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050  4 TL725.3.P5|bW68 2011 
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100 1  Young, Seth B. 
245 10 Airport planning and management|h[electronic resource] /
       |cSeth B. Young, Alexander T. Wells. 
260    New York :|bMcGraw-Hill,|c[2014] 
300    1 online resource (xviii, 588 p.) :|bill. 
490 1  McGraw-Hill's AccessEngineering 
500    Print version c2011. 
505 00 |gPart I.|tAirports and airport systems --|gPart II.
       |tAirport operations management --|gPart III.|tAirport 
       administrative  management. 
505 20 |tAirports and airport systems: an introduction --
       |tAirports and airport systems: organization and 
       administration --|tAirports and airport systems: a 
       historical and legislative perspective --|tThe airfield --
       |tAirspace and air traffic management --|tAirport 
       operations management under 14 CFR Part 139 --|tAirport 
       terminals and ground access --|tAirport security --
       |tAirport financial management --|tThe economic, political,
       and social role of airports --|tAirport planning --
       |tAirport capacity and delay --|tThe future of airport 
       management --|tCode of federal regulations: 14 CFR: 
       aeronautics and space, parts 1 through 199: federal 
       aviation regulations --|tCode of federal regulations: 49 
       CFR: transportation, 1500 series: transportation security 
       regulations --|tFederal aviation administration 150 series
       advisory circulars --|tPhonetic alphabet. 
520    "The definitive, up-to-date guide to airport planning and 
       management. Fully revised, updated, and reorganized to 
       reflect the latest advances in the aviation industry, 
       Airport planning and management, sixth edition offers 
       comprehensive coverage of this challenging field. Airports,
       airport systems, operations management, and administration
       are discussed in detail. This authoritative volume 
       addresses changes in technology, structure, and political 
       environment, including enhanced security, environmental 
       impact, and regulatory issues. The Sixth Edition of this 
       landmark guide to the planning, development, and 
       management of airports is ideal as a course text, self-
       study tool, and professional reference. Coverage includes:
       Introduction to airports and airport systems, Airport and 
       airport systems: organization and administration, 
       Historical and legislative perspectives, The airfield 
       Airspace and air traffic management, Airport operations 
       management under FAR Part 139, Airport terminals and 
       ground access, Airport security, Airport financial 
       management, Economic, political, and social role of 
       airports, Airport planning, Airport capacity and delay, 
       The future of airport management"--Provided by publisher. 
520    "Airport planning and management, sixth edition offers 
       detailed coverage of all of the advancements the aviation 
       industry has experienced in the nearly seven years since 
       the previous edition was published. These include the 
       latest cutting-edge technologies; crucial changes to a 
       variety of rules, regulations, and policies; essential 
       security measures; and reactions to geopolitical events. 
       This is the most authoritative, up-to-date, and 
       comprehensive resource on the topic"--Provided by 
530    Also issued in print. 
588    Description based on cover image and table of contents, 
       viewed on March 21, 2014. 
650  0 Airports|xPlanning. 
650  0 Airports|xManagement. 
650  0 Airports|xDesign and construction. 
650  0 Air traffic control. 
650  0 Airports|xForecasting. 
650  0 Aeronautics|xLaw and legislation|zUnited States. 
655  0 Electronic books. 
655  0 Computer network resources. 
700 1  Wells, Alexander. 
830  0 McGraw-Hill's AccessEngineering. 
856 40 |u
       management-sixth-edition|zConnect to ebook (University of 
       Melbourne only) 
949    TL 725.3 .P5 W68 2011|wLC|c1|i439792-1001|d3/21/2014|lMAIN
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