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245 00 Musculoskeletal ultrasound in rheumatology review /|cMinna
       J. Kohler, editor. 
260    Switzerland :|bSpringer,|cc2016. 
300    1 online resource. 
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500    Includes index. 
505 0  Dedication; Preface; Organization; Acknowledgements; 
       Contents; Contributors; Author Bios; Introduction: 
       Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Indications and Fundamentals; 
       Key Points; Introduction; Indications for Ultrasound 
       in Rheumatology; Technical Fundamentals of Ultrasound; 
       Ultrasound Waves; Ultrasound Energy; Ultrasound Modes; 
       Ultrasound Equipment; How to Use Ultrasound Equipment: 
       "Knobology"; How to Sit and Hold the Probe: Ultrasound 
       Ergonomics; How Anatomic Structures Appear 
       on an Ultrasound Image; Common Artifacts; Anisotropy; 
       Posterior Acoustic Shadowing (Attenuation Artifact) 
505 8  Posterior Acoustic Enhancement Lateral Edge Shadowing; 
       Posterior Reverberation; Mirror Image; Conclusion; Review 
       Questions; Answers; References; Basic Ultrasound 
       Pathology; Key Points; Introduction; Definitions; 
       Rheumatoid Arthritis; Synovitis and Tenosynovitis; 
       Effusions; Erosions; RA Synovitis Scoring Systems; 
       Prognosis; Osteoarthritis; Osteophytes; Articular 
       Cartilage Damage; Effusions and Baker's Cysts; Synovitis; 
       Spondyloarthropathies; Tendon/Enthesis; Ankylosing 
       Spondylitis; Psoriatic Arthritis; Dactylitis; Psoriasis 
       of the Nails; Scoring Systems for SpA 
505 8  Crystal Arthropathies: Gout and CPPD/Pseudogout Gout; 
       Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia and Early Gout; Gout Vs. 
       Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Deposition (Pseudogout); 
       Ultrasound vs. Other Imaging Modalities for Diagnosis 
       of Gout; Gout Ultrasound Methodology; Chronic Tophaceous 
       Gout; Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease; Systemic 
       Lupus Erythematosus; Sjogren's Syndrome; Large Vessel 
       Vasculitis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica; Conclusion; Review 
       Questions; Answers; References; Synovitis Evaluation; Key 
       Points; Introduction 
505 8  How to Obtain Good Images for Evaluation of Synovitis 
       in Joints and Tendons Ultrasound Evaluation of Synovitis; 
       Doppler Ultrasound; Optimization of Doppler Settings; 
       Semiquantitative Synovitis Scoring Systems; Quantitative 
       Synovitis Scoring; Number of Joints to be Examined; 
       Evaluation of Tenosynovitis; Paratenonitis; Conclusion; 
       Review Questions; Answers; References; Ultrasound 
       of the Hand and Wrist; Key Points; General Principles; 
       Dorsal Wrist; Radial Wrist; Ulnar Wrist; Volar/Palmar 
       Wrist; Finger Joints; Pathology; Synovitis; Erosions; 
       Tendon and Ligament Pathology 
505 8  Nodules Nerve Impingement; Conclusion; Review Questions; 
       Answers; References; Ultrasound of the Elbow; Key Points; 
       Introduction; Ultrasound Examination Technique; Anterior 
       Elbow; Lateral Elbow; Medial Elbow; Posterior Elbow; 
       Rheumatologic Elbow Pathology; Synovial Pathology; Bursal 
       Pathology; Tendon and Ligament Pathology; Bony Pathology; 
       Soft-Tissue Pathology; Nerve Pathology; Injections 
       and Ultrasound Guidance at the Elbow; Conclusion; Review 
       Questions; Answers; References; Ultrasound 
       of the Shoulder; Key Points; Introduction; Sonoanatomy; 
       Osseous Sonoanatomy 
520    This book provides a comprehensive clinical review of 
       diagnostic and interventional applications of 
       musculoskeletal ultrasound at the point-of-care. As more 
       rheumatologists and other musculoskeletal providers in 
       training and in practice learn the skill of 
       musculoskeletal ultrasound, an increasing number of them 
       will seek study materials for exam preparation and 
       practical knowledge that apply to their clinical practice.
       Each chapter covers a standardized protocol of joint 
       images with probe placement, and includes numerous 
       examples of common ultrasound pathologies, clearly 
       addressing what kind of pathology to look for with 
       specific ultrasound image views. Review topics are 
       emphasized, and study tools such as key-concept overviews,
       lists of important studies in the field, and extensive 
       questions for self-assessment are included throughout. 
       Because ultrasound training is moving toward becoming a 
       mandatory part of rheumatology fellowship and has become 
       mandatory in physical medicine and rehabilitation 
       residencies, this book is a valuable educational resource 
       for rheumatologists, physiatrists, and musculoskeletal 
       providers seeking a practical review guide for preparation
       of certification exams and use in clinical practice. 
650  0 Rheumatology. 
650  0 Connective tissues|xDiseases|xUltrasonic imaging. 
650  0 Joints|xDiseases|xUltrasonic imaging. 
650  0 Musculoskeletal system|xUltrasonic imaging. 
650  0 Medicine. 
650  0 Radiology. 
650  0 Sports medicine. 
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700 1  Kohler, Minna J. 
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