human Rights 
       between Religions, Cultures, and Universality / Pasquale 
       Annicchino -- 1.Introduction -- 2.Human Rights and the 
       Secularization of Christian Theology -- 3.The Separation 
       of Human Rights Theory from Christianity -- 4.Opponents of
       the Universality of Human Rights -- 5.The Use of Human 
       Rights -- 6.Theoretical Paradigm and Sociological Praxis -
       - 7.Conclusion -- 2.Liberty, Equality, Diversity: States, 
       Cultures, and International Law / Ana Filipa Vrdoljak -- 
       1.Introduction -- 2.Liberty -- 3.Equality -- 4.Diversity -
       - 5.Conclusion -- PART II -- 3.Protecting Minority Groups 
       through Human Rights Courts: The Interpretive Role of 
       European and Inter-American Jurisprudence / Gaetano 
       Pentassuglia -- 1.Introduction -- 2.Unearthing Human 
       Rights Rationales: Substantive and Procedural Elements -- 
       3.Constraining the State: Positive Obligations, 
       Proportionality Reviews, or Both? -- 
505 0  Contents note continued: 4.Mainstreaming Accommodation 
       through ̀Systemic' Readings: From Restraint to Cross-
       fertilization -- 5.The Understanding of Minority Groups: 
       Treaty Implications and Beyond -- 6.Conclusions: Towards a
       New Interpretive Ethos -- 4.Culture and the Rights of 
       Indigenous Peoples / Siegfried Wiessner -- 1.Culture as 
       Collective Phenomenon and the Need to Protect It through 
       Individual and Collective Rights -- 2.Indigenous Peoples' 
       Claims and Aspirations -- 3.International Legal 
       Protections of Indigenous Culture Prior to UNDRIP -- 4.The
       United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous 
       Peoples -- 5.The Legal Effect of UNDRIP, Customary 
       International Law and ILA Resolution No 5/2012 -- 
       6.Conclusion -- PART III -- 5.The European Union and 
       Cultural Rights / Evangelia Psychogiopoulou -- 
       1.Introduction -- 2.Cultural Rights and EU Constitutional 
       Law -- 
505 0  Contents note continued: 3.Cultural Rights in the UNESCO 
       Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the 
       Diversity of Cultural Expressions -- 4.Cultural Rights and
       EU Human Rights Policy -- 5.Cultural Rights and EU 
       Cultural Policy -- 6.Conclusion -- 6.Culture, Human Rights,
       and the WTO / Tania Voon -- 1.Introduction -- 2.The Impact
       of WTO Rules on Culture: Two Key Issues -- 3.Human Rights 
       Aspects of Culture in the WTO Context -- 4.Institutional 
       Reflection on Human Rights and the WTO -- 5.Conclusion -- 
       PART IV -- 7.Cultural Pluralism in International Human 
       Rights Law: The Role of Reservations / Yvonne Donders -- 
       1.Introduction -- 2.Reservations to International Human 
       Rights Treaties -- 3.Cultural Reservations to the 
       Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of 
       Discrimination Against Women -- 4.Objections to Cultural 
       Reservations by Other States Parties -- 5.The Committee on
       the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women -- 
505 0  Contents note continued: 6.Concluding Remarks: Cultural 
       Pluralism through Reservations -- 8.Suppressing and 
       Remedying Offences against Culture / Federico Lenzerini --
       1.Introduction: A Holistic Understanding of ̀Culture' -- 
       2.̀Offences Against Culture': A Multifaceted Concept which
       May Have Huge Implications for the Integrity of Human 
       Dignity -- 3.Preventing Offences against Culture through 
       Cultural Heritage-Related International Legal Norms -- 
       4.Repressing Offences against Culture -- 5.Remedying 
       Offences against Culture through Judicial Enforcement -- 
       6.A Cooperative Approach to Remedying and Preventing 
       Offences Against Culture -- 7.Combining Different Methods:
       Prosecution followed by Reconciliation as the Most 
       Effective Means for Remedying and Preventing Offences 
       Against Culture -- 8.Leaving the Past Behind: The Decisive
       Role of Reparations -- 9.Conclusion. 
650  0 Minorities|xCivil rights. 
650  0 Indigenous peoples|xCivil rights. 
650  0 Human rights. 
650  0 Cultural property|xProtection|xLaw and legislation. 
650  0 Culture and law. 
650  0 Minorities|xLegal status, laws, etc. 
700 1  Vrdoljak, Ana Filipa,|eeditor of compilation. 
830  0 Collected courses of the Academy of European Law ;|vvolume
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