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040    XNLS|beng|cXNLS|dNSL:R 
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082 04 374.0130994|220 
245 10 Literacy encounters|h[kit]. 
260    Canberra :|bDEET,|c1995. 
300    6 books, 5 videocassettes (VHS), 1 computer optical laser 
       disk ;|cin container 35 x 30 x 11 cm. 
500    System requirements for disk: Apple Macintosh; 8 Mb RAM; 
       System 7; 13"/14" colour monitor; CD-ROM drive; Printer 
       (optional); headphones (optional) 
500    "Meeting the literacy needs of Aboriginal and Torres 
       Strait Islanders in remote areas" -- cover. 
500    Project manager: Alison Gotts. 
500    "Computer-assisted learning" -- cover. 
500    "These curriculum materials have been developed through 
       the Australian Language and Literacy Policy initiative, 
       funded by the Department of Employment, Education and 
       Training (DEET). The curriculum materials have been 
       developed for Project No. 7: Meeting the Adult Literacy 
       Needs in English of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
       in Isolated Regions by the Department of Remote Access 
       Training and Education Projects (RATEP) at the Cairns 
       College of TAFE, Queensland" -- teachers guide. 
505 0  Literacy encounters (CD ROM) -- Teachers guide --Buying a 
       dinghy (book and videocassette) -- Maths in the 
       supermarket (book and videocassette) -- Language and the 
       law (book and videocassette) -- Good food for diabetics 
       (book and videocassette) -- Dealing with Social Security 
       (book and videocassette). 
650  0 Functional literacy|zAustralia|xComputer-assisted 
650  0 Aboriginal Australians|xEducation|xLanguage arts|xComputer
       -assisted instruction. 
650  0 Literacy|xStudy and teaching|zAustralia|xComputer-assisted
700 1  Gotts, Alison. 
710 1  Australia.|bDept. of Employment, Education and Training. 
710 2  Cairns College of TAFE.|bDept. of Remote Access Training 
       and Education Projects. 
740 0  Dealing with Social Security. 
740 0  Buying a dinghy. 
740 0  Maths in the supermarket. 
740 0  Language and the law. 
740 0  Good food for diabetics. 
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       by case basis. Please contact the Education Librarian via 
       the Giblin Eunson Library Service Desk to discuss access. 
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