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245 00 Encyclopedia of machine learning and data mining /|cClaude
       Sammut, Geoffrey I. Webb, editors. 
250    Second edition. 
264  1 New York, NY :|bSpringer,|c2017. 
300    1 online resource :|billustrations (some color) 
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505 0  Intro; Preface; Contributors; A; A/B Testing; Abduction; 
       Definition; Motivation and Background; Structure of the 
       Learning Task; Abduction in Artificial Intelligence; 
       Abductive Concept Learning; Abduction and Induction; 
       Abduction in Systems Biology; Cross-References; 
       Recommended Reading; Absolute Error Loss; Accuracy; 
       Definition; Cross-References; ACO; Actions; Active 
       Learning; Definition; Structure of Learning System; 
       Related Problems; Active Learning Scenarios; Constructive 
       Active Learning; Pool-Based Active Learning; Stream-Based 
       Active Learning; Other Forms of Active Learning 
505 8  Common Active Learning StrategiesStatistical Active 
       Learning; The Need for Reference Distributions; A Detailed
       Example: Statistical Active Learning with LOESS; Greedy 
       Versus Batch Active Learning; Cross-References; 
       Recommended Reading; Active Learning Theory; Definition; 
       Learning from Labeled and Unlabeled Data; Motivating 
       Examples; Example: Thresholds on the Line; Example: Linear
       Separators in R2; Example: An Overabundance of Unlabeled 
       Data; The Sample Complexity of Active Learning; Generic 
       Results for Separable Data; Mildly Selective Sampling; A 
       Bayesian Model; Other Work; Conclusion 
505 8  Cross-ReferencesRecommended Reading; Adaboost; Adaptive 
       Control Processes; Adaptive Learning; Adaptive Real-Time 
       Dynamic Programming; Synonyms; Definition; Motivation and 
       Background; Structure of Learning System; Backup 
       Operations; Off-Line Versus On-Line; Learning A Model; 
       Summary of Theoretical Results; Special Cases and 
       Extensions; Cross-References; Recommended Reading; 
       Adaptive Resonance Theory; Adaptive Resonance Theory; ART 
       Design Elements; Stable Fast Learning with Distributed and
       Winner-Take-All Coding; Complement Coding: Learning Both 
       Absent Features and Present Features 
505 8  Matching, Attention, and SearchApplications; The Boston 
       Testbed; Application 1: Learning from Experience with Self
       -Supervised ART; Application 2: Transforming Information 
       into Knowledge Using ART Knowledge Discovery; Application 
       3: Correcting Errors by Biasing Attention Using Biased 
       ART; Future Directions; New Paradigms for Autonomous 
       Intelligent Systems: Complementary Computing and Laminar 
       Computing; Complementary Computing in the Design of 
       Perceptual/Cognitive and Spatial/Motor Systems 
505 8  Where's Waldo? Unifying Spatial and Object Attention, 
       Learning, Recognition, and Search of Valued Objects and 
       ScenesGeneral-Purpose Vision and How It Supports Object 
       Learning, Recognition, and Tracking; Visual and Spatial 
       Navigation, Cognitive Working Memory, and Planning; Social
       Cognition; Mental Disorders and Homeostatic Plasticity; 
       Machine Consciousness?; Recommended Reading; Adaptive 
       System; Agent; Agent-Based Computational Models; Agent-
       Based Modeling and Simulation; Agent-Based Simulation 
       Models; AIS; Algorithm Evaluation; Definition; Motivation 
       and Background; Processes and Techniques 
520 8  Annotation|bThis comprehensive encyclopedia, in A-Z format,
       provides easy access to relevant information for those 
       seeking entry into any aspect within the broad field of 
       machine learning. Most of the several hundred entries 
       include useful literature references, providing the reader
       with a portal to more detailed information on any given 
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650  0 Data mining|vEncyclopedias. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Encyclopedias.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423798 
700 1  Sammut, Claude,|d1956-|eeditor. 
700 1  Webb, Geoffrey I.,|eeditor. 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|tEncyclopedia of machine learning and 
       data mining.|bSecond edition|z9781489976857
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