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245 04 The influence of technology on social network analysis and
       mining|h[electronic resource] /|cedited by Tansel Ozyer 
       ... [et al.]. 
260    Vienna ;|aLondon :|bSpringer,|c2013. 
300    1 online resource. 
490 1  Lecture notes in social networks ;|v6 
505 00 |tEgoClustering: Overlapping Community Detection via 
       Merged Friendship-Groups /|rBradley S. Rees, Keith B. 
       Gallagher --|tOptimization Techniques for Multiple 
       Centrality Computations /|rChristian von der Weth, Klemens
       Böhm --|tApplication of Social Network Metrics to a Trust-
       Aware Collaborative Model for Generating Personalized User
       Recommendations /|rIraklis Varlamis, Magdalini Eirinaki --
       |tTweCoM: Topic and Context Mining from Twitter /|rLuca 
       Cagliero, Alessandro Fiori --|tPixel-Oriented Network 
       Visualization: Static Visualization of Change in Social 
       Networks /|rKlaus Stein, René Wegener --|tBuilding Expert 
       Recommenders from Email-Based Personal Social Networks /
       |rVerónica Rivera-Pelayo, Simone Braun --|tA Local 
       Structure-Based Method for Nodes Clustering: Application 
       to a Large Mobile Phone Social Network /|rAlina Stoica, 
       Zbigniew Smoreda --|tVirus Propagation Modeling in 
       Facebook /|rWei Fan, Kai-Hau Yeung --|tComparing and 
       Visualizing the Social Spreading of Products on a Large 
       Social Network /|rPål Roe Sundsøy, Johannes Bjelland -- 
505 80 |tEngagingness and Responsiveness Behavior Models on the 
       Enron Email Network and Its Application to Email Reply 
       Order Prediction /|rByung-Won On, Ee-Peng Lim, Jing Jiang 
       --|tEfficient Extraction of High-Betweenness Vertices from
       Heterogeneous Networks /|rWen Haw Chong, Wei Shan Belinda 
       Toh --|tCross-Domain Analysis of the Blogosphere for Trend
       Prediction /|rPatrick Siehndel, Fabian Abel --
       |tInformative Value of Individual and Relational Data 
       Compared Through Business-Oriented Community Detection /
       |rVincent Labatut, Jean-Michel Balasque --|tClustering 
       Social Networks Using Distance-Preserving Subgraphs /
       |rRonald Nussbaum, Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian --|tExtraction
       of Spatio-Temporal Data for Social Networks /|rJudith 
       Gelernter, Dong Cao --|tDetecting Communities in Massive 
       Networks Efficiently with Flexible Resolution /|rQi Ye, 
       Bin Wu --|tDetecting Emergent Behavior in a Social Network
       of Agents /|rMohammad Moshirpour, Shimaa M. El-Sherif --
       |tFactors Enabling Information Propagation in a Social 
       Network Site /|rMatteo Magnani, Danilo Montesi, Luca Rossi
       --|tLearning from the Past: An Analysis of Person Name 
       Corrections in the DBLP Collection and Social Network 
       Properties of Affected Entities /|rFlorian Reitz, Oliver 
       Hoffmann -- 
505 80 |tTowards Leader Based Recommendations /|rIlham Esslimani,
       Armelle Brun, Anne Boyer --|tEnhancing Child Safety in 
       MMOGs /|rLyta Penna, Andrew Clark, George Mohay --|tAn 
       Adaptive Framework for Discovery and Mining of User 
       Profiles from Social Web-Based Interest Communities /
       |rNima Dokoohaki, Mihhail Matskin --|tDB2SNA: An All-in-
       One Tool for Extraction and Aggregation of Underlying 
       Social Networks from Relational Databases /|rRania Soussi,
       Etienne Cuvelier --|tExtending Social Network Analysis 
       with Discourse Analysis: Combining Relational with 
       Interpretive Data /|rChristine Moser, Peter Groenewegen --
       |tHow Latent Class Models Matter to Social Network 
       Analysis and Mining: Exploring the Emergence of Community 
       /|rJaime R. S. Fonseca, Romana Xerez --|tIntegrating 
       Online Social Network Analysis in Personalized Web Search 
       /|rOmair Shafiq, Tamer N. Jarada --|tEvolution of Online 
       Forum Communities /|rMikolaj Morzy --|tMovie Rating 
       Prediction with Matrix Factorization Algorithm /|rOzan B. 
       Fikir, İlker O. Yaz, Tansel Özyer. 
520    The study of social networks was originated in social and 
       business communities. In recent years, social network 
       research has advanced significantly; the development of 
       sophisticated techniques for Social Network Analysis and 
       Mining (SNAM) has been highly influenced by the online 
       social Web sites, email logs, phone logs and instant 
       messaging systems, which are widely analyzed using graph 
       theory and machine learning techniques. People perceive 
       the Web increasingly as a social medium that fosters 
       interaction among people, sharing of experiences and 
       knowledge, group activities, community formation and 
       evolution. This has led to a rising prominence of SNAM in 
       academia, politics, homeland security and business. This 
       follows the pattern of known entities of our society that 
       have evolved into networks in which actors are 
       increasingly dependent on their structural embedding 
       General areas of interest to the book include information 
       science and mathematics, communication studies, business 
       and organizational studies, sociology, psychology, 
       anthropology, applied linguistics, biology and medicine. 
588    Description based on print version record. 
650  0 Social networks. 
650  0 Social sciences|xNetwork analysis. 
650  0 Data mining. 
650  0 Social sciences|xNetwork analysis|xEffect of technological
       innovations on. 
650  0 Data mining|xEffect of technological innovations on. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Negotiating|2bisacsh 
655  7 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Interpersonal Relations|2bisacsh 
700 1  Özyer, Tansel. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tInfluence of technology on social 
       network analysis and mining.|dVienna ; London : Springer, 
830  0 Lecture notes in social networks ;|v6. 
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