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020    9783030123307|qelectronic book 
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024 7  10.1007/978-3-030-12 
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245 00 Security and privacy trends in the industrial internet of 
       things /|ceditor Cristina Alcatraz. 
264  1 Cham, Switzerland :|bSpringer,|c2019. 
300    1 online resource (xii, 310 pages). 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security 
500    3.2 Capability-Based Access Control 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Intro; Preface; Contents; List of Abbreviations; Part I 
       Security Analysis and Advanced Threats; Securing 
       Industrial Control Systems; 1 Introduction; 2 Urban Myths;
       3 Information Technology; 3.1 Operational Technology; 4 
       ICS Security Properties; 4.1 Controllability, 
       Observability and Operability; 4.2 Ensuring ICS Security; 
       5 IT Defenses; 5.1 Cryptography; 5.2 Intrusion Detection; 
       5.3 Trusted Computing; 6 Safety vs. Security; 6.1 
       Information Technology in an OT Environment; 6.1.1 
       Security Updates; 6.1.2 System Shutdown; 6.1.3 Software 
       Security; 6.2 Independence Assumptions 
505 8  7 Information Channels Beyond IT7.1 Zones and Conduits; 
       7.2 Delivering Attack Payloads via Process Physics; 7.3 
       Information Flow via Process Physics; 8 Security 
       Architecture; 8.1 Multiple Independent Levels of Security 
       Architecture; 8.2 Role of the Vendor; 8.3 Example: Smart 
       Meters; 9 Conclusion; References; Towards a Secure 
       Industrial Internet of Things; 1 Introduction; 2 Identify;
       2.1 Security Requirements; 2.2 Integration Approaches; 2.3
       Industrial IoT Security Parameters; 3 Protect; 3.1 
       Hardware Security Measures; 3.2 Communication Channels 
       Security; 3.3 General Protection Approaches 
505 8  4 Detect5 Respond and Recover; 6 Conclusions; References; 
       Advanced Persistent Threats and Zero-Day Exploits in 
       Industrial Internet of Things; 1 Introduction; 2 SCADA 
       Related Protocols and Architectures; 3 Zero-Day Exploits 
       on Human-Machine Interface Applications; 3.1 Memory 
       Corruption; 3.2 Credential Harvesting; 3.3 Insecure 
       Installation, Authentication and Authorization Procedures;
       3.4 Code Injection; 4 APT Attack Scenarios on Industrial 
       IoT Field Devices; 4.1 Stuxnet; 4.2 Dragonfly; 4.3 
       Attacking Internet Facing PLCs: PLC-Blaster; 4.4 Attacking
       Industrial Robots 
505 8  4.5 PLC Ransomware: LogicLocker5 APT Attacks on Smart Grid
       SCADA Networks and Field Devices; 5.1 Attacks on 
       Generation Systems: The Aurora Attack; 5.2 Attack on the 
       Ukraine's Smart Grid Distribution Network (2015); 5.3 
       Attack on the Ukraine's Kiev Transmission Station (2016); 
       6 Conclusions; References; Part II Secure Interconnection 
       Mechanisms; A Survey on Lightweight Authenticated 
       Encryption and Challenges for Securing Industrial IoT; 1 
       Introduction; 2 Key IoT Applications in Industries; 3 
       Target Devices; 4 Lightweight Cryptography Standards; 5 
       Evaluation Metrics; 5.1 Performance Metrics 
505 8  5.2 Hardware-Specific Metrics5.3 Software-Specific 
       Metrics; 6 Design Classification; 6.1 Underlying 
       Constructions; 6.2 Underlying Modes; 6.3 Functional 
       Characteristics; 7 Security; 8 Overview of LWAE 
       Candidates; 8.1 Stream-Cipher Based AE Candidates; 8.2 
       Hybrid Candidates; 8.3 Sponge Based Candidates; 8.4 Block 
       Cipher Based Candidates; 9 Comparisons; 10 Open 
       Challenges; 11 Conclusion; References; Access Control in 
       the Industrial Internet of Things; 1 Introduction; 2 
       Background; 2.1 IIoT Architecture; 2.2 Access Control 
       Requirements; 3 Access Control Approaches; 3.1 Role-Based 
       Access Control 
520    This book, written by leaders in the protection field of 
       critical infrastructures, provides an extended overview of
       the technological and operative advantages together with 
       the security problems and challenges of the new paradigm 
       of the Internet of Things in today's industry, also known 
       as the Industry Internet of Things (IIoT). The 
       incorporation of the new embedded technologies and the 
       interconnected networking advances in the automation and 
       monitoring processes, certainly multiplies the functional 
       complexities of the underlying control system, whilst 
       increasing security and privacy risks. The critical nature
       of the application context and its relevance for the well-
       being of citizens and their economy, attracts the 
       attention of multiple, advanced attackers, with stealthy 
       abilities to evade security policies, ex-filter 
       information or exploit vulnerabilities. Some real-life 
       events and registers in CERTs have already clearly 
       demonstrated how the control industry can become 
       vulnerable to multiple types of advanced threats whose 
       focus consists in hitting the safety and security of the 
       control processes. This book, therefore, comprises a 
       detailed spectrum of research papers with highly 
       analytical content and actuation procedures to cover the 
       relevant security and privacy issues such as data 
       protection, awareness, response and resilience, all of 
       them working at optimal times. Readers will be able to 
       comprehend the construction problems of the fourth 
       industrial revolution and are introduced to effective, 
       lightweight protection solutions which can be integrated 
       as part of the new IIoT-based monitoring ecosystem. 
650  0 Computer security|vSoftware. 
650  0 Data protection|vSoftware. 
650  0 Computer networks|xSecurity measures|vSoftware. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Alcatraz, Cristina,|eeditor. 
710 2  SpringerLink|eissuing body. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aAlcaraz, Cristina|tSecurity and Privacy 
       Trends in the Industrial Internet of Things|dCham : 
830  0 Advanced sciences and technologies for security 
830  0 Springer Computer Science eBooks 2019 English+
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