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LEADER 00000ngm a2200445 a 4500 
007    vd cvaizs 
008    100816t20082008cc 096            vlchi d 
035    .b36869193 
040    VU|beng|cVU 
041 1  chi|jeng|hchi 
043    a-cc--- 
245 04 The high life =|bXun huan zuo le /|ca Lantern Films China 
       production ; a Zhao Dayong film. 
246 31 Xun huan zuo le. 
264  1 China :|bLantern Films China,|c[2008] 
264  4 |c©2008 
300    1 videodisc (DVD) (96 minutes) :|bsound, colour ;|c4 3/4 
336    two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent 
337    video|bv|2rdamedia 
338    videodisc|bvd|2rdacarrier 
340    |gpolychrome|2rdacc|0
344    digital|2rdatr|0
344    |boptical|2rdarm|0
344    |gstereo|2rdapc|0
347    video file|2rdaft|0
347    |bDVD video 
508    Produced by David Bandurski ; directed by Zhao Dayong. 
520    Jian Ming, who lives in a crowded urban village slum in 
       Guangzhou, has no goals or ambitions. He scrapes out an 
       existence by running a phony employment agency, scamming 
       money out of desperate new arrivals. He derives some petty
       satisfaction by creating a collage on his bedroom wall out
       of the photos of his scam victims. His only other escape 
       from his rock-bottom life of the urban village is his 
       daily Chinese opera routine, which he performs on the 
       rooftop of his apartment building. Jian Ming also secretly
       passes time with Ah Fang, a young mistress kept by a 
       wealthier patron in an apartment in the urban village. The
       arrival one day of a fresh-faced young migrant named Xiao 
       Ya jostles Jian Ming out of his malaise. Xiao Ya has come 
       to the city in search of work, and for the first time ever
       Jian Ming seriously considers how he might give her a real
       leg up. He introduces her to a sleazy hair salon in the 
       village, taking an under-the-table finders fee from the 
       salon's owner. This business exchange weighs on Jian 
       Ming's conscience, and he often goes to the salon to speak
       with Xiao Ya. The two grow closer and closer.  Before long,
       the mistress Ah Fang grows to despise her elderly patron. 
       She presses Jian Ming to leave the village with her and 
       start a new life. But tensions grow between them, as Jian 
       Ming must face the fact that he has never truly loved Ah 
       Fang. Meanwhile, Jian Ming continues to visit to Xiao Ya 
       at the salon, where their friendship deepens. One day, as 
       Jian Ming and Xiao Ya are hanging out, Brother Hui, the 
       local gang leader, comes into the salon for a massage. 
       Jian Ming stands powerless outside as Brother Hui rapes 
       Xiao Ya in the back room. Jian Ming leaves the salon in a 
       fury and later attacks Brother Hui in one of the village's
       dark alleys.  Brother Hui's attack on Xiao Ya sends Jian 
       Ming into a deep funk. His friend Ren finally convinces 
       him to take part in a pyramid sales scheme, but Guangzhou 
       police raid the meeting and take Jian Ming into custody.  
       The film then turns to Dian Qiu, a police prison guard who
       is an aspiring poet. Dian Qiu's greatest joy is hearing 
       others read his poetry, and each day he foists his 
       notebook on prisoners and forces them to recite the poems 
       for the others. Those who refuse to read Dian's poetry are
       placed in solitary confinement. 
538    DVD. 
546    In Mandarin with English subtitles. 
650  0 Feature films|0
650  0 Criminals|zChina|0
700 1  Zhao, Dayong,|d1970-|0
700 1  Bandurski, David.|0
710 2  Lantern Films China.|0
907    .b36869193 
984    VU|b.b36869193|cheld 
990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
990    Uploaded to LA VU-B.D252 08/11/12 aci 
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