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050 00 HC79.C3|bI577 2003 
082 00 363|222 
111 2  International Conference on Technology, Policy, and 
       n2001097595|n(5th :, :|d2001 :|cHague, Netherlands) 
245 10 Critical infrastructures :|bstate of the art in research 
       and application /|cedited by W.A.H. Thissen and P.M. 
264  1 Boston :|bKluwer Academic Publishers,|c2003. 
300    viii, 304 pages :|b24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  International series in operations research & management 
       science ;|v65. 
500    Papers presented at the 5th International Conference on 
       "Technology, Policy and Innovation," held in The Hague, 
       The Netherlands, in June 2001. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tCritical Infrastructures: A New and Challenging Research
       Field / |rP.M. Herder, W.A.H. Thissen|g1 --|gPart I
       |tVulnerability and Risk|g9 --|tVulnerable Internet / 
       |rH.A.M. Luiijf, M.H.A. Klaver, J. Huizenga, J. van Till, 
       R. de Boer, C.H.C. van de Sandt, P. Maclaine Pont|g11 --
       |tSystem Implications of Distributed Generation / |rN. 
       Strachan, H. Zerriffi, H. Dowlatabadi|g39 --|tWireless 
       Revolution / |rP.S. Anderson, G.A. Gow|g77 --|tRegulatory 
       Design for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery by 
       Infrastructure Providers / |rL. Srivastava, R. Samarajiva
       |g103 --|gPart II|tSystem Development and Adaptation|g121 
       --|tPolicy Enablers for the Development of a Space-Based 
       Infrastructure / |rD. Hastings, E. S. Lamassoure, A.L. 
       Weigel, J.H. Saleh|g123 --|tA Framework for Modeling the 
       Control and Management of Infrastructure through the Use 
       of Critical Information Flows / |rA.L. Turk, M.P.C. 
       Weijnen|g139 --|gPart III|tInstitutional Change|g161 --
       |tInfrastructure Investment after Liberalization / |rL.J. 
       de Vries|g163 --|tInfrastructure Regulation Difficulties /
       |rC. Casanueva, R. del Villar|g179 --|tDelineating the 
       Scope of Convergence in Infrastructures / |rJ.M. Bauer, 
       M.P.C. Weijnen, A.L. Turk, P.M. Herder|g209 --|gPart IV
       |tCapacity Management|g233 --|tInterruptible Physical 
       Transmission Contract for the Deregulated Electric Power 
       Industry / |rS. Raikar, P. Skantze|g235 --|tCapacity 
       Management in Infrastructure Sectors / |rE.F. ten 
       Heuvelhof, M. Kuit, H.D. Stout, J.M. Bauer|g265 --
       |tSynthesis|g281 --|tSynthesis of Approaches and Insights 
       / |rW.A.H. Thissen, P.M. Herder|g283. 
650  0 Infrastructure (Economics)|0
650  0 Computer security|0
650  0 Data protection|0
650  0 Industrial capacity|0
700 1  Thissen, Wil A. H.|0
700 1  Herder, Paulien Minke,|d1971-|0
830  0 International series in operations research & management 
       science ;|0
907    .b28610921 
984    VU|cheld 
990    MARCIVE MELB 201906 
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