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100 1  Herega, Alexander,|eauthor. 
245 10 Selected models of the mesostructure of composites :
       |bpercolation, clusters, and force fields /|cAlexander 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer,|c2018. 
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490 1  SpringerBriefs in Physics 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  |6880-01|aIntro; Preface; Contents; Abstract; 1 
       Introduction; References; 2 Complex Percolation Model of 
       the Material Structure; 2.1 Percolation Clusters of Phases
       and Interior Boundaries; 2.2 Modeling of Technological 
       Cracks; 2.3 Percolation in the Sierpinski Carpet; 2.4 The 
       Development of the Concept of the Immediate Neighborhood 
       at Percolation Models; References; 3 Percolation Model of 
       the Long-Range Effect; 3.1 The Anomalous Interaction in 
       Semiconductors; 3.2 Model of the Long-Range Effect. 
       Clusters with Transforming Elements; 3.3 Computer 
       Implementation of the Model. 
505 8  5.2 Stability of Mesoscopic Clusters. The Theorem on the 
       Field Interaction of MultifractalsReferences; 6 
       Conclusion; Appendix A: Essay on Models; Appendix B: Some 
       Parameters of Percolation Systems. Calculating Formulas; 
       Appendix C: Dimensions: Genesis of Representations and 
       Physical Applications; Appendix D: The Relative Order of 
       the Heterogeneous Materials' Structure. 
520    This book presents the role of mesostructure on the 
       properties of composite materials. A complex percolation 
       model is developed for the material structure containing 
       percolation clusters of phases and interior boundaries. 
       Modeling of technological cracks and the percolation in 
       the Sierpinski carpet are described. The interaction of 
       mesoscopic interior boundaries of the material, including 
       the fractal nature of interior boundaries, the oscillatory
       nature of it interaction and also the stochastic model of 
       the interior boundaries' interaction, the genesis, 
       structure, and properties are discussed. One of part of 
       the book introduces the percolation model of the long-
       range effect which is based on the notion on the 
       multifractal clusters with transforming elements, and the 
       theorem on the field interaction of multifractals is 
       described. In addition small clusters, their 
       characteristic properties and the criterion of stability 
       are presented. 
650  0 Composite materials|xSimulation methods. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
710 2  SpringerLink|eissuing body. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aHerega, Alexander.|tSelected Models of 
       the Mesostructure of Composites. Percolation, Clusters, 
       Power Fields.|dCham : Springer, ©2018|z9783319897035 
830  0 SpringerBriefs in physics. 
830  0 Springer Physics and Astronomy eBooks 2018 English+
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880 8  |6505-01/(S|a3.4 Long-Range in Construction Composites3.5 
       Conclusion; References; 4 The Interaction of Mesoscopic 
       Interior Boundaries of the Material; 4.1 Interior 
       Boundaries and Properties of Composite Materials; 4.2 
       Fractal Nature of Interior Boundaries' Networks. Force 
       Field Model of Polyscale Network; 4.3 The Oscillatory 
       Interaction of Different Scales Structures. Stochastic 
       Model of the Interior Boundaries' Interaction; 4.4 
       Conclusion; References; 5 Small Clusters: Genesis, 
       Structure, and Properties; 5.1 Simulation of Coagulation 
       in a Curvilinear Two-Phase Flow. Types of Clusters. Ξ-
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