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245 00 Research in analytical psychology :|bapplications from 
       scientific, historical, and cross-cultural research /
       |cedited by Joseph Cambray and Leslie Sawin. 
250    First edition. 
264  1 Boca Raton, FL :|bRoutledge, an imprint of Taylor and 
300    1 online resource (284 pages) :|b40 illustrations 
336    text|2rdacontent 
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338    online resource|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |tpart Part I Introduction -- |tchapter 1 Qualitative 
       research in Analytical Psychology: current perspectives 
       and future opportunities /|rJoseph Cambray -- |tpart Part 
       II Approaching qualitative research in Analytical 
       Psychology -- |tchapter 2 Jungian research and 
       postmodernism: an antinomial approach /|rElizabeth Eowyn 
       Nelson -- |tchapter 3 The correspondences of C. G. Jung: a
       rich resource /|rThomas B. Kirsch -- |tpart Part III 
       Research on symbolic aspects of the psyche -- |tchapter 4 
       Some remarks concerning archetypal theory and its 
       epistemology /|rFrançois Martin- Vallas -- |tchapter 5 The
       cultural complex theory: scientific and mythopoetic ways 
       of knowing /|rThomas Singer -- |tpart Part IV Research on 
       consciousness and emotion -- |tchapter 6 The spectrums of 
       emotion: in mythologies, philosophies, Analytical 
       Psychology, and the neurosciences /|rBeverley Zabriskie --
       |tchapter 7 Jung and meditation: one path toward 
       investigation /|rMorgan Stebbins -- |tpart Part V A 
       complex systems approach to the psyche -- |tchapter 8 
       Research on synchronicity: status and prospects /
       |rRoderick Main -- |tchapter 9 Complexity, ecology, 
       symbolism, and synchronicity /|rJoseph Cambray -- 
       |tchapter 10 The Tibetan Book of the Dead needs work: a 
       proposal for research into the geometry of individuation /
       |rGeorge B. Hogenson -- |tpart PART VI Cross- cultural 
       research -- |tchapter 11 The loss and recovery of 
       transcendence: perspectives of Jungian psychology and the 
       Hua- Yen School of Buddhism /|rToshio Kawai -- |tchapter 
       12 Psychotherapy research in times of change /|rGrazina 
       Gudaitė -- |tchapter 13 The loss of psychological 
       infrastructure in the "ubiquitous" self- consciousness of 
       our times /|rYasuhiro Tanaka -- |tchapter 14 Cultural 
       complexes and cultural identity in Brazil: the development
       of an individual identity /|rWalter Boechat -- |tpart Part
       VII A glance towards the future -- |tchapter 15 Going 
       forward /|rJoseph Cambray. 
520 3  Research in Analytical Psychology: Applications from 
       Scientific, Historical, and Cross-Cultural Research is a 
       unique collection of chapters from an international 
       selection of contributors, reflecting the contemporary 
       field of research in Analytical Psychology with a focus on
       qualitative and mixed-methods research.Presented in seven 
       parts, this volume offers unique qualitative research that
       highlights approaches to understanding the psyche and 
       investigating its components, and offers a Jungian 
       perspective on cultural forces affecting individual 
       psychology. The book brings forward the connections 
       between Analytical Psychology and other disciplines 
       including neuroscience, psychotherapy research, 
       developmental research, Freudian psychoanalysis, and 
       cultural studies. Part I provides an introduction to the 
       volume, establishes the nature of qualitative and 
       interdisciplinary research and its applications for 
       research in other fields, and outlines the presented work.
       Part II, Approaching Qualitative Research in Analytical 
       Psychology, examines postmodernism and the value a Jungian
       perspective offers, and introduces Jung's correspondence 
       as an emerging resource. Part III, Research on Symbolic 
       Aspects of the Psyche, looks at archetypal theory and 
       cultural complex theory. Part IV, Research on 
       Consciousness and Emotion, presents chapters on meditation
       and the spectrums of emotion in mythologies, philosophy, 
       Analytical Psychology, and the neurosciences. Part V, A 
       Complex Systems Approach to the Psyche, addresses research
       on synchronicity, the geometry of individuation, and 
       complexity, ecology, and symbolism. Part VI, Cross-
       Cultural Research, contains chapters concerning 
       transcendence, psychosocial transformation, psychological 
       infrastructure, and cultural complexes and cultural 
       identity. Part VII concludes the volume by setting 
       directions for potential areas of future study and 
       collaboration. Each chapter provides an overview of 
       research in a specific area and closes with potential 
       directions for future investigation. The book will enable 
       practitioners and researchers to evaluate the empirical 
       status of their concepts and methods and, where possible, 
       set new directions. It also presents the significance of 
       contemporary Analytical Psychology and offers 
       opportunities for cross-discipline collaboration and 
       fertilization.This book will be essential reading for 
       analytical psychologists in practice and in training, 
       academics and students of Analytical Psychology and post-
       Jungian ideas, and academics and students of other 
       disciplines seeking to integrate methods from Analytical 
       Psychology into their research. It is complemented by its 
       companion volume, Research in Analytical Psychology: 
       Empirical Research. 
650  0 Jung & Analytical Psychology. 
650  0 Research Methods for Social and Behavioral Sciences. 
650  0 Analytical Psychology. 
650  0 Applications. 
650  0 Cambray. 
650  0 Cross-Cultural. 
650  0 Historical. 
650  0 Interdisciplinary. 
650  0 Research. 
650  0 Sawin. 
650  0 Scientific. 
650  0 Jungian psychology|xResearch. 
700 1  Cambray, Joseph,|eeditor. 
700 1  Sawin, Leslie,|eeditor. 
710 2  Taylor and Francis. 
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