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111 2  Conference "Screen Melodrama--Global Perspectives"|d(2013 
       :|cNew York, N.Y.),|jauthor. 
245 10 Melodrama unbound :|bacross history, media, and national 
       cultures /|cedited by Christine Gledhill and Linda 
264  1 New York :|bColumbia University Press,|c[2018] 
264  4 |c©2018. 
300    xxv, 406 pages :|billustrations ;|c26 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Film and culture. 
500    Proceedings of a conference jointly mounted by Columbia 
       University (School of the Arts) and New York University 
       (Department of Cinema Studies), co-convened by Richard 
       Allen and Jane Gaines, and which took place between 
       February 28th and March 3rd, 2013. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 341-366) and 
505 0  Prologue : the reach of melodrama / Christine Gledhill -- 
       Introduction / Christine Gledhill and Linda Williams -- 
       Unbinding melodrama / Matthew Buckley -- The Passion of 
       Christ and the melodramatic imagination / Richard Allen --
       Boucicault in Bombay : global theatre circuits and 
       domestic melodrama in the Parsi theatre / Kathryn Hansen -
       - Global melodrama and transmediality in turn of the 
       century Japan / Hannah Airriess -- Transnational melodrama,
       Wenyi, and the orphan imagination / Zhen Xhang -- 
       Performing/acting melodrama / Helen Day-Mayer and David 
       Mayer -- Melodrama and the making of Hollywood / Hilary A.
       Hallett -- Modernizing melodrama : The petrified forest on
       American stage and screen (1935-1936) / Martin Shingler --
       One suffers but one learns : melodrama and the rules of 
       lack of limits / Carlos Monsiváis (trans. Kathleen M. 
       Vernon) -- World and time : serial television melodrama in
       America / Linda Williams -- Melodrama's "authenticity" in 
       Carl Th. Dreyer's La Passion de Jeanne D'arc / Amanda 
       Doxtater -- "Tales of sound and fury ..." or, the elephant
       of melodrama / Linda Williams -- Repositioning excess : 
       romantic melodrama's journey from Hollywood to China / 
       Panpan Yang -- Melodrama and the aesthetics of emotion / 
       E. Deirdre Pribam -- Expressionist aurality: the stylized 
       aesthetic of Bhava in Indiana melodrama / Ira Bhaskar -- 
       The sorrow and the piety : melodrama rethought in postwar 
       Italian cinema / Louis Bayman -- Costumes as melodrama : 
       Super fly, male costume and the larger-than-life / Drake 
       Stutesman -- Melodrama and apocalypse : politics and the 
       melodramatic mode in Contagion / Despina Kakoudaki -- Even
       more tears : the historical time theory of melodrama / 
       Jane M. Gaines. 
520    "Melodrama is one of the most important and most 
       misunderstood categories in film studies. Challenging what
       have become conventional readings and attitudes toward 
       melodrama, the contributors to this collection articulate 
       new ways of thinking about melodrama that underscore its 
       pervasiveness in global film culture, and its distinct 
       ability to depict our understanding of the world. 
       Melodrama Unbound includes essays by leading film scholars
       and historians to provide new approaches to melodrama that
       challenge some of the most persistent assumptions about 
       the genre: that it is a Western form aimed at women and 
       characterized by overwrought emotions. Thus, the essays 
       examine how melodrama has traveled to and been transformed
       in new places such as India, China, Japan, and South 
       America; the melodramatic aspects of action genres that 
       appeal to both male and female audiences; how melodrama 
       mixes with other genres such as romance, comedy, and even 
       realism; how melodrama speaks to the realities of everyday
       life and dramatizes and expresses vital experiences for 
       audiences; and the genre's relationship to history and 
       modernity. Divided into two sections - "Melodrama's 
       Transnational Histories" and "Aesthetics and Politics: 
       Debates in Melodrama Theory" - the book will be a strong 
       mix of film history and theory"--|cProvided by publisher. 
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650  0 Film criticism|0
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650  0 Melodrama on television|0
650  0 Melodrama|xHistory and criticism|0
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast|0http:// 
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700 1  Gledhill, Christine,|0
700 1  Williams, Linda,|d1946-|0
710 2  Columbia University,|0
       n81024714|ehost institution. 
710 2  New York University,|0
       n79058487|ehost institution. 
776 08 |iOnline version:|tMelodrama unbound|dNew York : Columbia 
       University Press, [2018]|z9780231543194|w(DLC) 2018027033.
830  0 Film and culture.|0
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